Live Anime Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

best live anime wallpaper apps for iphone

Anime has made a great impact on the world with its unique stories, art, and animation. This list is for our anime fans! You can upgrade your phone and device wallpapers of still anime characters and scenes into something better. If you want moving images and animated versions of your anime wallpapers, you can look into using live wallpapers for your iPhone.

In this article, we’ll be outlining different apps that provide iPhone users options for anime live wallpapers. Keep on reading this article to learn which app will work best for you and your anime needs!


Best Apps for Live Anime Wallpapers on iPhone

There are different apps that provide options for live wallpaper of anime scenes and characters. Check our selection of live wallpaper apps for anime below!

1. Anime Wallpaper Master HD

Anime Wallpaper Master HD is an app that offers a free selection of live anime wallpapers that you can choose for your lock screen and home screen. There are all kinds of wallpapers from different anime series that you can choose from.

There  are two features that stand out in this application:

1. The Wall of the Day

Anime Wallpaper Master HD features different live wallpapers everyday on their Wall of the Day. Here, you can preview newly created wallpapers that you can use or share with other users. If you want to have your own wallpapers featured on the app, you can contact the developers of the app for a chance to have it displayed.

2. Updated daily

New wallpapers and illustrations are added to the app on a daily basis. With this feature, you can browse all kinds of wallpapers that feature your favorite series or characters.

2. Anime & Wallpapers

Anime & Wallpapers is another live wallpaper app that has an extensive collection of wallpapers that you can use to customize your device.

This app also provides daily updates with new and popular wallpapers to choose from. These creations can easily be saved and installed on your device without ruining its quality. There are other tools and features that you can discover after downloading the app.

3. HD Anime Live Wallpaper

This app is another platform that specializes in providing high-quality, live wallpapers to anime fans. If you’re looking for high-resolution illustrations to use as wallpaper, this is the app for you.

To use the live wallpapers on this app, you simply need to save what you want and it will automatically be stored in your photo library. If you don’t want a live wallpaper for your device, you can also choose your pick from their array of regular, static wallpapers.

One unique aspect of this app is that you can edit any wallpaper of your choosing through its in-app photo editing features. You can edit the contrast, brightness, or color of the wallpaper you want. After you’re done, you can add the wallpaper to your device or share it with your other friends as well.

4. Anime Wallpapers live

This app features over 10,000 wallpaper designs, both live and static, of your favorite anime and manga. You can browse all kinds of wallpapers according to your anime or character of choice. Moreover, new designs are added to the app daily.

Another unique feature to this app is that it also features a variety of anime-related ringtones that you can use to customize your device even further.

Besides this, the app’s interface makes it easy to access wallpapers and share it with other potential users of the platform.

5. AirLive – 4K Live Wallpapers

AirLive – 4K Live is another application that allows you to customize available live wallpapers that feature anime characters and scenes.  You can also choose to make your own live wallpapers with photos from anime scenes of your choosing. The app is also easy to navigate, making the browsing experience much more convenient.

Besides anime, there are other available wallpapers that include different images. You can get both live and static wallpapers of topics such as sports, animals, landscapes, and even popular movies or pop culture.

6. Best Anime Wallpapers

Another app that offers excellent and high-quality artwork as wallpapers is called Best Anime Wallpapers. Though it lacks in quantity, with there only being a limited amount of wallpapers at the moment, it makes up for in quality.

Like the other apps we’ve discussed, you have the ability to save these wallpapers in your own device’s gallery or share it to your friends through different social networking sites.

7. Anime Wallpapers Vault

The final app to round up our list for the best apps for live anime wallpapers is called Anime Wallpapers Vault. For avid fans of anime and manga, you can find wallpapers of a wide array of popular characters. Its developers constantly update the app with new wallpapers that you can check on to customize your device.


That concludes our list of the best apps for getting the highest quality anime live wallpapers for iPhone. Just by editing your wallpapers, you can have the magic of manga and anime by your side at all times.