10 Best Adware Remover Apps for Android

best adware remover android

Ads are used as marketing tactics to generate revenues for companies or individuals. These targeted ads are sent by the websites you visit frequently. Well, while some ads are not bad, they can really ruin a user’s browsing experience. However, the really bad ones, called Adware, are sent by black hat hackers to steal personal data and sometimes attempt to install malicious scripts that can cause serious damage to your device. With Android being the most widely used operating system in the world, it is important to have adware removal installed on your device, as it can be a huge target for malicious users.

List of Best Adware Cleaner Apps for Android

For adware removal apps, the Google Play Store provides unlimited options that you might end up getting confused about. However, after some series of testing with both paid and free once, we found out a reasonable percentage of them are not that effective.

Below are the best apps we single-handedly picked to help you find and remove adware with ease.

1. Safe Security

adware cleaner android

From its rating and number of downloads, it is no doubt a very popular app. It provides protection against viruses, malware, adware, trojan, and other vulnerabilities in real-time. Also, it provides tools you can use to optimize your device like; speed booster, junk cleaner, and a lot more.

Key feature: Cleans junk, protection against malware and virus, protects privacy, scheduled scan.

2. Avast

adware cleaner android

Known as one of the leading security tools in the world, Avast Antivirus is one of the best adware removal app for Android. It provides security for both Windows and Android devices. Once installed, it automatically provides security against any form of virus or malware.

Aside from the protection it offers, it is highly embedded with a feature that’ll help enhance your device’s overall performance.

Key feature: Detects malicious apps before installation, verifies Wi-Fi security, regularly detects threats.

3. Avira

adware cleaner android

Avira is another feature-rich option. It does an excellent job in virus detection and adware removal. Once installed in your device, it instantly detects, removes, and block all sorts of virus, adware, and malware files completely.

Avira doesn’t consume too much system resources as it is a cloud-based application. Another very useful feature is its anti-theft feature that enables you to track your device if it goes missing.

The only limitation it has is its free version doesn’t have anti-phishing protection. To explore this option, you might have to upgrade to the premium, which is totally worth it.

Key feature: Optimizes device, shows apps requesting for sensitive data, anti-theft.

4. McAfee

adware cleaner android

McAfee is a great option to go with, it offers maximum protection against many malware in real-time. Its GPS tracker allows you to track your device if it is stolen or if it goes missing. Aside from device protection, it offers an array of additional features that helps enhance your device performance including a device optimization tool, app privacy scanner, and Wi-Fi network scanning.

Key features: Secures firewall, stores sensitive files in 256-bit encryption.

5. Bitdefender

adware remover android

This is arguably one of the best options to protect your Android device. Bitdefender, in the latest AV-Test roundup and AV-Comparatives, scored 99% in its protection rate, which is indeed very impressive.

It has an autopilot feature that keeps recommending intelligent security action for your device.

Bitdefender Mobile Security also has anti-theft capabilities that allow you remotely locate and lock your missing device, and to completely wipe the device if needed.

Key features: Reacts to threat instantly, offers VPN, ant theft, less impact on battery.

6. Malwarebytes

adware remover android

Trusted by millions as one of the best security apps, it is one of the most advanced malware removal apps for Android. Malwarebytes Security automatically blocks scammy ads and protects your privacy. It scans and removes all sorts of viruses, adware, ransomware, and PUPs effectively. As per adware detection, it combs all files and apps stored on your device to find potential malware, PUPs, adware, and more.

Key features: Numerous languages supported, safe browsing experience, conducts privacy audit for apps.

7. Norton 360

adware remover android

Norton is another option that is well packed with features. It comes with an app powered by NortonMobile that gives an insight into the possible risk of an application before it is installed. It also performed very well in the latest AV-test finding.

If you are looking for an app that works as a malware and adware remover and also offers protection against spam calls, security against an insecure wireless network, plus an anti-theft feature that allows you remotely track or lock your device if stolen, this is the app for you.

Key features: High-level online protection, data backup, blocks spammy text and calls, anti-theft feature.

8. AVG

adware removal android

AVG Antivirus is a high-quality free security app that operates on the same antivirus engine as Avast. It provides a top-level of protection at no cost at all. It is built around a robust antivirus, plus an anti-theft feature that allows track or wipes your stolen phone.

Though the free version is great, the only limitation is, it supports ads. But that’s not the case with the paid version which offers extensive anti-theft features such as the device locking automatically when the sim is changed, an app lock, blocks spam calls, and a photo vault.

Other features AVG Antivirus has included are performance enhancer, turns off battery drainer, and deleting junk files in cache folders.

Key features: Checks text messages for malware, performs auto daily or weekly scan, checks apps for malware before download, anti-theft feature.

9. Kaspersky

adware removal android

For those that prefer simplicity, Kaspersky provides a handful of useful features in a friendly user interface. Its anti-theft feature includes a remote alarm to discourage thieves, locks your stolen phone, and allows tracking (using the website, desktop app, or smartwatch), selfie capture function, data wipe, and app locking.

In general, it does a good job at device protection and malware detection. Kaspersky is indeed an option to try out.

Key features: Blocks spyware monitoring texts and location, secures apps from threat using intelligent tech, anti-theft for mobile protection, blocks phishing sites.

10. Popup Ad Detector & Blocker

android adware cleaner

This application is not a security tool as it doesn’t offer any sort of protection for your device, rather it’s an adware cleaner. It’s an app that runs in the background that helps show which app is causing pop-up ads.

If there is adware on your phone, you’ll find pop-up ads everywhere, and Popup Ad Detector fixes this for you. Once installed on your device, it adds a floating icon on your screen. Whenever an ad pops up, the floating icon shows which app the ad is coming from.

Key features: Shows the location of adware, shows pop-ups when adware is detected, cleans adware.