6 Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android

blood pressure apps for android phone

If you want to lead a successful life, then you must spend a healthy life. In a good health, you can face every challenge appearing in your life. However, having a blood pressure problem can be dangerous for your health. If you have a problem with blood pressure, then you must keep a track record of it. Because if your blood pressure remains in control only then you can spend a healthy life. There are different apps available on Google Play Store, that claims to be the best blood pressure apps for Android phone. However, not all are the best applications. So, to remove this confusion we have listed down only the best blood pressure apps for Android that you can install for free on your phone.

List of Best Blood Pressure Apps for Android Phone

It is worth mentioning that measuring blood pressure with a smartphone is of course impossible. You need a tonometer for that. The apps can only help you to keep and track the measurements. Six free Android apps for tracking and monitoring blood pressure are described below.

1. Blood Pressure Tracker

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Blood pressure is something that differs from time to time. If you have recorded your blood pressure in the morning, then at night the results will be different. So, it is preferred that you must record your blood pressure at different times. Also, in some cases, doctors suggest that you must measure your blood pressure daily. So, to help you in measuring your blood pressure and keep the records, the Blood Pressure Tracker is there.

You can not only measure blood pressure but also your heart rate. The best thing about this application is that it also helps you in analyzing the results of your blood pressure. On basis of those results, you can take your medicines, and set a schedule of your medications. You can also share your data with your doctor, as it saves all your data in a text file.

Download: Blood Pressure Tracker – Cardio journal

2. Blood Pressure Log – bpresso.com

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No doubt your health is important if you want to keep your life on track. So, you must have apps on your mobile phone that helps you to keep yourself healthy. Blood Pressure Log is another application that you can install on your phone so that you know your stats of blood pressure and take your medications on time.

This application has different features that are very useful. Besides the blood pressure measurements, it also has the option to store different readings like pulse rate, weight, physical effort, etc. The best feature about this application is that it has reminder functionality. It reminds you when it is time for your blood measurement or time for medications. The paid version of this application lets you share your data via email, and you can create backups of your data.

Download: Blood Pressure Log – bpresso.com

3. SmartBP

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As we understand that everyone likes those applications that are easy to use and does not need to be a professional. So, we have included SmartBP in this list, because this application is simple to use and best for recording your blood pressure.

First, you will measure your blood pressure, then you have to add your systolic and diastolic values in this application. After that, you can add your pulse rate as well as your weight. When adding these values, you can also write notes along with them. You can also save your measurement part, from where you have measured the blood pressure like a left arm or right arm, etc. Sometimes you forget that whether you measured your blood pressure before breakfast or after, so you can also add these details in this application.

SmartBP gives you complete insights from analyzing the data you have saved in the application. It can give a separate analysis of systolic and diastolic readings. There is also sharing option, through which you can share files of your data.

Download: SmartBP – Blood Pressure Diary, Log, Tracker

4. Blood Pressure Log

blood pressure monitoring app android

It is good to have a blood pressure app like Blood Pressure Log. As they keep you up to date regarding your BP and tells you whether your blood pressure is high, low, or normal. It not only computes your BP but also has calculations of your advanced health markers like your pulse rate, mean arterial pressure, etc.

You can easily measure every detail regarding your blood pressure and makes a journal. The date and time help you to remember when you have measured your blood pressure. You can add the position like whether you have measured your blood pressure standing or measured when laying on your bed.

If you have parents or other family members that also measure blood pressure, then you have the option to create multiple profiles. In this way, you all can set your measurements without removing the data of other people.

Download: Blood Pressure Log: Hypertension chart and journal

5. Cardio Journal

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Cardio Journal application has one of the easiest ways to save your blood pressure readings. Then analyzing those readings and providing you the results about your blood pressure.

Most people are busy in their daily life, so they forget to measure their blood pressure regularly. So, Cardio Journal catered to this problem by introducing a blood pressure reminder feature. Now you will always measure your blood pressure on time.

Cardio Journal is a free application without having ads. As they quote this on their application’s description ‘we don’t want to make money on your health’. You can export your blood pressure measurement data and share it with your doctor.

Download: Cardio Journal — Blood Pressure Log

6. BloodPressureDB

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BloodPressureDB is the perfect application for measuring your BP. This application is recommended by doctors as well as pharmacists. BloodPressureDB is also voted as the top health app by doctors at HealthTap.

If you have diabetes, hypertension, or a risk of heart attacks, then this application is also for you. You can save your BP reading along with your blood sugar, heart rate pulse, etc. It has blood pressure analysis that helps to keep you away from hypertension, diabetes, and heart attacks. BloodPressureDB is a free application without having fees. And some of its features need internet connectivity, the rest can be used offline.

Download: BloodPressureDB