5 Best Bookmark Managers For Chrome

best bookmark manager for chrome

While surfing the internet every day, we come across interesting content we might want to get back to later. To keep track of these pages, we sometimes tend to do it the old fashion way, which is; either bookmarking, leaving the webpage open on the browser, or emailing yourself the link. While these methods are helpful in the absence of the right tools, they leave your browser disorganized and cluttered, which may sometimes lead to a serious malfunction. This is when bookmark managers for Chrome are needed.

What is a Bookmark Manager?

The bookmark manager acts like a productivity app. It lets you save items from the web to view later. You will be able to save and organize contents so you can view them later with the help of an app like this. Also, it allows you to access bookmarked content across any device as long as there is an internet connection.

List of Best Chrome Bookmark Managers

Here’s the list of our favorite bookmark managers you can choose from.

1. Raindrop.io

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On the list of our favorite bookmark managers for Chrome, Raindrop.io comes on top. Its user interface is so friendly that even a complete beginner could get started without help. It organizes bookmarks neatly, you can decide to view them in a headline, cards, or mood format which is my favorite.

Raindrop.io allows you to create collections which are basically folders and nested collections. If you don’t want to use folders, you may add tags to your nested collection. Also, it automatically places duplicate links into a collection so you can delete bookmarks you don’t need, as well as broken links.

Additionally, you can save or upload pictures from the web. The best part is, when you save a picture from the web, it automatically captures the URL, which you can click on if you need to go back to the source of the picture. Other interesting features Raindrop.io has are the ability to use custom icons for collection, using keyboard shortcuts for capturing bookmarks, native mobile apps, and more.

Key features: Dropbox backup, keyboard shortcuts, Native mobile apps, Beautiful User Interface, capture bookmarks fast, support for folders and tags.

Chrome Extension Raindrop.io — All-in-one bookmark manager

2. Elink

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Elink is a Chrome extension bookmark manager that is compatible with Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Brave browsers as well. It allows you to save articles, blogs, videos, social media posts, and cloud files around the web. It is very customizable, you can choose the image that best suits your web links and edit the title and description as well. You can also add brief notes to personalize each link.

All the bookmarks you saved can be found in your Bookmark Library. And you can search bookmarks using the smart search across titles and descriptions and also filter across folders, tags, dates, etc. Lastly, saved content can be shared with others, which means you can use this extension solo or as a team.

Key features: Collaborative across teams. Add title and description to web links. Organizes bookmarks in folders, sub-folders, and tags. Bookmark library with search and filtering.

Chrome Extension Elink – Bookmark Manager

3. Bookmark Ninja

Bookmark Ninja is one of the best bookmark managers for Chrome with a simple interface which makes it user-friendly. It allows you to categorize and organize items alphabetically. Its drag-and-drop feature allows you to move things around if needed. As expected from a bookmark manager, you can access bookmarked items across different devices and also across Other bookmark managers.

Further, you can create different folders for your bookmarks and also assign tags to them. Creating a bookmark is also pretty simple. You just need to click on the “Add to Ninja” button, and the bookmark will be saved. You will also get the option to assign the folder, list, and tags before saving the bookmark. It ensures that it saves your bookmark in the right place. Finally, there’s also a quick search feature that lets you easily search your bookmarks by name, tags, and more.

Key features: Access from any device. Support for folders and lists. Tags are supported. Bookmarks are saved on the cloud. Quickly save bookmarks. Dark mode.

Chrome Extension Bookmark Ninja – Bookmark All Tabs

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4. Pinboard

Pinboard is one of the best bookmark managers for Chrome that has been around for a while now and ever since it has steadily outgrown its competitors. It’s a paid-only service. You can save nearly anything from any web page in just a click. It allows you to organize bookmarks in folders and assign tags to them for easy accessibility. The most important aspect of pinboard is its availability on almost all platforms, privacy protection, and no ads. As per privacy, Pinboard boost of not having any third-party tracking SDKs.

Key features: Sync directly with third-party apps. Capture all kinds of URLs. Support for folders and tags. No ads, no tracking. Has mobile apps and extensions for almost all major platforms.

Chrome Extension Pinboard

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5. Dropmark

If you are the type that prefers simplicity to the core, this is the bookmark manager for you. All you have to do is drag-and-drop files on the dashboard and preview them later. If you ask me, I’d say Dropmark is the best fit for presentation as it previews your saved collection in a slideshow manner. You can organize photos, videos, audio, and even gifs in distinct folder categories for ease of access.

Key features: View the collection in slideshow mode. Uses tags for quick search. Import tool to gather everything on Dropmark fast.

Chrome Extension Add to Dropmark

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