8 Best Free 3D Animated Text Generators Online

Creating animated text in a video is one of the great ways to make your video look more attractive. With these effects, you can enhance the audience’s engagement and gain more likes and views from viewers. As we live in a technological world, this kind of feature is being provided by both web and desktop tools. Here, I’ve listed some of the best animated text generators for you if you want to make animated text videos.

List of Best Free Online Animated Text Generators

3D Text Maker

free online 3d animated text generator

3D text maker is one of the best free text animation software. You can select from various fonts, colors, dimensions, and other variables and finally enter the text you want to animate in the 3D text box. This animated text-writing generator has a variety of features.

  • Users can use it for both personal and commercial websites.
  • You can select more than 10 to 12 effects.
  • You can set font size, speed, depth, loop as you choose.
  • The scale is not limited to a single dimension; you may choose the size of the banner.
  • You can select Sans-serif, serif, outline, handwritten, crazy, decorative fonts.


3d animated text generator is an online video making and editing platform that’s perfect for producing and hosting short promos, commercials, social media videos, and more.

This animated text generator provides a wide range of professional-looking animation effects and stylish text fonts. also has an integrated library of images, videos, and audio tracks to complement your text. You can use an image, a video clip, or a plain color as a background. The output file format is mp4.

It has a simple user interface and a wide variety of customization options (text positioning, color, size, etc.). Another positive thing is that it has a built-in gallery of video clips and images. But it has some drawbacks, like it requires registration and has limitations in the free version.

③ Adobe After Effects

3d text animation online

Adobe After Effects is another excellent motion graphics software that can be used to create text animations. It’s a pretty decent job for easy roll credits and sequence titles. Choose from the available presets for text animation, or create something creative yourself!

It supports both Windows and macOS platforms. Beginners may have difficulty finding their way around and have limited video editing options (though not its primary aim).

④ Textanim

3d text generator

If you’re looking for free animated text generators that can make text shine, Textanim is a great choice. This app lets you change the size and type of fonts, add a background color, and add or remove shadows. It also lets you set the animation delay, apart from entering your regular text. It provides hundreds of attractive styles to make the text sparkle.

Textanim is limited in certain aspects and only allows the creation of animated text images in GIF format. You’re not going to be able to make animated text videos with it. It’s a great tool, however, to create images and let the text shine in them.

⑤ Kapwing

3d animated text generator video

Kapwing is a popular online animated text generator that does a great job in digital storytelling. Rich text animation tools and features are available on Kapwing. You can rotate text, add transitions, change the background color, change timeline text appearance, live preview, etc. Downloads are available as GIFs, images, and videos.

It is very fast and easy. You don’t need to sign up. It’s 100% online, so you don’t need to download the software.

⑥ Animaker

animated text generator

Animaker is a great text animation maker and a great alternative to After Effects. It’s easy to learn and use. You can choose to animate text in videos from the templates provided. Alternatively, users can start with a blank slate to customize their text from scratch. Animaker’s animated text generator allows you to upload your fonts, add images, and choose backgrounds. It has many special effects to make the text move or sparkle. You can also add background music and sound effects to animated text videos.

Animaker is a free animated text video maker. It can allow up to five downloads or HD quality exports per month. You can upgrade to a paid subscription to improve video quality, remove a watermark, and gain access to a more extensive library of templates and assets.

⑦ Clipchamp

3d text video maker online free

If you’re looking for a professional animated text generator, then Clipchamp is the best option for you. You can add professional-looking text to your video, making your video more exciting. Add animated text to your videos in simple and easy steps.

Clipchamp is recommended for beginners because of its user-friendly interface. It has excellent features and a comprehensive stock library, text, and color editing suite. You will need to sign up for an account to use this software.

⑧ Flaming Text

free animated text generator

If you’re looking for 3d animated text generators, then you don’t need to go any further as the Flaming Text tool gives you free access to the graphics tools in your browser. It lets you add a professional touch to your texts by adding stickers, sketches, and logos. The sketches are made through Imagebot, an SVG-based graphics editor.

There’s no need to install an app since Flaming text is entirely based on the web. You have access to the largest collection of high quality, easily-customizable logos on the web. Just write the text of the logo and animate it. You also have options to select font, font size, and choose text padding, alignment, various filters, and more. The app also lets you blur background, and add shadows to your text.

Animated text generators for video

With the increasing popularity of online video editors, the animated text is no longer a privilege for professionals. All including you can do that easily. It helps to give your boring fonts and texts a unique view. Make it move, dance, jump, and animate any way you want with the animated text generator tools above.

These were some of the best animated text generators. You can use them to add some sparkling text to your videos and enhance the audience’s engagement.