Furniture Shopping Apps for Android & iOS

best apps for buying furniture

The Internet has made everything easy, whether it is online education, jobs, and even shopping. Contrary to the past, people do not bother to stand up from their comfy sofa and shop for themselves. With online shopping, all your number one stores are readily available — it saves time, offers cheap deals, and even assists you with envisioning how to plan your space with less effort. Like other things, Internet has made furniture shopping more accessible. Many furniture shopping apps for Android and iOS are offering high-quality furniture at competitive prices. Now you can furnish your lounge with a piece of imported furniture without leaving home. All you need to do is open furniture store apps, scroll down and watch all the items, go through the description, check dimensions and quality, and place your order. This progression has made a colossal change in the manner the best manufacturers sell furniture by and large.

Best Apps for Buying Furniture

With so many apps to buy furniture, it isn’t easy to find the best one. Thus, we have come up with the list of best apps to table.

1. Pepperfry – Online Furniture Store

online shopping app for furniture, furniture app

With over 5 million downloads and a 3.5-star rating on Google Play Store, Pepperfry promises to make your house a home with its authentically crafted furniture. They have a wide range of over one lakh furniture designs and home products. Moreover, they offer exciting discounts on the first order. The vast range of home and furniture products includes comfortable mattresses, furnishing, furniture of any kind, decoration pieces, wall assents, and much more at affordable prices.

The quality and durability are guaranteed when you shop from Pepperfry. Don’t worry about whether the furniture piece you are shopping for will fit your room and will complement your living area or not. Because here, at Pepperfry, you will get a 360° view of the product to avoid any future inconvenience. The app allows you to add your favorite items to the wishlist while scrolling so that you can get back to your favorite product, once you are done looking through the store. Download this app and avail special discounts on your favorite items before it’s too late.

Download: Pepperfry – Online Furniture Store | Android | iOS

2. Overstock — Furniture & Decor

app to buy furniture, furniture store app

Make your online furniture shopping experience smooth and memorable with Overstock. This all-in-one app has won the hearts of customers with its variety of furniture and home decor stuff. Sometimes you hesitate to shop online because of costly delivery charges, but don’t need to worry about that, because this excellent app is offering free shipping on anything you buy. The app also notifies the user when there’s any sale going on.

From your rugs to your living room bed, you will find everything in one app. Isn’t it amazing? We all want our furniture to be comfortable and long-lasting. Not to mention, the furniture items available here are comfortable, reliable, and authentically crafted. In addition, the manufacturers offer a money-back guarantee which means you can send it back to the retailer if you get a faulty item.

Download: Overstock — Furniture & Decor | Android | iOS

3. Zara Home

app for buying furniture, online furniture app

If you love Zara, a Spanish clothing retailer, you would love shopping for furniture from this online shopping app. You will discover a ton of home decorations and furniture here. Zara Home is a cutting-edge and snappy online shopping application that uses 3D sample images to show the item. You can also check each detail about the product in the description. If you find any difficulty using this app, then feel free to contact their dedicated customer service.

The application’s extra signature highlights are creative voice search and contactless installment, which unquestionably make it different from other furniture shopping applications.

Download: Zara Home | Android | iOS

4. Westwing Home & Living

furniture shopping app, online furniture shopping app

This fantastic online furniture app allows users to shop their favorite furniture and home decor stuff from the ease of their home. In addition, this leading shopping club is the only app that offers up to a 70% discount on a large variety of home decor items every day.

The handpicked furniture and home decoration items in the app are from high-end brands and top designers. So what are you waiting for? Your dreamy sofa is waiting for you. Compliment your living room bed with an antique design sofa, and make your house a home. Download this app now; the deals are for a limited time.

Download: Westwing Home & Living | Android | iOS

5. Urban Ladder – Furniture Store

furniture store app, furniture app

Are you done with a home makeover? Furnish your home from scratch by purchasing high-quality and unique home decor stuff from Urban Ladder Furniture. Furniture shopping had never been this easy. This app has all the home decorations for your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and even study space. In addition, they have a proper catalog of all items to help you decide between the two.

You can examine the item closely using the zoom-in feature. Are you still confused about the quality of the item? Please go through the customer reviews from the review section and get a chance to know their experience. In addition, the app notifies you whenever there’s a discount on some items.

Download: Urban Ladder – Furniture Store | Android | iOS

6. City Furniture Shop

app to buy furniture, home furniture app

This online shopping app has been downloaded more than 100,000 times for a reason. If you love storing trending and ultra-modern stuff at home, then this app is for you. The app has a lot of trendy designs and styles. They use high-quality images, a 3D product view, and a zoom-in feature to demonstrate a 360° picture of the item.

The manufacturers have mentioned a detailed description of each decor item so that you don’t end up buying the wrong product. Besides the trendy products, the app has an eye-catching user interface as well. So, download this app for amazing stuff.

Download: City Furniture Shop | Android

7. IKEA Store

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IKEA is undoubtedly a well-known furniture company. The reason behind its incredible achievement is that it sells odd furniture pieces from 400 different reputable stores in the world. The unique and stylish furniture designs will make your home a palace. The 3D models they are using are a reality as the product itself is.

The app allows you to buy dreamy furniture for your room without leaving your home. What is more, you can visit over 400 furniture stores in one app. If you don’t feel comfortable shopping online, then use the map inside the app, which will help you find the nearest IKEA store. Install this app today and avail discount deals on fantastic stuff.

Download: IKEA Store | Android | iOS

8. myFOA

furniture app, app to buy furniture

myFOA is an already existing furniture company in the United States of America. They sell reliable, modern and antique furniture pieces in-store and online. For a record, you will get a solid number of furniture pieces at a competitive price. This easy-to-use furniture selling app uses 3D high-resolution images to let the buyer see every detail of the product. For example, you will know the size, color, dimensions, quality, price, etc. in the description.

Not to mention, you can add your favorite item to the wishlist while scrolling not to miss any. For any queries about the app and product, feel free to contact their customer service.

Download: myFOA | iOS