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Apps like Procreate for Windows 10


apps like procreate for windows

Procreate is the most popular digital painting and graphic designing app. Graphic design has dominated the market in the last few years. There are tons of graphic designing apps on the internet, but Procreate has got the hype for a good reason. Unfortunately, this excellent digital canvas app is only available on iOS devices. However, don’t worry if you don’t have an iPad because we have come up with a better affordable option. Many app developers have come up with top-notch Procreate alternative apps for Windows 10. Here are our top picks of apps like Procreate for both beginners and professionals.

Best Apps like Procreate for Windows 10

If you want to sketch on your brand new Touchscreen Windows 10 laptop, such as Surface Pro, using a powerful program like Procreate, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have selected the 7 best apps similar to Procreate, which you can use for drawing and graphics designing in Windows 10.

1. Affinity Designer

procreate alternative for windows 10

Affinity designer is on the top of our list of best Procreate alternatives for a good reason. It is the top-rated Procreate alternative for graphic designing. Although the application is not suitable for drawing and sketching, its other features make it worth praising. Its vector illustrator helps you create an eye-catching graphic design. Regardless of your experience in graphic designing, the incredible features of Affinity Designer will make you a Pro graphic designer.

It gives you every functionality that you need to make your design. Aside from vector illustrations, you can create symbols, marking materials, printing projects, mockups, and whatnot. The developer has designed the app by keeping the needs of the graphical designer in mind.


  • Perfect for vector illustration
  • All in one graphic designing app
  • Make all kinds of graphics
  • Simple user interface.


  • No plugin support

Download: Affinity Designer

2. Sketchbook

app like Procreate for windows 10

You are not a graphic designer if you are not familiar with this popular program, Autodesk Sketchbook. It is one of the most widely used digital drawing programs and is ranked as the best Procreate alternative for Windows 10. In contrast, this excellent Windows 10 software is currently accessible free of charge to graphic designers. You need to create a free account, and you can utilize the wholly highlighted form of Windows 10 with no requirement. It runs astonishingly well in full-screen mode with having different instruments and layers. In addition to that, the software lets you use it with your stylus as well. You need not worry about your data, as all your data saves automatically in the app.


  • Available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Available for free
  • Professional workspace and tools


  • Only for professional users

Download: Sketchbook

3. Concepts

procreate alternative for surface pro

Concepts is another Procreate alternative app that offers touchscreen control similar to Procreate. This drawing software is specially optimized for Surface Pen, ARM64, Surface Pro X-based Window 10 devices. Although it is a vector drawing app, it works great for sketching as well. You can create eye-catching freehand sketches and vector-like sketches using Concepts.

Like other reputable sketching apps, it offers you a vast canvas to create sketches, design plans, and artwork. There is a massive variety of brushes, pens, and pencils waiting for you in this app. Speaking of the incredible features, it upholds pressure and tilt mode, which helps you create intricate designs easily.


  • Provides a unique interface
  • Optimized for Surface devices
  • Offers an active stylus to do flexible sketching
  • Provides a massive sort of flexible brushes


  • Steep learning curve

Download: Concepts

4. Krita

app similar to procreate

For me, Krita is the best digital sketching app on this list. This open-source sketching software is free for every user. How can someone find faults in this sketching app when the developers of the app are professional sketchers themselves.

You can create comics, conceptual art, and complex illustrations using advanced tools provided in the app. The app keeps updating its features after some time. The recent update has improved its interface, which is now giving solid rivalry to Procreate.


  • Create art and comics
  • Supports Photoshop’s PSD files
  • Opensource and free to use


  • Slow to load

Download: Krita

5. Corel Painter

procreate equivalent for windows

Developed by a well-known tech company, Corel Painter is an excellent Procreate alternative for Windows 10. The app features wonderful graphics tools to help you create the best design plan. Surprisingly, there are over 900 brushes, pattern pens, exclusive practices, and paintbrushes; what more could a graphic designer ask for.

Although the app is not for beginners, the Coral painter is upheld by its immense library of video tutorials which is incredible for novices to begin. This program is undoubtedly flooded with tons of useful features, making it the best Procreate alternative for Windows 10.


  • It offers more than 900 brushes
  • The program is loaded with useful features.
  • For amateurs, there are video tutorials to learn from


  • Charges $429 per purchase

Download: Corel Painter 2022

6. Clip Studio Paint

alternative to procreate for windows 10

Clip Studio Paint is a suitable option for digital drawing and a great Procreate alternative for Windows 10. The drawing program features a top-notch robust brush engine to help graphic designers create eye-catching artwork with pinpoint precision. On account of the significantly better control, you can make each stroke with its long queue of innovative tools. On top of all, the app is a powerhouse of brushes. You will get the most extensive library of meetings here which help you create any art you wish. On the whole, Clip Studio Paint is an all-in-one digital painting app.


  • It features the most extensive brush library.
  • The program is Lightweight with advanced features


  • Complicated user interface

Download: Clip Studio Paint

7. Adobe Illustrator

app similar to procreate, procreate alternative for windows

With regards to illustrations planning, Adobe Illustrator is the powerful program that strikes a chord first. The application is from the developers of Adobe which itself is a sign of design, post-production, edits, and the related stuff. For longer than ten years at this point, Illustrator has stayed a go-to for the architects working in the field of printing, advertising, website composition, publishing, and so on.

The software is a complete package of classy icons, graphics, logos, and vector graphics tools that enable you to create excellent artwork even from your smartphone. Moreover, it gives you access to freehand drawing tools and attractive typography.


  • It offers a straightforward user interface
  • The software features the most extensive library of tools
  • Creat anything you want


  • Only available via subscription. It costs $19.99 per month with an annual subscription.

Download: Adobe Illustrator