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Apps for Making Labels on Android

Apps for Making Labels on Android

Best app for making labels

We always use desktop computers and specialized label-making and printing devices when making online labels. But not anymore! Most jobs handled by desktop computers, such as photo and video editing, can now be handled by more flexible apps on Android phones. Custom label-making should now be a piece of cake, and many label maker apps are available. We now discuss the list of the best app to make labels on Android.

Retail businesses can use labels, tiny businesses with their brands. Instead of approaching a professional to create product labels, there are label maker apps out there that can help you to do so.

The best label creator apps for making labels, of course, are the ones with the most professionally made templates that can fit a variety of products, and for good measure, those apps have to be free or inexpensive and easy to use. Below are some free online label maker apps available for Android phones.

Best Apps for Making Labels on Android

1. Label Maker

label maker app free

Label Maker from CA Apps has over a million downloads and has primarily favorable reviews. It’s also the first app that appears on search results when looking for a label-making app on the Google Play Store. It’s free to download, but the free download, of course, would contain plenty of ads.

Label Maker is awesomely easy to use with a simple and intuitive interface. Users can make sheets of labels in no time using the available templates separated by over a dozen categories. Watching an ad for a few seconds unlocks some of the better templates for editing, or users can create labels from scratch just as easily with hardly a need for graphics experience.

No complaints about this app except for the ads, but those will go away with a monthly or annual plan. Though it’s doubtful, any small business would need to subscribe unless it’s actually in the business of creating labels and logos.

2. Canva

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Canva is an all-around design and print graphic editing app for Android. There are several logo design lessons on YouTube centered around or using Canva. Canva has over 6 million reviews on the Play Store, not counting those that have not reviewed the app. Label making is just one of Canva’s functions, as it’s used to edit photos and videos and create business cards.

You can use Canva as a free label design app, even for those without knowledge of graphic design, thanks to dozens of label templates that users can manipulate and create their unique brand. Fonts, shapes, and colors of these templates can be easily manipulated, thanks to Canva’s great implementation of drag and drop, as well as having a categorized and intuitive interface. The ads can be annoying, and some graphics will have watermarks, so for serious label makers, a subscription is a must.

3. Label Maker & Creator

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Label Maker & Creator from fusion developers is another simple logo maker similar to Label Maker from CA Apps. The labels here are more casual than the previous two entries but still can be used for personal or branding purposes.

The interface is easy to use. There are also dozens of label graphics to choose from in twenty categories. Users can add elements to the labels, such as text, shapes, and logos. Users can save their creations, but they cannot be printed. The created labels can be exported as images via sharing and printed using other tools. This labelmaker helps with simple label editing jobs.

4. WeiDa

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WeiDa is a great label-making app for businesses that make and use labels for filing, shipping, and inventory. Not only does it print ordinary labels and name tags but barcodes and add QR codes as well. This app is a relatively new label printing app on the Play Store and is a must-to-get, while it’s not yet heavily laden with ads. WeiDa is pretty easy to use with its fairly simple interface and easy editing tools.

What makes this app shine is the dozens of label templates available with dozens of categories. The user can load and edit these templates and save them as their own. However, the templates must be downloaded every time, so users must be online. But once saved, users can go back and edit all they want. There’s also an extensive logo list for business and casual use, and additional fonts can be downloaded. When it comes to business and office use, WeiDa is one of the best apps for making labels on Android.

5. Printing Label Maker

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Printing Label Maker by Meet Vora is a simple text label maker. Some labels don’t have to be colorful or complicated. They can be a list of things to be labeled, a mailing list, gifts, or product label. Printing Label Maker is free and thankfully devoid of ads. Users can add pages of separate labels called print jobs where each individual label is created. You can make your label, download your label and print your labels in this label design software.

These Print jobs can be saved to be used later. Individual labels can also be edited within each print job. The interface is very simple to use. Users should not expect much from Printing Label Maker, but it would be nice to at least provide font options or at least one graphic image. While there is also a wide selection of paper types for printing, it does not support Avery labels, though sticker paper is now widely available.

How can I create and print labels from Google Docs?

To easily create and print labels from Google Docs, you can utilize the mail merge labels feature within Google. Start by creating a new document in Google Docs or Google Sheets and design your mailing labels using the label design tool. Ensure and double check the labels with google docs are professional-looking and include all necessary information.

