Top 10 Best Anime Games for PS4

The PS4 still has plenty of life left in it. Besides, it’s like PS5’s availability is going to improve any time soon thanks to component shortages and scalpers. There are still tons of games for gamers to find for the platform and if you’re a fan of anime, there are tons of them as well. This time, we discuss what we think are the Top 10 Best Anime Games on PS4.

① Dragonball Z: Kakarot

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Let’s begin with a long-running franchise that hardly any system did without. Dragonball and Dragonball Z have been on many consoles since the Nintendo Famicom and are now on the PS4. It’s basically a retelling of the Dragonball Z Saiyan Saga which while not always imported outside Japan has been done since the Super Nintendo. This version tells the story all the way to the Buu saga with modern anime quality graphics. Instead of re-watching the entire show, play it.

Dragonball Z: Kakarot is an adventure RPG game with fighting game elements. It lets the player play as Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, and others. The animated cutscenes allow older players to relive the anime or for younger players to experience it for the first time. As one would expect, this will be a very long game as this will get through all the way to the Buu saga. And even longer if you choose to explore the beautiful open world in-between missions. It’s an investment well-paid, and this game can be expanded further with DLC of characters from Dragonball: Super. It earned recognition as the best-selling PS4 game of January 2020. That recognition and franchise popularity means it belongs in this list of Top 10 Best Anime Games on PS4.

② Dragonball Xenoverse 2

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Unlike Dragonball Kakarot, Dragonball Xenoverse 2 puts the player in the shoes of an original character that the player creates. Xenoverse also has RPG elements where players develop their custom characters which can be Human, Saiyan, Majin, Namekian, and Frieza’s race. Players follow their masters and engage in quests. What’s great about Xenoverse 2 is that characters from Xenoverse can be imported into the game, and in Xenoverse 2, players’ decisions can have a greater effect on the plot.

Xenoverse is great for Dragonball anime fans as it features characters from the series and movies, most of which are not canon in the TV series. Dragonball GT itself has been removed from canon but is featured in games including the Xenoverse series. Both games feature a great plot that combines these Dragonball universes nicely, thanks to time and multi-reality concepts. Both games can be expanded with more characters and features, thanks to their respective DLCs. Fans of Dragonball Z should pick up both games, but if there’s only space for one, it should be Xenoverse 2 which has great improvements over the first version.

③ Dragonball FighterZ

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Dragonball FighterZ is a hard one to pass up for fans of Dragonball. It features a great original story for Android saga fans. The graphics on this game are phenomenal, especially on the PS4 version. What’s also great about this three-on-three team fighter is that it allows casual players to enjoy themselves. Inputs are simple, and for hardcore players, they can make up for the simplicity with strategy later in the gameplay.

Unlike Xenoverse, the character isn’t big as it focuses on somewhat the same universe as Dragonball Super. The story takes place after Dragonball Super’s Future Trunks arc and introduces the Red Ribbon Army’s new powerful android, Android 21. Also, unlike Xenoverse, the player possesses protagonist characters like Goku and moves on to other characters as the story goes along. Dragonball FighterZ enjoyed sales of over 4 million copies and won several gaming awards which makes it qualified to be in this list of Top 10 Best Anime Games on PS4.

④ One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

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Another long-running anime series like Dragonball is One Piece. Anime fans with PS4 can’t pass up the chance to play a game version, and One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 for the PS4 promises to deliver. Now for many anime fans, One Piece can be a difficult series to get into, thanks to its longevity. But like Dragonball Kakarot, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 should get players up to speed, thanks to a good solid story. The gameplay is a 3D beat-em-up with RPG elements where one player and some support characters travel the world fighting loads of enemies, ending in a boss battle. The characters are presented as if straight from the anime and are quite fun to play.

⑤ Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Hinokami Chronicles

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Most anime fans right now just can’t get enough of Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba which will wrap up its second season as of this writing. Kimetsu no Yaiba is one of the top anime this season thanks to awesome animation from Ufotable and awesome writing from mangaka Koyoharu Gotoge. Fans can now experience Tanjiro and friends’ adventures in a game form in Hinokami Chronicles. The story of the game closely follows the anime’s first season and the Mugen Train film.

