6 Best Free Blue Light Filter for Windows PC

best blue light filter for pc

We all use computers all the time and spend countless hours looking at screens in today’s world. On our computers, we work hard, and with all that work comes enormous eye strain. You need to take better care of your eyes if you are suffering from eye pressure.

We also recognize that light can be both harmful and beneficial to our vision and our general health. Natural sunlight provides both blue and UV light. We all know the dangers of UV or Ultra Violet light, and to prevent long-term damage we also wear sunglasses.

But what do you know about Blue Light? Blue light is part of the spectrum of visible light, reaches deeper into your eye, and its cumulative effect can damage your retina and is linked to the development of age-related macular degeneration. Worst of all, when you are about to go to bed, it leaves your brain wide awake. For those working late into the night, for better eye safety, wellbeing and efficiency, Blue Light Filter is a must-have software on your computer.

List of Best Blue Light Filter for Windows PC

You may have the best computer and even run Windows at a fast speed, but even with the very best computers, blue light remains. You need a good blue light filter if you want to use today’s programs and minimize eye pressure, as it comes from the screen, no matter how efficient the computer maybe.

If you are using Windows, you might want to look at the best Free Blue Light Filters for Windows to solve the issue.

1.  Windows Night Light

free blue light filter for pc

Your display emits blue light that can keep you awake at night, which is the kind of light you see during the day. Switch on the night light to help you get to sleep, and your display will show warmer colors at night that are easier on your eyes.

There is no need to download any additional software if you are using Microsoft Windows, as the in-built ‘Blue Light’ filter known as Night Light is good enough for daily use. If your computer uses drivers like DisplayLink or Basic Display, or if it uses HDR, Night Light feature is not available.

You need to follow these steps to allow the Blue Light mode in Windows. Select Start > Settings > System > Display > Night Light > Night Light settings.

2. Iris mini

blue light filter for pc windows

You should try the Iris software if you need the ideal Windows blue light filter solution. Iris adjusts the display’s color temperature. There is bluer in natural light, although most artificial light (including candlelight) is warmer. Incandescent bulbs, which we are all used to – when you dim them become redder in color. But newer LEDs and CFLs don’t, like the backlight on your monitor. You’ve already dealt with this if you’re a photographer because pictures taken inside at night are always a lot more brown than outside pictures. Iris also alters the brightness of the display in a creative way without PWM flickering. The best part is, Iris Mini is free.

3. f.lux

blue light filter for pc free

F.lux makes your computer screen look like the room in which you are. It makes your screen seem like your indoor lights when the sunsets. It makes things look like sunshine again in the morning. Tell f.lux where you work, and what kind of lighting you have. Then forget about it. F.lux will automatically do the rest.

4. PC SunScreen

blue light filter app for pc

For PCs running Windows 7 or later, PC SunScreen is a powerful software program that automatically changes the color of your screen to imitate natural daylight. It steadily increases the blue content from dawn to midday, and then reduces it in the hours before you go to bed.

Research has shown that the natural daylight color varies significantly during the day. Most of the blue sunshine is dispersed at dawn and dusk, resulting in spectacular red skies in the early morning and at sunset. The sunlight’s blue content reaches a peak close to midday.

5. SunsetScreen

blue light filter for pc

SunsetScreen is a free Windows app that helps take the glare off your screen in the evening for personal use. Scientific research has shown that melatonin, when exposed to blue light, the chemical that the brain makes late in the day – is decreased.

By tempering this blue light, it becomes easier to wind down properly at night and thus have a more satisfying sleep. SunsetScreen allows you to set the time for sunset and sunrise, whether you’re a morning lark or a night owl, so you can have complete control over your sleep cycle.

6. Redshift

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The color temperature is changed by Redshift according to the location of the sun. During the night and daytime, a distinct color temperature is set. To allow your eyes to adjust slowly, the color temperature transitions smoothly from night to daytime temperature during twilight and early morning. The color temperature should be adjusted to correspond with the lamps in your room at night.