Action RPG Games on Steam

Best action RPGs on Steam

Launched by game developer Valve, Steam is an online gaming platform where users can play, buy, discuss, and even create PC games. This service hosts multiple games, both by independent game designers and many top game development studios. On Steam, you can also find a lot of downloadable content (DLC) and mods (which are a series of user-generated featured that can be added to your games). One of Steam´s main features is the possibility to play any games you buy from the platform on any computer by using your Steam account. It also lets users manage huge game collections without having to worry about using too much computer resources. Just download Steam´s engine on your computer, and it will grant you full access to all of its forums, as well as its entire games library. In this article, we have prepared for you a list of the Best Action RPG games on Steam. So, choose your fighter and join us in this wild ride!

What are the best Action RPG games on Steam?

1. Path of Exile

You might be thinking, why are we recommending a game released originally in 2013 when there are newer ones? Well, let us break it down for you. First of all, contrary to much of the other games on our list, Path of Exile is free-to-play. This is a game that offers so much for its zero-price tag that it just seems incredible. Even so, that many others have modeled their in-game economies after Path of Exile.

Also, there are frequent content updates -better known as Leagues- with which Path of Exile has set the tone, not just for Action RPG games but for video games in general. Its developers have found a better way to keep their community interested. This by quarterly updating bite-sized pieces of content instead of releasing one massive expansion DLC pack each year. However, it represents a challenge for the developers. As they´re forced to meet shorter deadlines to produce high-quality DLC and keep their fan base happy.

Path of Exile on Steam

2. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Premiered in February 2020 by Wolcen Studios, this is an Action RPG game that is easy-to-learn yet complex enough to guarantee some replay value. Once you have finished its core campaign, Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem might feel a little repetitive, thus lacking in the end-game variety department.

Aside from this, the game includes all of the classic elements in the best Action RPG games. That is quality gear, skills, rewards, loot, levels, dungeons, and weapons-crafting. This game also features online and offline playing modes, with online playing awarding you extra loot, mainly because of its multiplayer capabilities. And though offline mode offers a straightforward gaming experience, you can´t use your online character in this mode (and vice-versa). Customizable weapons and skills, coupled with lightning-fast combat gameplay, place Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem amongst the best Action RPG games on Steam.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem on Steam

3. Bastion

Bastion is one game that has been receiving high praise and awards ever since it was first released in 2011, and there are no doubts as to why. In this button-smashing Action RPG, you can either fight close using melee weapons or keep enemies at a distance by using a bow and arrows or a throwing machete. There is also a shield that you can deflect enemy fire with (sometimes right back at them). On top of that, all weapons can be upgraded by collecting and using power-ups. As you advance in the game, Bastion offers the possibility to build multiple buildings where you can later customize your character or even modify the game.

Bastion on Steam

4. Grim Dawn

An Action RPG game with a Fantasy/Horror setting, Grim Dawn comes to you by the same studio responsible for successful titles such as Diablo III or Titan Quest. Despite having cost only a fraction of the budget for those titles, Grim Dawn (despite its gloom title) turned out to be a joy ride. Almost all elements in Grim Dawn are familiar but really amped up. With a moody aesthetic that might seem incoherent with its relentless, inventive, and even playful fighting gameplay. All in all, because of this, its co-op mode, and the unlockable new difficulties, Grim Dawn´s high replay value will surely keep you busy for a long time.

Grim Dawn on Steam

5. Dark Souls III

The third installment in this Japanese franchise, Dark Souls III, is a surreal story told in broad, vague installments. Killing monsters and collecting souls, then using them to level up your list of stats are your primary game tasks. However, nothing in Dark Souls III is so simple. Die, and you will respawn at the exact location of the last bonfire you rested in, but you will also lose all collected souls. You can run back and pick them up, hoping to carry on further this time, but dying before you get to them means they will be forever gone. This harsh gameplay imbues every incursion into new territory with so much tension and uncertainty that you will be most of the time tip-toeing with your shield up.

Dark Souls III on Steam


Steam has become to gaming what Netflix or Apple TV is to regular TV. And while there is content aplenty, its quality varies. Also, not all of it is suitable for all ages. Although the platform has faced some scrutiny after claiming it will sell any title despite how extreme its content might be. Parents can rest assured. Steam includes a parental control feature that allows you to control just what titles can be accessed by your kids. Is Steam the perfect platform for you hardcore gamers to find the best action RPG games? Just one way you can know for sure, so jump into Steam and enjoy everything this versatile platform has to offer. Until next time.