6 Best Software for Texturing 3D Models

In 3D animation, texturing is the process of adorning 3D models with 2D images. The physical properties of 3D objects are managed by texture artists. The model’s surface should be as close to its concept art or actual equivalent as possible. It’s vital to have access to quality software if you want to learn the special art of texture painting, which is primarily used by CG specialists. Fortunately, there is a ton of excellent tools available that you can use to texture 3D models.

Keep reading if you’re interested in learning about the finest texturing software for 3D models. Let’s get going.

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6 Best Software for Texturing 3D Models

1. Adobe Photoshop

3d modeling and texturing

Adobe Photoshop is among the most well-liked and effective programs for texturing 3D objects. The fact that Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard and that most businesses demand their CG Specialists to use it is its best feature.

Adobe Photoshop has a sizable community, which is another reason you might want to consider it. On social media sites like Facebook and Reddit, you can find hundreds of focus groups that you can explore. Additionally, there are a ton of textual and video tutorials available online that you may use to learn new topics. Also, a variety of graphic design and 3D modeling tools are included for your use at work. Adobe frequently updates it and adds new features to make it more useful.

The one drawback of Adobe Photoshop is that it is a commercial product, so you may have to shell out a lot of cash to obtain updates. But altogether, Adobe Photoshop is the best option if you require a strong tool for texturing 3D models.


  • It offers excellent tools for texturing 3D Models and creating other graphic content.
  • Industry-standard
  • Extensive written and video documentation
  • Strong Community
  • Regularly updated
  • Best-in-class


  • Paid Software

Download: Adobe Photoshop

2. Blender

3d model painting software free

Another well-regarded program for texturing 3D models is Blender app. The best feature of Blender is that it is an open-source program, which means that using it is free. However, because it is not as well-known as Photoshop, you can use it to practice. However, you will need to switch to Photoshop or other professional tools if your goal is to become a professional computer graphics specialist. Additionally, Blender has add-ons that you may install to give the program new features. Add-ons, however, are not free; their costs range from $1 for low-end Add-ons to $300 for high-end Add-ons.

In terms of features, Blender is rife with them. It includes specialized tools that you can use to create and edit 3D models. Additionally, it enables you to edit films and create simple 2D animation. Blender is a great choice if you’re a student or novice hoping to launch a career in computer graphics and looking for a free program.


  • Free to Use
  • Get Updates from time to time
  • Strong Community
  • Good Documentation


  • Not as feature-rich as Adobe Photoshop
  • Add-ons are Paid

Download: Blender

3. Autodesk Mudbox

3d texturing software

One of the greatest programs for texturing 3D objects is Autodesk Mudbox. Mudbox is a true 3D painting program, while the majority of other applications only offer 3D modeling as a feature. Autodesk Mudbox’s User Interface, which is simple to use and intuitive, is its key selling point. Additionally, it includes a variety of artist-friendly painting and sculpting tools which are a real pleasure for artists. Additionally, it has a thriving community where you can interact with other artists and pick their ideas.

The primary drawback of Autodesk Mudbox is that it requires a membership, which some people may find disagreeable. Yet, if you want the finest of the best, Autodesk Mudbox is a good option for you.


  • Comes with Intuitive User Interface (UI)
  • Specifically designed for 3D Modeling
  • Easy to learn
  • Comes with a dedicated tool for Artists


  • Paid software, comes with a Subscription Model.

Download: Mudbox

4. ZBrush

texturing 3d models


Another widely used program that is regarded as the industry standard for 3D sculpting is ZBrush. ZBrush’s ability to generate complicated 3D models with billions of polygons and yet be able to manage them using the software’s built-in tools is one of its primary selling points. Additionally, it provides a huge selection of editable 3D brushes, which facilitate the creation of 3D models. Also, it allows for the easy transfer of packages via AppLink or Bridge, which facilitates collaboration. ZBrush has a strong community where you can interact and pick the thoughts of other users. It provides best-in-class support, and the developers frequently update it to make it better.

The User Interface of ZBrush is the program’s single significant drawback. Because of its customizable User Interface, it might be challenging for new users to get used to it. However, if you are dedicated and succeed in overcoming the learning curve, you will have a powerful sculpting tool that you can use for various jobs, such as texturing 3D models.


  • Industry-standard for 3D sculpting
  • It offers the best features
  • Make it easy to share packages and collaborate
  • It comes with a powerful brush system
  • Regularly updated with new features
  • Ideal for Hi-Poly Modeling


  • Complex User Interface
  • Not ideal for beginners
  • Expensive

Download: ZBrush

5. Adobe Substance 3D Painter

3d texture painting

An additional potent program from Adobe made exclusively for painting 3D things is called Substance Painter. The best feature of this program is the inclusion of world-class texturing tools for painting masks and creating textures. Additionally, the software has an easy user interface that makes operating simpler. Another fantastic feature of Substance Painter is that it integrates with other Adobe products. And thus making it simpler for Adobe users to import and export their work.

The software’s biggest drawback is that it consumes a lot of resources and needs a strong graphics card to function effectively. Additionally, it is a premium program that requires a subscription to use. But altogether, Adobe Substance Painter is a good choice if you’re seeking the best software for texturing 3D models.


  • Designed specifically for texturing
  • Best-in-class software for Texturing
  • Available for multiple platforms


  • Resource-intensive software
  • Paid Software
  • Subscription Model

Download: Adobe Substance 3D Painter

6. 3DCoat

texture painting 3d

One of the greatest texturing programs for beginners is 3DCoat. The best thing about 3D-Coat is how comparable its sculpting and texturing capabilities are to those of ZBrush. Additionally, it offers a variety of texturing options that you can learn and utilize when texturing 3D models.

Another advantage of 3DCoat is that it is regarded as some of the best software for Retopology, which is a method for streamlining the topology of the mesh. Additionally, it integrates with programs like Adobe Photoshop, making it simple to import your work and add finishing touches. Overall, 3DCoat is a good choice if you’re looking for the best beginner-friendly software for texturing 3D Models.


  • Ideal for Beginners
  • Robust Software
  • One of the best options for Retopology
  • Works flawlessly with Adobe Photoshop


  • It might not work well on systems with lower specs.

Download: 3DCoat


These 10 cutting-edge 3D texturing tools and applications are among the best today. They all have advantages and disadvantages, as well as varying costs and features. With our given information, we hope you find the most ideal tool for your next 3D imaging. After all, we have provided the best software for texturing 3D Models in the industry.