Once your brand’s labels are designed, you can use mail merge solutions to merge them with a spreadsheet or contact list from Google Sheets. It is the quickest way to mail merge.  This will allow you to personalize each label with product details, images and logos, fonts and colors, price tags, and recipients’ names and addresses. Your labels are easy to customize with the custom dimensions and drag-and-drop features of the templates within the software.

Finally, you can print the labels directly from Google Docs or Sheets, resulting in professional-looking and accurate mailing labels. With this tool, you can make sure that it is now easy to upload your brand and market it. And the days of hand addressing envelopes have long passed.

The quickest way to mail merge labels

The quickest way to mail merge labels is by using the mail merge feature within Google. This method can save you a lot of time when it comes to creating and printing address labels or any other type of labels online.

With Google’s mail merge feature, you can easily import data from a spreadsheet or Google Contacts and merge it with a template to create personalized labels. It’s a convenient and efficient way to make a label for bulk mailing or any other labeling needs.

Make your label with creativity on your side.

Save time and make a label with creativity on your side. If you’re looking for the best way to mail merge labels? Now it’s easier than ever with labels online. Whether you need address labels, Christmas labels, holiday labels, or any other type of professional-looking labels, you can make them quickly and effortlessly.

With the option to mail merge labels within Google, you can easily personalize and customize your labels to suit your needs. And the best part is that you can print labels from a wide range of templates available. So don’t wait any longer, make your label with creativity and save time by using our free and efficient mail merge service.

Use the custom label maker to add personality

With the custom label maker, you can easily create professional-looking labels that add personality to any project. Whether you need to double check your inventory with price tags or design festive Christmas and holiday labels, this tool has got you covered.

It offers the convenience of using Google Docs drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to easily customize templates within. From choosing different fonts and colors to adding unique designs, this label maker gives you the freedom to create labels that stand out in style.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a label maker?

A label maker is a device or software tool that allows you to create, design a custom label, and print labels with text and graphics. It is commonly used for organizing, labeling products, files, or other items.

What is a label template?

A label template is a pre-designed layout that you can use as a starting point to create your labels. It provides a structure for organizing your text and graphics on the label. It is the best tool to help you make your own labels or allow you to create a label for your brand.

How can I design labels?

You can design labels using various methods. One option is to use a label designer software tool that provides pre-designed templates and customization options. Alternatively, you can create labels from scratch using design software like Adobe Illustrator from Adobe Suite or Canva. You can also make labels in google docs and Microsoft word. Also, you can make labels from a wide choice of software and various design tools.

Can I print labels using my own printer?

Yes, you can print labels using your own printer. Make sure you have the appropriate label sheets compatible with your printer. Some label makers also offer the option to print directly from the software tool.

What is a vector and why is it important for label design?

A vector is a graphic based on mathematical equations, allowing it to be scaled to any size without losing quality. It is important for label design as it ensures that your graphics or logo appear crisp and clear even when enlarged or reduced in size.

How easy-to-use are label makers?

Label makers are designed to be easy to use for individuals with different levels of technical expertise. They often provide user-friendly interfaces and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the label creation process. LabelMaker is the best way to help you create a label that has a straightforward design process and eye-catching results.

Can I customize the font and appearance of my labels?

Yes, you can customize your labels’ font, size, color, and other appearance attributes at the top right. Most label makers offer a range of font options and formatting features to create labels that match your brand or personal preferences. You can also design a label from the free templates and other wide choice of label templates from these softwares.

What are some popular label maker tools?

Some popular tools include Avery Design & Print Online, Canva, and Adobe Illustrator. They provide a variety of label templates, customization options, and printing capabilities. These tools allow you to create labels for free, download label and print the perfect label for your brand.


There aren’t many label-making apps in the Google Play Store. Some graphic editors like Canva are adaptable as Canva has its own label-making segment. There are other label-making apps that would be handy for business, retail, and inventory, but they are mostly companion apps for label-printing hardware by their respective manufacturers. Such apps include Brother iPrint&Label, Epson iLabel, and Label Artist by Bixolon, which should be checked out for more serious label-making. These are by far the best label making apps available for free on Android.