7 Best Apps like Procreate for Android in 2023

apps like procreate for android

Without a question, one of the most widely used artistic mediums in the visual arts area today is digital painting. It is also common knowledge that of the many different programs used for digital illustration, Procreate is one of the best. There are very few apps that can be compared to Procreate. Whether for its adaptability, flexibility, or ability to produce amazing works of art with 64-bit color quality, it is the most capable and user-friendly digital illustration program there is. However, Procreate is only accessible through Apple products. This is why it is unfortunate for the majority of Android users.

We have prepared in this article, the best digital illustration software that works similarly to Procreate. And these are available for Android users.

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List of Best Apps like Procreate for Android

1. Sketchbook

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SketchBook is software for painting, illustrating, and sketching. It can do on all platforms and gadgets featuring stunning UI and sketching tools of the highest caliber. Similar to Procreate, Sketchbook provides a wide range of customizable tools that let you take your illustrations to the next level.

With the Sketchbook app, users feel like they were drawing on paper. Pens and brushes function similarly to their physical counterparts. The user interface is simple and discreet, and you can hide tools and palettes until you need them so you can concentrate on painting. All the features you would need from a professional-grade program are there in Sketchbook. You have both aesthetic freedom and consistency when you need it. This is all thanks to a large selection of brushes that are highly customizable and backed by guides, rulers, and stroke tools. The ability to build up and experiment with drawings and color is made possible by layers that have a broad range of blend modes.

2. Adobe Photoshop Sketch

app like procreate for android

Procreate and Adobe Photoshop Sketch may compete head-to-head in terms of flexibility. It follows that it is not surprising that it has been a long-standing rival. Adobe Photoshop Sketch obtains an extensive collection of brushes. It also has other tools that resemble ink, graphite pencils, or markers. Additionally, the way it interacts with the canvas feels entirely natural.

It’s important to note that Adobe Photoshop Sketch will continue to function until January 2022 only. After which Adobe Fresco will take its place. Don’t worry though if that happens. You can still access all of your prior efforts as well as your favorite tools and features by just logging in with your Adobe ID.

3. ArtFlow

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Artflow.ai enables you to make your own, distinctive animated stories with original characters. This is through using graphics developed with AITry. This is why it is among the best apps to counterpart Procreate in Android. You can create your language, scenes, and characters, and see your story come to life.

If you are an artist comfortable with using a stylus when drawing digitally, ArtFlow will give you the benefits of Procreate’s Apple Pencil motions. It obtains a functionality that replicates this pencil motion precisely. The faster graphics engine is among its standout features. Also, the capability that stops you from unintentionally zooming or panning while you sketch. To let your creativity run wild, ArtFlow also offers over 80 different brush types, as well as pencil, smudge, and erasing tools.

4. ibis Paint X

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The drawing program ibis Paint X is well-liked and functional. The entire series has been downloaded more than 200 million times. This app offers more than 15000 brushes, more than 7600 materials, more than 1000 fonts, 80 filters, 46 screen tones, and 27 blending modes. It also can record drawing processes and is a feature for stabilizing strokes. Moreover, it has numerous ruler features like radial line rulers and symmetry rulers, as well as clipping mask features.

Apart from its abundance of professional-grade tools, ibis Paint X is distinguished by the no-hassle experience it offers. Additionally, its extensive selection of precise and high-quality brushes can assist you in producing captivating artwork. With all these capabilities, ibis Paint X is among the most fantastic programs for creating digital cartoons and manga.

5. Concepts

app similar to procreate for android

The concept is another drawing app that is more likely similar to Procreate. This is because it offers the functionality of an innovative sketching paper. Concepts are more approachable than any other drawing experience. It is enhanced for high-performance 120Hz displays and ultra-low latency styli like the Apple Pencil and Surface Pen.

Concepts is an incredibly user-friendly design that is so speedy. You can quickly go from making short sketches to creating lavish, detailed graphics. We must point out that the layer system used by Concepts is carefully thought out. That gives you all the creative freedom you require. And together with its adaptable vector-based sketching. Enhanced productivity is another area Concepts concentrate on. Concepts enable you to multitask, which speeds up your work, by employing various motions.

6. Tayasui Sketches

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The most realistic, adaptable, and user-friendly sketching app created for a mobile device is called Tayasui Sketches. This comprehensive artist’s toolbox enables users to produce stunning drawings. Users can also create joyful paintings and jaw-dropping illustrations. Tayasui Sketches includes simple-to-use tools and a minimalist user interface. This gives the impression of drawing on paper. The program prioritizes more useful and effective precision tools over a broad selection of tools.

7. MediBang Paint

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One more lightweight and user-friendly alternative among the many digital painting programs is MediBang Paint. This app somehow does not contain all of the tools the other drawing apps got. However, it more than makes up for this by emphasizing a straightforward, more user-friendly drawing experience. Also, it offers a leveraging cloud saving to protect all of your projects. This function is helpful when working with other artists as well. Additionally, Medibang Paint has a Speech-to-Text feature that is excellent for comic book creators. Medibang Paint is among the best apps like Procreate for Android in 2023. Because of its easy and streamlined approach to providing an amazing drawing experience for its users,


Other current apps are still usable for creating digital art by artists who desire to switch from traditional to digital media. The Procreate app is only one way to expand your options. Even if it is regarded as one of the greatest, there are still other options that are worthwhile for consideration.