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8 Best Software for Laser Engraving and Cutting


The best laser engraving and cutting software must be used to complete the intricate process of laser engraving to provide desired outcomes. The laser engraving business is a delicate industry. Acrylic, wood, steel, and aluminum are a few of the materials that laser cutters can slice, cut, and engrave. It’s a method that’s employed in a variety of fields.

Software for designing (CAD), converting (CAM), and interacting with the laser machine is required to accomplish laser engraving or cutting. The ability to collaborate with your machine to create something magnificent depends entirely on the laser-cutting software you use.

Selecting the appropriate software for your project is as crucial as selecting a laser cutter or engraver. In this article, we give you a list of the best software for laser engraving and cutting that helps with design or machine communication and control.


Best Software for Laser Engraving and Cutting


  1. LightBurn

The first on our list is LightBurn. It is an editor and control program most suited for laser engraving and cutting tasks. You can import practically all popular bitmap and vector graphic files. Everyone can use LightBurn because it runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is a flexible piece of laser control software that makes it simple to import content in several popular graphic and picture formats.

LightBurn can create, translate the design into code, and use the resulting computer code to operate laser cutters or engravers. Additionally, there are other options to customize the settings in several ways. Each laser engraving business needs LightBurn because of its indispensable features.



2. LaserWeb 4


LaserWeb4 is the best program for digital laser engraving services. The technology used by this engraving software is the same as that used by commercial laser engraving machines. It is a complimentary program used to manage your laser cutter according to your design. LaserWeb essentially converts your vector file for your laser cutter.

This laser engraver software has a feature needed for collaboration. Users can load numerous files with various formats into a single project. Its task cost estimator option is another advantage not seen with some other software, making it quite beneficial for budgeting.



3. Inkscape



Inkscape is a well-liked open-source tool for creating and modifying vector graphics. It is also being developed and improved as a tool for laser cutting. With its great editing software, Inkscape is a fantastic tool for producing images with the FABOLIFT laser engraver. While it mainly supports SVG, it also recognizes PDF, JPG, GIF, and PNG. Additionally, by utilizing its add-on plugin capability, users can install several file extensions.

All of the common drawing and shape tools are included in this free laser engraver software. This is along with a variety of tools for manipulating objects. This includes transformations, z-order operations, alignment, and distribution commands. Additionally, it has node editing features. This will let you alter designs and solve vector-related issues. With a simple user interface and many tools, Inkscape is quite useful. There is also a learning area on their website where you may look up the workflow.



 4. TurboCAD




TurboCAD is a popular but inexpensive design tool. It works best as laser engraving software. Although it is made to seem like AutoCAD, it is not only a knockoff at a lower cost. Making the 2D designs required for laser cutting or engraving applications is an excellent use of the TurboCAD Designer software.

TurboCAD has specialized tools that clean up a vector graphic for laser cutting by removing overlapping arcs and lines inside a design. Additionally, it eliminates duplications and uses its event viewer to keep track of changes. Many laser control software programs accept the vector files that it exports in the DXF, DWG, DWF, and PDF formats. Many file formats, including JPG, BMP, ASM, PNG, and several others, are also compatible with TurboCAD.

It has a fairly nifty user interface (UI) that is modifiable. Users are directed through the software by the interactive launch screen.



5. Adobe Illustrator


You may have heard a lot about Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator isn’t specifically designed for laser cutting. But it is the industry leader in graphic design software. And it can turn an SVG file into a g-code for your laser engraver.

The Artboards setup in Adobe Illustrator is one feature that helps it stand out as a laser cutting program. Here, you may lay out all of your designs on a single screen to determine how they will suit your material sheets. To keep the larger picture in mind while building up your design, Illustrator allows you to put up as many Artboards as you desire inside a single view.

Another benefit is that this laser engraving software is adaptable. It can be used for a variety of engraving styles, including raster, vector, and cutting.


6. Onshape


Among the best softwares for laser engraving and cutting is Onshape. It is a straightforward Software as a Service (SaaS) model-based 3D design tool that is supplied online. Small and medium-sized businesses will be able to create professional-looking design drawings from their pcs and macs. This will be thanks to this cutting-edge production tool.

One of the better solutions is Onshape since it offers integrated PDM. It also features real-time collaboration capabilities. Moreover, it has cloud computing capacity for the same price as CAD. With the help of Onshape, designers, internal teams, clients, and external partners may access the platform from any location. Everyone can work together and design on any web-enabled device.



7. LaserGRBL


LaserGRBL is another laser cutting and engraving software that works with a G-code generator and streamer for Windows. It’s an easy-to-use tool that is straightforward but effective. Thus, making it ideal for beginners. The OS is the only special hardware requirement; the software laser itself is rather light. The clean user interface allows you to design bespoke buttons. In addition to control, the same program also generates G-code for engraving and cutting.

The vectorization tool is the best part of LaserGRBL. It uses a technique called tracing to transform pixel-based pictures like JPEG and PNG into a vectorized format. It is a strong tool with capabilities like smoothing and spot removal to help you achieve the best results.



8. Draftsight



Draftsight may come as the most expensive in the industry but it is also one of the best. It is the best option for completing the design you want to submit to your laser cutter. It is a qualified CAD and laser cutting software. The image trace function is one of its many capabilities. It converts images like JPEGs or PNGs into curves, angles, and vector lines.

Within your design’s print settings, DraftSight offers a “hairline” option for line width. Given that it is calibrated for the size of a single laser pass, this is very helpful for laser cutters. The laser printer rasterizes wider lines. This means they are made up of numerous laser burns that resemble pixels and enable javascript. This results in a less exact cut and fuzzier edges around the finished item, but DraftSight makes it easy to avoid that.


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Many types of laser cutting machine equipment have Laser cut software or something comparable. All these laser engraving machine functions as a kind of communication tool for sending designs to the laser. But they aren’t meant for design. They are only effective for text and simple forms. Choose from among the top laser engraving and cutting software if you want a high-quality project.