Hinokami Chronicles is basically a fighting game with some exploration but still similar to beat-em-up story modes of other fighting games. The game then resembles the traditional fighting game style when bosses are encountered. There’s also a vs player mode featuring protagonist characters from season one. Characters including villains become playable through DLCs. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Hinokami Chronicles is rather simple by gameplay standards but it’s something fans of the anime can’t do without. And because of the hit anime, it earns its place in this list of Top 10 Best Anime games on PS4.

⑥ Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

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Back to long-running franchises, we have Naruto Shippuden. Like Demon Slayer: Hinokami Chronicles, Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is an arena brawler where two characters fight in a large arena. The fight still functions like a traditional fighting game but with a large battlefield. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 compared to past installments has more playable characters. Story mode features arcs from Naruto Shippuden shown through cut scenes and clips.

Aside from the entertainment value gained from a large character roster from Vs mode, story mode promises up to 15 hours to complete which makes the game worth the investment. And since the anime itself is popular, and the gameplay and graphics look awesome, this is one of the best anime games for the PS4.

⑦ Attack on Titan 2

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Another popular anime attacking the senses of anime fans this season is Attack on Titan aka Shingeki no Kyojin. Certainly, something game developers for the PS4 shouldn’t overlook. The game looks visually stunning in its cell-shaded glory. The characters look anime-accurate. The backgrounds look awesome complete with destructible areas. The game covers the anime’s first two seasons, which should be enough to provide hours of enjoyment.

Players play the part of a new character which can be customized as he interacts with the main characters and is taken along for the ride. What’s great about this sequel compared to the first game is that ODM navigation has become easier while the Titans themselves have become a bit harder and more balanced. There’s also a role-playing aspect known as the Daily Life Section where the character is given a chance at slice-of-life interactions with the main characters giving the player a chance to really live in the AoT universe. This gives the game plenty of replay value.

⑧ Steins; Gate Elite

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Steins; Gate Elite is from the popular dark sci-fi anime series Steins; Gate, considered as one of the best series in the 2010s. The series centers on time travel and the consequences of messing with time. Unlike the other entries of this list, and a respite from all the button-mashing action, Steins; Gate Elite is in the form of a visual novel where players basically watch the anime and are later asked to make decisions that affect the game. The anime scenes are taken straight out from the anime itself and original content gets shown depending on the player’s decisions. Fans of the anime who own PS4 should not let this pass as it’s an opportunity for them to be immersed into the anime itself, while those who haven’t seen the anime will get to experience the anime and learn much about the theories and nuances of time travel itself. Be warned however that Steins; Gate is not a lighthearted anime, its tone can immediately shift from lighthearted to serious to depressing but the story is quite engaging.

⑨ Fairy Tail

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One of the more popular anime during the heyday of the PS4 is Fairy Tail. It’s an enjoyable fantasy adventure RPG featuring the anime’s characters. The game follows the anime plot quite closely and fans of the anime will see that it starts off from the Tenrou Island arc to the Avatar Arc, so non-fans of the anime might need to get up to speed. To help, the game has a built-in encyclopedia on terms and characters. Even so, the graphics are quite awesome and almost an improvement to the anime itself and will get non-fans engaged.

Fairy Tail for the PS4 is a classic turn-based RPG. The player gets to control the anime’s popular characters and go for quests at the local guild, to build up on items and experience and rack up hours of fun, if somewhat repetitive tasks are considered as such. Or go for the direct approach and tackle the main storyline which is still worth hours of fun.

⑩ Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet is another popular anime during the PS4’s heyday but still popular with fans. Sword Art Online is about a massive MMORPG virtual world accessed through advanced virtual reality gear. Its players become trapped by the game and unable to escape until someone finishes it. But with Fatal Bullet, the setting is no longer about swords, knights, and dragons, but more about guns, yet in a more modern but still fantasy setting of Gun Gale Online.

The game is more of a third-person shooter and RPG, and the player is made to create a new customizable hero to cover for the main protagonist Kirito in previous games. While still based on the anime, the franchise’s main characters no longer play a significant role as the player and new faces take over the story. It can be considered a pro as the player as well as the developers are not bound to any anime arc and the players get to be in a news story. The gameplay is fun and the graphics are average.