Top 10 Apps Similar to Pinterest

Pinterest is a great app to spend some time and see high-quality content, but it could be difficult to find the particular content you’re searching for. That’s why there are so many related apps that are much more advanced and also have communities that concentrate on just one subject, such as fashion, design, photography, etc. Furthermore, the concept has been so prevalent that it’s hard for you to find a category that doesn’t have at least one Pinterest-like site out there.

apps similar to pinterest

In this article, I am going to tell you about the 10 Best Apps like Pinterest. I am sure it will be helpful for you when you read them one by one.

List of Apps Similar to Pinterest

1. We Heart It

2. FoodGawker

3. Dribbble

4. Mix

5. Fancy

6. PearlTrees

7. Dudepins

8. Hometalk

9. Juxtapost

10. Liqurious

⓵ We Heart It

App like Pinterest

If we have to define We Heart It in one statement, we could call it the descendants of Pinterest and Tumblr, and just not necessarily in the incorrect way. We Heart It is a place where users can express themselves freely and post almost everything they want like cat pictures, melodramatic quotes, cute outfits, landscapes, food, etc.

There is also an undercurrent below all of the We Heart It posts indicating that such an app is largely used by teenagers and university girls. There’s not a lot of wedding planning but there’s a little more teenage anguish. If you’re looking for more apps like Pinterest that are aimed at young women, We Heart It is waiting for you.

We Heart It for Android & iOS

⓶ FoodGawker

FoodGawker is a Pinterest alternative platform dedicated particularly to food lovers. It is just as easy as the name says, you ogle at the food here. If you’re a food lover and you just love eating and looking at food, you’ll definitely enjoy spending time at the end of the day on this app.

FoodGawker is a social app that is specifically geared to sharing and viewing food images. Users can get wonderful ideas for dishes, or just share their own recipes here for other users.

The important thing about this app is that it’s being curated. You can submit any photos or links that you really like, but editors have to review them before they start posting on the app. This way prevents any pictures which are not related to food from being taken.

⓷ Dribbble

app similar to pinterest

Dribbble is another designer-oriented application. It brings together various designers from multiple fields such as digital designers, illustrators, or graphic designers.

People who are using this app can browse it for ideas. They can recognize their own work here to get feedback from experienced personnel.
You can filter your search based on color, projects, tags, and a variety of other things Which makes it more effective. You can follow your favorite designer and also you can get a full insight into their work. It’s a great app for people who would like to improve their careers and want to become better designers.

⓸ Mix

Mix is an amazing alternative to Pinterest. When you sign up for the site, you’ll choose from a number of topics that you’d like to see in your feed, such as fashion, architecture, art, funny posts, nature, and many more.

When you see a post that you really like, you can hit the Mix button that adds it to your profile collection. Mix uses those posts to analyze a personalized content feed. You can also go to the popular tab and see what other users are mixing.

⓹ Fancy

alternative pinterest app

Fancy concerns mostly with unique products, concentrating on smart technologies. You can create curated lists depending on your interest, and each product comes with a direct link so that you can easily buy them from Fancy without leaving the site. There are several other subgroups, such as clothing, home, art, etc.

⓺ PearlTrees

similar to pinterest

PearlTrees uses a concept closely related to that of Pinterest. You’ve got trees and pearls instead of pins and boards. Content is divided into trees, which you can follow, and also you can add your pearls to it.

The user interface looks horrible, but it’s surprisingly functional. Besides a free version, it has a premium service starting at $2.99/month, which includes functionalities such as offline mode, more storage, and no ads.

PearlTrees for Android & iOS

⓻ Dudepins

Dudepins is also a Pinterest-inspired app for males. What separates Dudepins is its tendency to be a bit more classy than the alternatives. Besides men’s fashion, style, and man caves, there are also some memes, fitness inspiration, and sports posts.

⓼ Hometalk

pinterest similar app

Hometalk is probably the finest app to think about everything related to Housing. On this site, you can find a number of DIY home projects for your home and use them inventively to beautify your house to make it look excellent. Apart from home decor, there are several other topics, such as gardening, kitchen design, doors, floors, etc. which are discussed at Hometalk. Hometalk has an incredible community of thousands of users who get answers to all of the questions asked on Hometalk.

Hometalk for Android & iOS

⓽ Juxtapost

Juxtapost is perhaps the most similar app to Pinterest. It usually has the same idea of browsing, displaying and sharing photos, and collecting ideas. In Juxtapost, posts can be categorized and marked in dozens of different ways, making it easy to find new content that interests you.

⓾ Liqurious

Liqurious is an extremely good app for people that are interested in different types of drinks. It has recipes for a number of different cocktails, from traditional to exotic. You can also share and search for exciting and unique combinations of drinks on this site. There are a large number of cocktails and drink combinations, many of which you’ve probably never tasted or heard of.