6 Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android

blood pressure apps for android phone

You must live a healthy life if you want to be successful in life. You can handle every difficulty that comes your way if you’re in good health. Obtaining an accurate blood pressure reading will help you understand your risk for heart disease and stroke. You can have a false sense of security about your health if a reading indicates that your blood pressure is lower or higher than it is. The only method to determine whether you suffer from high blood pressure is to measure it. Most often, high blood pressure has no symptoms or warning indications, and many people are unaware they have it.

In this post, we share with you the top blood pressure apps for Android that you can rely on as you monitor your blood pressure regularly. However, it is important to note that it is impossible to measure blood pressure using a smartphone. For such, a tonometer is required. You can only keep track of your measures with the aid of the applications. Below are descriptions of six free Android applications for tracking and monitoring blood pressure.

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List of Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android

1. Blood Pressure Tracker

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An app called Blood Pressure Tracker allows you to track and check your blood pressure whenever it’s convenient for you. You can track your blood pressure, pulse, weight, blood sugar level, blood oxygen level, and more. There is also a space for notes, so you may enter any further details you require, such as how you are feeling on that particular day and how that may affect your blood pressure, such as fatigued, agitated, worried, etc.

You can keep track of your meds using the Blood Pressure App. Pick a drug from a list, add notes, and mention your dosage. This enables you to carry your list of drugs, whether it be for a loved one, a healthcare provider, or yourself. This medicine list can be exported as a report and sent to anyone.

You can create custom reports and examine graphs with the app. You can identify trends using the graphs, and you can share your data with anyone using the PDF reports.

Download: Blood Pressure Tracker – Cardio journal

2. Blood Pressure Log – bpresso.com

blood pressure measurement app, blood pressure monitor app for android

Blood Pressure Log is another app that is dependable when it comes to monitoring arterial pressure. This app gathers results simplistically and naturally. It can evaluate progress and monitor developments with the use of its clear charts and easy-to-understand indicators. The app also notifies users so they will not miss any monitoring schedules.

In addition, this app is available in offline mode and has a synchronization feature where users can update data among all devices used.

Download: Blood Pressure Log – bpresso.com

3. SmartBP

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Using your mobile device, you may record, track, analyze, and share your normal, low, and high blood pressure charts and statistics using the SmartBP® blood pressure management app, which is free and simple to use. You may learn what works and what doesn’t by using this app’s Blood Pressure Charts and Insights based on numbers and trends. You can examine your trends and advancement by adding tags to your record. Through correlation analysis, you can keep track of how your systolic and diastolic blood pressure relates to one another. Through this app’s high-end functionality, you can identify your personal high blood pressure triggers and learn how to lower your blood pressure by analyzing your findings. All in all, SmartBP is another best blood pressure app available on Android.

Download: SmartBP – Blood Pressure Diary, Log, Tracker

4. Blood Pressure Log

blood pressure monitoring app android

Having a blood pressure app like Blood Pressure Log is a wonderful idea. They inform you of any changes in your blood pressure and let you know whether it is high, low, or normal. In addition to computing your blood pressure, it also computes advanced health indicators like your pulse rate, mean arterial pressure, etc.

With this app, it is simple to take measurements of your blood pressure and keep a notebook. You can remember when you took your blood pressure by using the date and time. In addition, you can include the position, such as whether you took your blood pressure while standing up or while lying on your bed. You can also set up several profiles if your parents or other family members also take blood pressure readings. You can all set your measurements in this way without erasing anyone else’s data.

Download: Blood Pressure Log: Hypertension chart and journal

5. Cardio Journal

best blood pressure app android, android blood pressure app

One of the simplest methods to save your blood pressure readings is using the Cardio Journal app. the results of your blood pressure analysis will be given to you after those measurements have been processed.

Most people forget to frequently check their blood pressure because they are too busy with their daily activities. To address this issue, Cardio Journal added a function that reminds users to check their blood pressure. You will always take your blood pressure promptly from now on. Cardio Journal is among the best blood pressure apps that are free on Android.

Download: Cardio Journal — Blood Pressure Log

6. BloodPressureDB

blood pressure app for android, blood pressure record app

BloodPressureDB is the ideal program for taking your blood pressure. Both pharmacists and doctors endorse this application. Additionally, doctors at HealthTap selected BloodPressureDB as the best health app.

This application is also for you if you are at risk for heart attacks, diabetes, or hypertension. Along with your blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, pulse, etc., you can save these readings. It contains a blood pressure analysis feature that aids in preventing heart attacks, diabetes, and hypertension. BloodPressureDB is an open-source program that costs nothing to use. The majority of its capabilities may even be utilized without an internet connection.

Download: BloodPressureDB



Trying to lower your numbers can be a constant worry if you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. It is just fitting to get a companion of a tracker to accompany you in your daily blood pressure monitoring. The above-selected best blood pressure apps for Android will certainly help you track, monitor, and maintain a healthy blood pressure level.