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Best Furniture Shopping Apps for Android& iOS in 2023

Best Furniture Shopping Apps for Android& iOS in 2023

best apps for buying furniture

Some people find shopping tiring and time-consuming. They find the idea of traveling to the store, checking out items physically, and lining up to pay for them exhausting. Good thing with the help of technological innovations, the internet now offers online shopping to all people worldwide. With online shopping, people get the best of their wants and needs when it comes to interior design in just a click on their smartphones.

Furniture is among the most shopped items, whether tangibly or virtually. And it is good that furniture items can be purchased online. They can be bought from shopping apps and websites.

Best Shopping Apps for Buying Furniture

Here, we listed the best furniture shopping apps for Android and iOS. Check them out and get ready for your next checkout.

1. Pepperfry – Online Furniture Store

online shopping app for furniture, furniture app

Pepperfry is an online furniture shopping store that sells genuine and well-crafted furniture. This online store vends an endless selection of home products ranging from fixtures and decorations. They offer first-class in-app products at reasonable prices.

Pepperfry is an online store based in India, but it can deliver anywhere in the world. It also features coupons for a more reasonable shopping experience.

The most outstanding feature of this shopping is that the app allows shoppers to try the furniture online by taking a photo of the location they want the furniture set up. It’s an excellent way to check out if that style and color fit your house. Pepperfry also has a responsive customer support service.

Download: Pepperfry – Online Furniture Store | Android | iOS

2. Overstock — Furniture & Decor

app to buy furniture, furniture store app

Overstock is a well-known shopping app for furniture and has received great recognition for being one. It is a one-stop shop that caters to small and big house items. Various furniture, fixtures, and home design decorations are available in varying price ranges. That is to say, if you are on a tight budget, there’s a piece for you. And if you want a splurge, there are great items for you.

Overstock also features a visual editor function where buyers can try the furniture virtually. This online shopping app delivers for free anywhere in the world.

Overstock is bona fide one of the best furniture shopping apps for Android and iOS in 2023.

Download: Overstock — Furniture & Decor | Android | iOS

3. Zara Home

app for buying furniture, online furniture app

Zara Clothing is a popular online store that’s been patronized by so many users. The good news is it has branched out into another online store that caters to home essentials, including furniture. This excellent shopping app is called Zara Home.

Zara is a trusted platform that offers high-quality, authentic products, and the same goes for furniture selection. It features a detailed product listing of all the items they sell, making it easier for buyers to choose. This works best especially when buyers want a specific texture, color, shape, and materials for a product.

Zara Home has an approachable customer service that you could easily reach out to in need.

Overall, Zara Home is one of the best furniture shopping apps.

Download: Zara Home | Android | iOS

4. Westwing Home & Living

furniture shopping app, online furniture shopping app

Westwing Home & Living is another online store frequented by numerous buyers because of its huge discounts and quality products. This store offers great deals daily but with limited time, so users always grab all these amazing deals.

Aside from the discounts and deals, Westwing Home & Living is a place filled with excellent items, especially furniture. They showcase so many selections ranging from essential items to branded ones.

If you need a fixture for your house, check out Westwing best furniture shopping app and grab the deals before they expire.

Download: Westwing Home & Living | Android | iOS

5. Urban Ladder – Furniture Store

furniture store app, furniture app

Another Indian-based furniture shopping store is Urban Ladder. It contains all essential furniture and beautiful home decorations of excellent quality. The decorative items are unique and attractive. All bedroom, living room, kitchen, and garden area fixtures are available in this online store.

Urban Ladder has Zoom-in functionality lets users increase the size to examine the items well. It also features a complete product listing and reliable customer reviews.

Urban Ladder also features a notification setting that reminds users whenever a sale happens.

Download: Urban Ladder – Furniture Store | Android | iOS

6. City Furniture Shop

app to buy furniture, home furniture app

City Furniture Shop is an online home goods shopping app that caters primarily to fashionable house items. It has the most up-to-date styles and trendiest fixtures.

City Furniture Shop is a beautiful app with a clean user interface. It uses high-quality pictures that can be zoomed in and viewed in 3D. It also features a thorough product description and supportive customer service.

City Furniture Shop is an ideal app for purchasing furniture on Android and iOS.

Download: City Furniture Shop | Android

7. IKEA Store

cheap furniture app, home decor shopping app

IKEA Store is a prominent online store for furniture and fixtures. Many buyers prefer it because it features an assortment of furniture pieces from different distinguished stores from all over the world. The products sold by IKEA are outstanding value for money.

Most of the furniture sold by this online store is stylish and of high quality but with a price tag that’s affordable to many. It is one thing that makes the shop so popular with its followers. IKEA, aside from their trusted online stores through mobile app, they’ve put up so many physical branches in many countries. That’s how good this shop is.

It has come a long way and still set the standard high for being the best furniture shopping app for Android and iOS in 2023.

Download: IKEA Store | Android | iOS

8. myFOA

furniture app, app to buy furniture

myFOA is an online shopping store for furniture that is based in the US. They have a physical store and now they can do shopping transactions online.It has a beautiful and excellent selection of furniture and home decor. They are sold within an affordable price range.

myFOA is among the best furniture shopping apps for Android and iOS.

Download: myFOA | iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a furniture shopping app?

A furniture shopping app is a mobile application that allows users to browse and buy furniture and home decor items through their smartphones or tablets. These apps offer a convenient and personalized shopping experience, with features such as augmented reality to visualize how furniture will fit in your home.

Which are the best furniture shopping apps?

The best furniture shopping apps, such as Wayfair, Ikea Place, and Overstock, offer a wide selection of furniture and decor items. These apps also provide features like room design and 3D visualization to help you choose the perfect furniture for every room in your home.

Can I buy furniture online through these apps?

Yes, you can buy furniture online through these apps. If you ever need new furniture, there are digital furniture company to choose from. They offer a convenient way to shop from the comfort of your home. Simply browse through the app, select the items you like, and proceed to the checkout process to complete your purchase.

Is there an app that allows me to design my home?

Some furniture shopping design apps offer features that allow you to design your home. These apps provide tools and functionalities to create virtual room designs, allowing you to visualize how furniture and decor will look in your space before making a purchase.

Are there any free furniture shopping apps?

Yes, there are free furniture shopping apps available. Many popular apps, including Wayfair and Ikea, offer free downloads and usage. These best apps provide a great way to explore and shop for furniture without any additional cost.

Which furniture shopping app offers an augmented reality experience?

Ikea Place is a furniture shopping app that offers an augmented reality experience. Using the app, you can use your device’s camera to virtually place Ikea furniture in your home and see how it fits and looks in real-time.

Can I find a list of the best furniture shopping apps?

Yes, there are lists available that rank the best furniture shopping apps. These lists consider various factors such as user reviews, app features, and the variety of furniture and decor offerings. You can find these lists online on websites that specialize in reviewing and recommending apps.

Can I shop for furniture from popular furniture stores through these apps?

Yes, you can shop for furniture from popular furniture stores through these apps. Many furniture shopping apps partner with well-known furniture stores to offer their products within the app. This allows you to access a wide range of furniture options from different stores in one convenient location.


With all these amazing shopping apps, buying furniture online is now hassle-free. What a great way to know that you can have the power within your hands, every time you’d love a good home makeover.