Backup photos, videos, and files to Google Drive on Android

backup android phone to google account

Most of the Mobile phones now run Android. You might be reading this on an Android device too. But do you know what the most important thing is on Android Phones? It’s the Backup, and you might be wondering why? The answer is simple, our data items are essential. We can’t use a phone for 3-4 years. Moreover, our Phone may get broken or stolen. Now, this is the last thing someone ever would want to happen. That’s where the backup option comes in rescue.

Before we get into the Backup process, Let’s read things that you can back up on your Android device.

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What can you back up on your android phone? 

The answer to this question is challenging because it all depends on the Phone that you are using. We use Android on every other Phone except the iPhone. From Samsung to mi, Android is the most preferred OS of all the mobile phone companies. It adds to the large variety of backup options.

Some devices offer call recordings, theme settings, notes, etc. While other phones only offer Photos and Files backup.

In this post, we will read about photos, videos, and files backup in the Android phones. It is crucial to know how to backup files, photos, and videos on your android phones. The reason is every android phone offers it, and most of our necessary data is in the form of files, photos, or videos.

So without any delay, let’s first read how to backup photos and videos on Android.

Backup Photos and Videos to Google Drive on Android

To backup your photos and videos on Android, all you have to do is use the pre-installed app. Yes! You read it right there’s already an app on android phone. This app is none other than Google Photos.

If your phone doesn’t have it, then you can download the Google Photos app for free on Google’s Play Store.

Now that you have Google Photos, all you need is to follow the simple steps as follows.

  • Sign in to your Google account that you want to choose to take backup.
  • Click on the upper right side of your screen, or click on your profile picture. Select settings and then tap on ‘Backup and Sync’.

how to backup photos from android phone to google drive

That’s all! In these three simple steps, your images and videos will start backing up. Give it some time, and you will also have an option to free up space on your Android Phone.

Note: Use WiFi to back up photos and videos quickly on Google Photos. 

How to backup files on Google Drive?

Google Drive is another best backing up option available. It is officially available on the Play store for free. Also, Google offers free 15 GB of storage so you can backup an ample amount of data for free. The steps to backup files on Google Drive are as follows –

  • Go to the Desktop Version. Click on New and click File Upload or Folder Upload. Choose the files or folder you want to upload.

backup files from android to google drive

Yes. It is as easy as that.


Backing up option available on the Android is beneficial, and we must regularly keep backups to keep our data safe. To know more about such excellent information, please keep visiting our website.