6 Best Free Blue Light Filter for Windows PC

best blue light filter for pc

Computers are the most used gadgets today. Whether for school, or personal and professional activities, people rely on computers to accomplish most paperwork and requirements. However, being exposed to computers make our eyes strained and fatigued. Computers emit light that is detrimental to our health most especially to our eyes.

Blue light is among the bright glow that computers give out that can affect the retina and can cause age-related macular degeneration. With these, some apps are developed to filter blue light emitted by computers. In this article, we will talk about blue light filters for Windows PC. Check them out below.


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List of Best Blue Light Filters for Windows PC

1.  Windows Night Light

free blue light filter for pc

A relatively new feature of Windows 10 called Windows Night Light seeks to lessen the blue light that comes from the screen. The Night Light option produces a warm, evening-like image by increasing the redder colors while reducing the blue light.

Less blue light is released at night thanks to Windows 10 Night Light, which supports regular sleep patterns. By letting you customize the settings, the feature also aids in reducing general eye fatigue. Additionally, you may program it to turn on at specific times.

To enable Windows’ Blue Light option, you must adhere to the following instructions. Go to Start > Settings > System > Display > Night Light > Settings for the Night Light.

2. Iris mini

blue light filter for pc windows

Another Software for eye protection is Iris Mini. It can lower screen brightness without raising the monitor’s flicker rate, as well as lower screen color temperature.

Iris Mini adjusts your screen’s color temperature at night so that it is slightly more yellow or red depending on where you are. This is similar to other programs like Night Shift, f.lux, and others that block blue light.

The brightness is another amazing feature. Your monitor flickers constantly when it is operating. We don’t see this flicker since it typically occurs at a high frequency.

3. f.lux

blue light filter for pc free

f.lux is an excellent blue light filter for Windows PC. It adjusts the hue of your computer’s display so that it is warm at night and like sunshine during the day, depending on the time of day.

It’s even possible that your computer is causing you to sleep in too late. You could use f.lux to improve your sleep quality or simply to improve the appearance of your PC.

4. PC SunScreen

blue light filter app for pc

For PCs running Windows 7 or newer, PC SunScreen is a straightforward freeware application that automatically adjusts your screen’s color to match natural sunshine by continuing to increase the blue component from dawn to midday and then decreasing it in the hours leading up to bedtime. This has been demonstrated to significantly affect sleep patterns, according to research.

The software is available for free download but comes with no guarantees. Nevertheless, there are a lot of reports from individuals who say they found it useful.

5. SunsetScreen

blue light filter for pc

SunsetScreen is a free Windows application that reduces screen glare in the evening. The chemical that the brain produces in the late afternoon, melatonin, is reduced when exposed to blue light, according to scientific studies.

It is simpler to properly wind down at night and have a more restful sleep by taming this blue light. Whether you’re a night owl or a morning person, SunsetScreen enables you to select the time for sunset and sunrise so you have total control over your sleep cycle.

6. Redshift

blue light filter pc

RedShift is another blue light filter app that works well with Windows PC. It modifies color temperature following the sun’s position. Daytime and nighttime color temperatures are set differently. The color temperature easily changes from nighttime to daytime throughout dusk and the early hours of the morning to give your eyes time to gradually adjust. Your room’s lamps should be set to the same color temperature at night. Around 3000K to 4000K, which is a low temperature, is normal. The color temperature should match the light coming in from outside during the day, which is normally between 5500K and 6500K. And the gloomy day has a warmer temperature of light.


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Even with the greatest computer, which can run Windows at lightning-fast speeds, the blue light will still appear. No matter how effective the computer may be, using today’s programs and reducing eye pressure caused by the screen requires a good blue light filter.