What are Some Apps that Give You Free Stuff?

best apps that give you free stuff

Everybody loves free stuff. It is a joy to receive free things without any deal whatsoever. There are so many apps that will give you free items. The only thing is to check whether the app is legit.

We have here the best apps that offer all the good things for free.

10 Best Apps that Give You Free Stuff

1. GiveawayoftheDay

free stuff app

GiveawayoftheDay is an app available on Android that offers free licensed software daily. These free apps are those applications that are usually paid and are given for free. The free apps do not come with irritating adverts and are fully executed. All these apps range from varieties of categories such as games, fitness, multimedia, and others.

The website offers this free softwares to its solid visitors. They’ve been offering free apps for so many years now and they have established quite a name in the industry. Many softwares attempted to copy their format but Giveawayoftheday remained to be one of the best apps that give you free stuff on the internet.

2. Free Stuff Finder

free stuff app

Free Stuff Finder is an amazing app, especially for those wanting to save up for daily essentials. The app offers printable coupons with free merchandise and huge discounts. These coupons can be used even with big retail stores and high-end brands. It is such a helpful way, especially for households struggling with daily expenses.

The app has a busy but responsive user interface. Aside from the daily coupons, deals, and vouchers, it also offers articles, tips, hacks, and videos about saving up and cost-cutting on expenses. It is generally one of the best apps that give you free stuff in the form of vouchers and discounts3. Free Stuff Times

free stuff app

Another Android application that offers free coupons for sale and discounts is FreeStuffTimes.  It is a small, handy and clean app that provides all the best deals. The app also shows free film screenings nearby and finds contests for you to win free stuff.

Free Stuff Times is free to use and is certainly legit. It has gained so many followers already and continues to do so.

4. Influenster

app to get free stuff

Influenster is a platform catering to product discovery and product review. Members having been verified will be eligible to try out free products and leave reviews about them. These products include but does not limit to beauty, skincare, treats, pet accessories and so much more.

Influenster does not exist to give free stuff but also as a platform where users can exchange friendly discussions regarding new products. There are also shared articles contained within the app that discourse about trending products and up-to-date trends and news.

Influenster has a clean and efficient user interface that looks like magazine pages. It is one of the most widespread Influencer software and one of the best apps that give you free stuff.

5. Swagbucks

app to get free stuff

Swagbucks is a podium that rewards users for every activity they do on the app. The app provides easy money in return for activities like watching videos, answering surveys, and searching the web. It is a legit application that provides cash even after you register an account.

It is quick and easy to earn money in Swagbucks because it has so many activities to offer. You earn swagpoints for every task done. And the more swagpoints you earn, the higher rewards you get. Some even get gift cards from popular retail stores.

Swagbucks is a legit app, so many people have vouched for it making it one of the best apps that give you free stuff.

6. InboxDollars

app to get free stuff


Another app that works similarly with Swagbucks is Inbox Dollars. It is an app that offers monetary rewards for every finished task. These tasks are purchasing online, playing games, reading emails, responding to surveys, and completing offers. These activities are easy to do and offer quick rewards.

Inbox Dollars lets users redeem their reward money when they reach $30. Not bad for free money.

7. Listia and Free Stuff

app to get free stuff

Listia and Free Stuff is an app that works like a marketplace for free stuff. That is to say, you can have someone’s old stuff for a minimal price or free at all. And you can also sell, trade, or give for free items that you no longer need. It is such a good place to put all of your decluttered items and get a few new pre-loved stuff. The app also features bidding and auctions that users love so much.

Listia and Free Stuff is such an amazing app not only because it offers free stuff but also because it is a platform where people connect with others.

8. Qmee

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is an app that rewards users by taking up surveys and giving out views. Cash is rewarded when users complete a survey. Users can also receive gift cards from big stores. Aside from surveys, there are also quizzes and referrals in which users can earn rewards.

Qmee is a trusted app that does not demand any amount required to cash out. Cash rewards can be cashed through Paypal.

9. Lucktastic

get free stuff app


If you are familiar with the Scratch card, then you’d find Lucktastic easy to earn cash with. However, while scratch cards are available at convenience stores, Lucktastic allows users to scratch after they watched many ads.

Although it works like a gambling app where earnings are not committed daily, Lucktastic offers great cash prizes upon winning. Also, users can earn tokens that can be used for big supermarkets.

It is such a fantastic app that gives free stuff.

10. Surveys on the Go

get free stuff app

The last app on the list is Surveys on the Go. It is another survey app that pays users after taking surveys. The minimum cash out is $10 which is why a lot prefer this app. Imagine, being paid for something very easy, that’s probably like hitting the bonanza.

The best thing about it is that it is free and it’s one of the best apps that give you free stuff.



This free stuff from the internet is fantastic. A lot of people are now using desktops and smartphones. It will be great that while we are hooked on our gadgets, we get free pieces of stuff in return for some petty activities. All these best apps that give you free stuff are worth trying.