14 Best Analog Clock Widget Apps for Android

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Widget is one of the most important features of the Android operating system. It is a lightweight component that enables us to get the major features of apps without having to open the app. Widgets help us save time. The majority of apps available on the Google Play Store add one or more widgets to your phone.

In order to view the widgets on your phone, long-press the home screen and select the widget option. A clock widget is pre-installed on Android phones and tablets. To be honest, this widget isn’t particularly appealing, and it doesn’t allow for customization. If you start changing the wallpaper on your main screen, the wallpaper may not match with the background color or font of the clock. To ensure that the default widget does not deviate from the look of your home screen, you should use an analog clock. So, we have compiled a list of the best analog clock widget apps here for you.

List of Best Free Analog Clock Widgets for Android

① Clock

analog clock for android

This app is as straightforward as its name suggests. It is quite light, and it includes a customized clock that can be used as a widget or as a live wallpaper. So for now, the app provides several styles for the clock widget. To use the widget, you must disable your smartphone’s battery saver feature. This app essentially integrates all of the clock features you demand into a single, simple, and elegant package. You can use this clock to set timers, alarms and run a stopwatch.

② Analog Clock Wallpaper/Widget

analog clock widget

Analog Clock Wallpaper/Widget is the finest and totally animated Analog Clock Live Widget and Wallpaper collections for Android. The mechanism of the app contains coils, HD photos, moving gears, and other components. The app has the ability to turn your device into a piece of envy.

③ Animated Analog Clock Widget

analog clock widget android

If you want an Analog Clock widget for Android that works with most launchers, Animated Analog Clock Widget is a good option for you. Animated Analog Clock Widget is a straightforward app that allows you to download plugins to get a wide range of clock widgets. The clock widgets are easy and straightforward.

④ Go Clock Widget

android analog clock widget

If you’re looking for a clock widget app that includes both digital and analog clocks, Go-Clock Widget is a great option for you. Go Clock Widget is built on Go Launcher EX, so you can use it alongside the GO Launcher. Another advantage is that Go Clock Widget includes a plethora of clock widgets that can be customized in terms of color and size.

⑤ Analog Clock Widget

analog clock widget

Analog Clock Widget is a straightforward clock widget for your Android smartphone. The app currently does not have a large selection of clock widgets, however, the ones that are available are quite attractive. The app currently only provides 5 different clock widgets, all of which look great on the home screen of an Android phone.

⑥ Simple Analog Clock Widget

android clock widget

Simple Analog Clock may be the best choice for you if you want a simple-looking clock widget for your Android smartphone. Right now, it is the best Android clock widget app currently available on the Google Play Store. Simple Analog Clock is notable for its lightweight nature and It’s also well optimized to use less RAM and battery power.

⑦ Seven Time

analog clock widget for android

Seven Time is slightly different as compared to the other widget apps on the list. The app is designed to save as much battery life as possible. When you turn off the screen, the widget automatically stops. In terms of widgets, Seven Time provides highly customized clock widgets. You can change the spacing between the numbers, customize the colors, the size of the clock, etc.

⑧ Simple weather & clock widget

analog clock for android

Simple weather & clock widget is a clock widget that is free and available for Android phones. The app is simple to use and does not offer any customization options to users. It simply adds a weather and analog clock widget to your home screen after installation. The analog clock widget has been extensively optimized and uses no battery power.

⑨ Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7

analog clock widget

Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 is an easy and simple clock widget and wallpaper app for your Android phone. The good point regarding Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 is that it shows the day of the week and month in your chosen language. Not only that, but Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 provides users with two different appearance options: gradient and solid. Therefore, Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7 is yet another excellent analog clock widget that you should use.

⑩ My Name Clock Widget

analog clock widget android

If you’re looking for a visually appealing analog clock widget app for your Android smartphone, My Name Clock Widget could be a perfect choice. You can easily customize your clock by using the My Name Clock Widget. Furthermore, the app gives users the option of selecting one of four clock sizes.


android analog clock widget

BobClockD3 is one of the most visually appealing clock apps on this list. In this app, the hour text overlaps the clock’s minute text. The two values can be distinguished despite the overlapping. You can adjust the date and time format using the widget. It allows the user for color customization and the conversion of date-text to lowercase or uppercase. To calculate the date/time, the app uses the locale that your Android OS has set for your phone.

Marshmallow Analog Clock

analog clock app

Marshmallow’s Analog clock is another popular and straightforward digital clock for your Android smartphone. Marshmallow Analog Clock features a traditional round analog clock in material design. The Marshmallow Analog Clock cannot be fully customized, but the position can be changed.

Sense Flip Clock & Weather

android clock widget

Sense Flip Clock & Weather for Android is a fully customizable and full-featured digital clock and weather widget. Sense Flip Clock & Weather currently provides 3 widget sizes, each with a flip visual effect. Not only that but Sense Flip Clock & Weather also provides users with a few widget skins that allow them to customize the widget’s colors and fonts. It also displays weather data on your phone’s home screen.

⑭ Battery Saving Analog Clocks Live Wallpaper

analog clock widget for android

It’s a live wallpaper app that also serves as a widget. Battery Saving Analog Clocks Live Wallpaper gives users a variety of clock faces to choose from, including Roman, Rome, White, Black, Digital, and others. Aside from that, the live wallpaper’s clock widget is fully customizable. You can also customize the arrow colors, clock position, clock size, etc.