Bluetooth Apps for Android Phone and Tablet

best bluetooth apps for android

We share and transmit thousands of data in different formats like images, audio, video, and much more. Nowadays, most phones with an Android operating system come equipped with Bluetooth as an optimal data transfer method. However, some models lack this feature, and those users need to look for the best Bluetooth app for Android.

But, how do you know which is the best option for you? Don’t worry! We bring you the best Bluetooth apps that suit your needs and will deliver you the best experience.

Best Bluetooth Applications for Android

1. Bluetooth Auto Connect

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People often have problems connecting their Bluetooth devices (headphones, headsets, etc.) to their Android gadgets. Due to signal strength problems, incompatibility, and other standard errors, smartphones or other equipment connecting via Bluetooth are not often stable, or it gets totally lost.

Bluetooth Auto Connect is an application that helps us organize and connect our devices automatically and stably. Its user-friendly interface efficiently manages each function of the Bluetooth devices connected to our Android phone.

With this Bluetooth app for Android, you can set the priority of the connected devices and turn off any device automatically. You can configure how much information you transmit, music playback, and audio channel for calls. You can even choose when you want to activate your Bluetooth for a specific function.

With Bluetooth Auto-Connect, you will have no more problems pairing any device with your Android device.

2. Find My Bluetooth Device

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You may forget where we left your wireless headphones, keychains, or any gadget connected via Bluetooth and losing valuable time looking for it fruitlessly. Thanks to Find My Bluetooth Device, you will never face this problem again!

This app is effective for locating any Bluetooth device linked to our Android device. Once you install the app, you will see all connected Bluetooth devices. Select one, and it will show you a signal that will be more or less intense depending on how close you are to the object you are looking for.

3. Bluetooth Sender – Transfer & Share

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Were you looking for a Bluetooth app that allows you to transfer endless images, videos, audio files, applications, and even your contact list? You found it! This Android Bluetooth app will enable you to share any amount of data and files quickly and securely.

Bluetooth Sender will help you send several files simultaneously thanks to its Sending Bucket storage. With this feature, you can manage and transfer files efficiently.

Another quality of this app is its application extractor, which allows you to extract one or more apps simultaneously. With this, you can make backup copies of your favorite applications. After obtaining the app from the source, you can share it through your email or other applications.

This app is one of the most efficient tools to share any file type from your phone to any other phone. Its interface is relatively fast and easy to use; you can select multiple items, including documents saved on your phone.

4. Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse for PC/Phone

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With this app, you can use your Android device as a virtual keyboard and mouse for any other device (computer, tablet, phone, etc.) via Bluetooth connection. It has 33 different keyboard styles, as well as many language configurations. It allows you to use any keyboard application to enter text on the remote device.

In addition, it is compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Chrome OS, Android, and Android TV. You can use the dictation feature to input text directly to the connected device. And you can use your phone as a wireless mouse.

5. Bluetooth File Transfer – Share Apk & BT sender

Within the range of Bluetooth apps for Android, this application is one of the most complete that you will get on Google Playstore.

You can choose multiple files at once through its user-friendly file manager. You can select different multimedia files such as images, videos, and audio files and transfer multiple APK files with a single click. You can create your data bucket and send it to whomever you want. You can edit the number of files in it, making simultaneous transfers to other devices. The app also allows you to choose a complete folder to be sent instantly to any other Bluetooth device without an internet connection.

6. Bluetooth Management Tool

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Many people still have that old pair of Bluetooth headphones or that old phone that still works, but it is obsolete for today’s technology. And these devices may be incompatible with interconnecting via Bluetooth. But, thanks to the Bluetooth Management Tool, it will no longer be a problem!

This app allows you to modify the parameters of old devices to connect and continue transmitting and receiving information through the Bluetooth connection. And even if your new Android device does not detect devices with old Bluetooth technology, this application solves the problem.

Just search for the device within the application. Then, it will take over using the best configuration for the interconnection to be possible and stable for the transmission of information.

7. Bluetooth File Transfer

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The application will allow you to transfer data in any format between connected phones or computers. Seize the opportunity to optimize your transfers from wherever you are.

This Android Bluetooth app is quite user-friendly, so you can locate the file you want to send quickly and easily. And best of all, you can share everything you want with your friends and family without having the application installed on their devices.

The most outstanding features of the application are:

● You can identify your Bluetooth.
● It has an on/off button.
● You can filter your files as you see fit.
● It has a file explorer that will help you to manage them efficiently.


Bluetooth is a fundamental tool for those who wish to share large amounts of information. However, the application is not only limited to this; the best Bluetooth apps for Android also cover a series of incredible functions that make life easier for users. Nowadays, the interconnection between devices is a must! So don’t waste time and choose the app that best suits you and your requirements.