Audio Video Mixing Software for PC

best audio video mixer software

Whether you’re a professional musician, artist, video editor, song composer, or just a casual person who wants to tweak their videos, audio-video mixer software is best for you. Audio video mixer is an editing software in which you can edit your video, add sound professionally, create slides, do trimming of videos, alter the video, or anything that you can think of related to audio and video. Moreover, some high-grade audio video mixing software even lets you do grading, Dolby Vision, and HDR 10 editing (if recorded from supported cameras). There are hundreds of software available to mix audio and video on your computer, so how will you know which one is best for you. That’s why in this article, we’ve mentioned x best audio video mixer software for PC.

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List of 9 Best Audio Video Mixing Software for PC

1. Wondershare Filmora

audio video mixing software

There’s no wonder that Wondershare Filmora is the first audio video mixing software that pops up in the mind when talking about newbies and basic editing needs. Moreover, Filmora is one of the least expensive video editing software which offers almost all the essential tools that you need for editing and mixing your videos. Unlike other advanced video editors that offer a complex or ironically sci-fi UI, Filmora isn’t like that. It seems like the developers of Filmora have dedicated this software for people who’re new to video editing, need basic editing, or want to quickly produce their content. The UI is straightforward, with no fuss.

Talking about the features of Filmora, it offers you all the basic editing features such as trimming, cropping, zoom, audio-video mixing, etc. Moreover, in the recent update, Filmora is offering an AI filter in which the system will automatically suggest the filters that suit your video size. Overall, it’s the best and outstanding audio video mixing software for basic and quick editing unless you’re not a professional movie editor!

Download: Wondershare Filmora ($61.99/yr)

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

audio video mixing software

This audio video mixing software doesn’t need any kind of introduction. Adobe Premiere Pro is used in almost all the professional video editing fields such as in Hollywood movies, music labels, Netflix series, and also professional YouTubers use this software. Moreover, Premiere Pro holds 70% of shares in industry-scale video editing software. The thing that makes it so popular is its features and high level of precision that no other editing software can offer on the internet. To be short, Premiere Pro has no limits, you can add an unlimited number of soundtracks, video layers, and filters (as long as your hardware supports it).

The software isn’t only limited to regular camera-shooted videos, instead, Premiere Pro is one of those few video editors which supports animation comics and lets you design and edit your animated video as well. It offers all the basic to advanced features such as VR, unlimited tracks, labels, motion editing, chroma key, and all the other basic editing features. It’s the No.1 tool for industrial-grade audio video mixing needs!

Download: Adobe Premiere Pro ($239.88/yr)

3. PowerDirector

audio video mixing software

CyberLink PowerDirector is the software best for both beginners and professionals who want to create short personal projects from their footage quickly. It offers all advanced editing tools at a reasonable price. It is available as a one-off purchase and monthly or annual subscription – both are cheap. Although it is not advanced like Adobe or Cut pro, it includes several interesting features that appeal to users.

Some of its advanced features include audio scrubbing, 4k video previews, and PIP designer. The PIP(Picture-in-picture) designer helps you to combine clips for various projects. All clips edited in PIP can be saved and reused for other projects too – an epic feature for editing sizzling teasers. The software is also loaded with various motion-graphic titles, lower-thirds, and other downloadable templates that are added every month. These are just some of the features; many more exciting features make this software worth purchasing.

Download: PowerDirector ($48.99/yr)

4. VideoStudio Ultimate

audio video mixing software

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is outstanding software for beginners who want to create simple videos quickly without getting confused with any complex feature. It is one of the few video editing software that offers 360-degree video editing. Once you learn all the basics, you can use other powerful tools easily that include broad 3D text support, split-screen video to elaborate video collages, lens-auto-corrections tools, 4k support, and draw and painter tool that allows you to paint onto the video timeline.

The drawbacks of this software are that the software is for Windows only and you cannot customize your workspace as easily as you do with other software. Other than that, it is the best choice for beginners new to video editing. Also, at such an affordable price, it is surely a cheap yet excellent choice.

Download: VideoStudio Ultimate ($49.99)

5. Lightworks

audio video mixing software

Lightworks is a powerful video editing software that offers great tools and features. If you want more assurance then know that the pro version of this software has been used to edit various award-winning movies. Even its free version includes various interesting features that make this software better than other software in the market. Once you learn about all features, which may take some time considering it has professional tools, you will see why this software is getting so much hype in the market nowadays.

Lightworks offers a variety of interesting features including multi-cam edit, real-time effects, color adjustments, VFX, and excellent audio editing options. You will get pretty amazed after seeing its audio controls. For example, if the subjects are speaking in a video then the software offers various audio adjustment features for vocal sounds, like reduction of hissing sound, etc. This is not it; there is a lot to explore in this software. Also, it does not take much space and installs quickly which makes it the best option for everyone.

Download: Lightworks ($23.99/mo)

6. Final Cut Pro

audio video mixer software

Final Cut Pro is a powerful and versatile video editor software that is highly respected for its professional video editing. Its intuitive layout is easy to understand and includes a lot of useful resources to help beginners get up to speed. Some of its amazing features include the multi-cam feature, 360-degree video editing, VR headset playback, smart video analysis, Wide range of effects, magnetic timeline, and smart conform cropping.

The Final Cut comes with a 90-day free trial so you get plenty of time to learn about its advanced features before making the final decision. The good thing is that it is not subscription-based which means that you just pay once. Although it is daunting for a beginner at first, it includes a huge feast of excellent features that work right up to the professional level users demand of it. Overall, it is an ideal all-in-one option for beginners and professionals.

Download: Final Cut Pro ($299.99)

7. Vimeo Create

audio video mixer software

Vimeo Create helps businesses with zero experience to create good social media videos using pre-prepared video templates. It is the most popular and accepted option by social media influencers to create attractive videos and then share online. One of the most interesting features of Viemo is that it is a 100% web-based video editor that means no installation process and no large files taking up your hard disk space. The good thing is that there is no need for a highly-advanced machine to use as it works on any computer. It offers various epic features like video templates, guided templates, video styles, music, and lots of stock content that make it a good purchase.

Download: Vimeo Create ($20/mo)

8. Shotcut

audio video mixer software

Shotcut is a robust and stable video editing software with numerous features and good flexibility. You might find it a bit difficult to use but thanks to its enthusiastic community, there are many tutorials and step-by-step guides available that will help you to figure out how everything works.

The features of Shotcut include display and monitoring, keyframing, transitions, wide format support, editing features, cross-platform hardware support, and multiple audio features. Overall, Shotcut is a free, regularly-updated video editing software that is full of interesting features that are worth trying.

Download: Shotcut ($9.79)

9. HitFilm Express

audio video mixer software

HitFilm Express is advanced software that has a clear visual interface that makes it easy to use. It offers great features for slow motion, camera movements, and titles transitions. It supports many export formats optimized for different purposes like social media content, etc. Other interesting features include the GoPro reference effect, color adjustment, and a strong auto-stabilizer. Though it might take a while to understand the software there are many videos available teaching about its features. Once you understand it, you will be able to finish the video projects in hours. Overall, it is an excellent starting point for entry-level and intermediate video production.

Download: HitFilm Express ($19)