14 Best Free Clipboard Managers for Windows 10

best clipboard manager windows 10

When you copy, paste, or transfer data, it is stored temporarily in an inaccessible area of memory. This is known as the clipboard. The clipboard allows you to transfer data between different applications. Windows has developed over the years, but it still lacks a brilliant clipboard manager. Clipbrd.exe also known as the Clipboard Viewer in Windows, can be used to see what could be saved on your clipboard. There are also many third-party Clipboard Manager apps available that allow us to keep a log of everything we copy on our systems. In this article, I am going to tell you about the Best free clipboard manager apps for Windows 10. I am sure it will be helpful for you when you read them one by one.

List of Best Free Clipboard Managers For Windows 10

So, if you are one of those who deal with lots of content every day, then it’s better to have a third-party clipboard manager app. So, we are going to share some of the best free clipboard managers that you can use on your Windows 10 computer.


free clipboard manager windows 10

ClipboardFusion is one of the best options if you want something simple but with advanced features. Text scrubbing is one of its notable features. It’s a very useful feature, especially for those who copy text from one application to another, because it removes HTML tags, formatting, and whitespace, leaving only the text.

It also has a useful feature called Text Replace, which allows you to find and replace all instances of a specific text chain in your clipboard manager. This software provides a wide range of hotkeys that allow you to easily scrub text or turn on syncing with a single hotkey, making the process faster. Furthermore, its preview feature allows you to easily preview any image copied to the Clipboard, and it also operates with HTML color codes. The best part is that it fully endorses macros and even Clipboard syncing.

② Comfort Clipboard

clipboard manager windows 10

Comfort Clipboard could be a very useful tool for you if you want to keep your clipped data always ready to use. When compared to other clipboard software, it has a wide range of features. Comfort Clipboard’s autosave feature is one of those that are very useful when you shut down your computer and need your copied data collected from the last session after the restart.

Comfort Clipboard is available in two versions, the Lite version having a limited set of fragments that can be saved in the clipboard history. On the other hand, the Pro version has an unlimited number of slots as well as other useful features such as text fragment editing, data encryption, and hotkey assignment.

③ Ditto Clipboard

free clipboard viewer

Ditto is an open source clipboard manager that is currently ranked high on the list of clipboard managers due to its extensive feature set. It has an easy-to-use interface. To use your clipboard data, simply press the hotkey on your keyboard, and it’ll show a list of data that you have previously copied. To copy this data, simply use the keyboard shortcut and paste it instantly. You can select the most recently used data by tapping on the main menu. It also contains an integrated search feature in case you didn’t find certain data.

④ ClipMate

windows clipboard manager

ClipMate gives you a number of options for working with your clippings collection. The Classic view provides a toolbar and dropdown options, and the Explorer view is the expert management window where you can group and edit your clippings. Furthermore, the clipbar is integrated directly into the Windows taskbar and provides quick access to a list of your most frequently and previously used clippings.

It also includes encryption for those who want to keep their clippings secure when not in use. Some other features include advanced paste with defined data type tabs and delineation, as well as an integrated screen grab tool with selected capture.

⑤ ClipX

clipboard manager

ClipX is an excellent free clipboard manager for Windows 10 that can be made portable by passing a simple command-line argument. It helps to allocate hotkeys to your clipboard’s primary and secondary saved pastes, but not to specific phrases. This software allows you to copy and paste images and text files. ClipX includes approximately 6 plugins that provide additional functionality such as clipboard lookup, color picker, and plugin that inserts sticky clipboard enhancements you would like to keep handy.

⑥ PhraseExpress

clipboard manager windows 10

PhaseExpress is a free Text Expander, Spell Checker, Program Launcher, Autotext, Autocomplete, and Clipboard Manager utility which is used for multiple purposes. This tool is extremely useful for those who need to expand text. A text expander is a feature that allows you to quickly and easily insert your most frequently used text if you write the same lines over and over. It can also anticipate when to insert text. Furthermore, it is free software with no restrictions for personal use. If you are a professional user, you will be notified that the software is not free to use in the office.

⑦ 1Clipboard

clipboard software

1Clipboard includes the ability to seamlessly integrate with Google Drive, however, in order to activate this integration, you must first log into your Google account to access the Drive. However, if you just want to experiment with the clipboard, you can skip this step. Smart search through clipboard contents using keyboard detection, staring important clips for quick retrieval, easy to configure cloud-syncing clipboards in the category, an attractive interface, access to clipboard on all major platforms by Google Drive users, and integration with Google Drive are among its major features.

⑧ ClipClip

free clipboard manager

ClipClip is a lightweight software that is completely free. It would be an excellent addition to the list. What distinguishes ClipClip is its traditional design and the ability to edit and modify clips as needed. It simplifies the process by displaying the clips directly in the main pane. If you’d like to edit a clip, double-click on it and make the necessary changes. Its main features include the ability to create custom groups, the ability to save clips in text format, an integrated translator that translates clips from various languages, etc.

⑨ Shapeshifter

windows 10 clipboard manager

Shapeshifter distinguishes itself from the competition by not providing the option to save clipboard contents to the hard drive. It instead saves the clipboard material in system memory, which means that when you restart your computer, you lose everything. Its unique features include support for multiple file formats for files, texts, and images, security because it does not sync with cloud storage but instead saves clipboard materials to RAM, and the attractive Windows Aero theme.

⑩ ArsClip

free clipboard

ArsClip is a flexible and powerful clipboard manager for Windows 10. It supports images, HTML, formatted text, and Unicode. You can even modify your clippings to include keyboard shortcut emulation, which helps in the paste of text into forms as well as other detailed arrangements. Depending on the program, the software also allows for group switching. If you only use a certain set of clippings while editing your blog, for example, make them sound only if you are active in Firefox.


clipboard for windows 10

ClipDiary is a powerful clipboard manager for Windows 10 which allows users to manage every bit of data that is stored in the Windows clipboard. This allows the user to seamlessly retrieve any data that’s been previously copied to the clipboard. ClipDiary key features include supports for password-protected database, snippets for quick pasting, clipboard history intact even after system restart, ability to retrieve saved data from the clipboard history as and when you need it, ability to monitor the clipboard and automatically save the contents to the clipboard history, support for text links files, images, and all other clipboard formats.


clipboard app windows 10

CLCL is yet another lightweight Clipboard manager that is available for Windows 10. The software has a good user interface, and despite the lack of a search function, it can save the images, texts, and data in your clipboard. This is a simple tool, and all you need to do to access your Clipboard history is press the keyboard shortcut and then choose an item from the list. You can also select and add a keyboard shortcut of your own.


windows clipboard viewer

ClipCube is free software that has an attractive interface and is extremely lightweight. It also works as a notetaking app. It is a convenient and straightforward application with advanced features. It allows you to easily access your previous entries so that you should make the necessary changes quickly. ClipCube is a great alternative because it is a simple application with an equally simple interface. The only disadvantage we can find is the lack of a search option in the Direct Paste pane. However, it is a simple application and performs its function quite well.

⑭ Clipboard Master

clipboard manager windows

Clipboard Master’s capabilities go beyond the typical clipboard manager as it provides sufficient options for better clip management. It also performs as a useful screenshot tool that is encrypted and uses flexikeys. FlexiKeys is a feature similar to a text expander in that it would intelligently auto-complete directory titles and predetermined text templates. Like the other tools in the category, this software allows you to organize your clips into different groups. Furthermore, it includes all of the necessary features including customizable keyboard shortcuts, image preview, compelling search feature, filtering options, global context menu support, quick paste, clip format converter, etc.