7 Best Bluetooth Apps for Android Phone and Tablet in 2023

best bluetooth apps for android

Bluetooth devices are very in-demand these days. It helps people use gadgets to share files without using wires or cables. Bluetooth has the advantage over any other device because it needs the least amount of energy.

Although most gadgets have built-in Bluetooth applications, some do not. Bluetooth apps are needed to power up these devices. Bluetooth devices with the function ability to connect devices most stably are the best application.

Best Bluetooth Applications for Android

1. Bluetooth Auto Connect

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Bluetooth Auto Connect is an application trusted to connect devices automatically. It has a robust function resulting in a more stable connection.

Bluetooth Auto Connect has an option when connecting to any Bluetooth device. It can set priority devices to connect and turn them off automatically. Files transmitted are easy to configure.

It has a clean and easy-to-navigate interface that manages each task of the Bluetooth devices paired to Android phones and tablets. It is the most ideal Bluetooth app for android and tablets that uses multiple items like speakers, headphones, and others.

2. Find My Bluetooth Device

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This Bluetooth device is used for locating any missing devices connected to your Bluetooth. This is the most ideal gadget finder for any type of wireless device. There is no need to get fussy over gadget accessories that have gone missing.

Find My Bluetooth Device has a powerful signal that can find missing items even from a distant location. It features a signal that will intensify when the item is near. It gets cold when the device is remote and warm when near.


3. Bluetooth Sender – Transfer & Share

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This Bluetooth device is the ultimate application for sharing countless files for android phones and tablets. The Bluetooth Sender – Transfer & Share app allows users to share any amount of images, audio files, video, documents, and even contact lists quickly. It connects and shares data securely.

It has a Sending Bucket Storage that works best in sending several files at the same time. This function helps save time and effort.

It also features an application extractor that allows users to extract several apps all at once. This is great especially when you need a backup copy of your applications. After extracting using Bluetooth Sender, you can save the applications through email.

This Bluetooth app has a simple configuration and it is very reliable in doing its Bluetooth job.

4. Serverless Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse for PC/Phone

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This Bluetooth app works by making your android device a virtual mouse or keyboard for any other paired device like a computer, tablet, or laptop.

It has very intuitive functions. It features numerous keyboard styles and language settings.

This Bluetooth app for android phones and tablet is compatible with any operating system like windows, iOS, Mac, and Android.

5. Bluetooth File Transfer – Share Apk & BT sender

The Bluetooth File Transfer app is probably the most all-inclusive Bluetooth app from Google. It features a user-friendly file manager that allows you to select and send multiple files. Multimedia files such as audio, video, pictures, and other documents can be shared automatically with just a click.

It also features bucket storage to store all of your data and share it with the preferred receiver. It allows user to send a package file even without an internet connection

6. Bluetooth Management Tool

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Most of the other Bluetooth apps for android phones and tablets in 2021 are not compatible with the old models of headphones and speakers. With Bluetooth Management Tool, this is no longer a problem.

This Bluetooth app allows users to adapt the parameters of obsolete devices to pair with new gadgets. Whatever models you have with your devices, transmitting data is secure and easy. You do not need to splurge on new models of speakers and headphones.

7. Bluetooth File Transfer

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This Bluetooth app is best when it comes to enhancing transfer activities. It allows transferring of any type of data to paired devices.

It has a friendly interface and locating files is easy. This Bluetooth app can share any file even to devices with this application. It features several functions that work to the user’s advantage. Bluetooth File Transfer is worth a try if you are looking for the best Bluetooth apps for Android Phones and tablet in 2023.


It is easy to transfer files from wireless devices now that there is Bluetooth app for Android and tablets. This small but powerful tool provides functionalities that make life easy and beneficial. With the world going around rapidly, the need to share so much information is now a norm. Thanks to these Bluetooth apps, we get to be in the trend.