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best contact apps for android

Do you face the mess in your contact list whenever you want to find any contact? Unfortunately, it is common among Android users. But you don’t have to worry about it. The contact apps for Android give you relief and quick access to every contact in a few clicks.

You can say goodbye to the messy contact list and duplicate numbers by having a good contact app. Many contact apps for Android are great and help you make groups for quick access. You also have the option for quick dialing through contact apps as they provide a personal in-built dialer. So, it is great that you don’t need to go back to the phone app for calling and directly make it from the contact app. Moreover, some business-centric apps help users set their meetings and manage their sales through contact lists. So, find a productive contact app for your Android and enjoy the results.

Why do you need contact apps?

Contact apps are similar to your phone app, but they have more features that help you make groups and lists of different labels. You can manage and organize your business and personal contact list according to your requirement by tagging in separate lists. Moreover, by having a contact app on your Android phone, you can enter all the relevant contact information and reach them quickly. So, if you find it difficult to scroll the whole contact list to see a contact, then these contact apps are for you. Separate your friends, business, and family contacts by arranging them in different tags. It helps you to directly land at the required contact without having any trouble or long scrolling in the whole list.

What is the best way to keep contacts?

It is easy to keep and maintain contacts on your phone. First, you need to ensure that all your contact information is available in one place. It helps you to call or email quickly to any person. Then label all the contact with proper names or tags. Finally, enable the record management of your contact dates and times. So, you will have the complete data of every contact in one list that is easy to access.

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Best contact apps for Android

We can say that the contact apps that we’ve picked offer more features to users than the contact app that comes pre-installed on Android phones. Here we will give you the best contact apps for Android in 2021 to help you manage your list and make the connection easy and quick. Now let’s move towards the list.

1. Contacts+

Contacts+ is one of the powerful and robust contact apps that Android users can have on their phones. You can quickly manage the contact list, SMS, and emails in one place through it. It is an effective alternative to the default contact app for Android users. You don’t have to deal with duplicate contacts as contacts can merge them automatically. Moreover, it helps you to back up contacts for additional security. It provides shortcuts for making quick calls and messages. It helps you to recognize and block fake calls and SMS through the caller ID function. It has an in-built dialer, and you can also set up call alerts for specific users.

android contacts app

Download: Contacts+

2. Drupe

Drupe is also a great contact management app for Android users. It gives a unique and trendy contact app interface. Drupe provides incredible features for call block, recording, contact reverse, and many more. It is the top-rated Android contact app with speed dial functions. It has caller ID support that helps you to identify unknown calls, and you can block them. It gives a quick feature to block spam calls and messages. It has a semi-transparent background that makes it unique with its screen looks.

contact app for android

Download: Drupe: Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID

3. Google Contacts

Google provides its contact app for free at the Google Play Store. It is also an excellent alternative for Android’s built-in contact app. One of the great features is that it provides suggestions for frequently dialed numbers. So, you mark the contact as the favorite contact to keep it at the quick dial. You can import your SIM contacts as a VCF file and backup the saved contacts. Sort the contact list according to the first or last name of the person as a tag. It allows auto-sync all the contacts from your Google Drive. In addition, you will have the in-built call blocker that helps you stay safe from fake calls.

contacts app for android

Download: Google Contacts

4. True Phone

True Phone is another fantastic and powerful contact management app that has built-in dialers. You can customize the interface like font size, design, background, and theme according to your feasibility. It will allow you to configure the labels, icons, display colors, and many more. It will allow you to change the font of the dial pad, which is convenient for many users to save their contacts. You can restrict the history of your calls and also help to manage the contacts from dual SIMs. Create shortcuts for your favorite contact and make quick calls. It will filter all your incoming, outgoing, missed, and blocked calls in your call history. It supports more than 30 languages.

android contacts manager

Download: True Phone: Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder

5. Contacts Optimizer

Now Contacts Optimizer is the last option in our contact apps for Android list. It will scan your phone book and make it easy to manage with the recommended optimization. It will give you the option of search and replace, which you can utilize to move the contacts quickly from one list to another. It makes your search easy and eliminates duplicate contacts automatically. Moreover, it will help you manage your contacts with photos and numbers so you can find them quickly. You can work all the numbers with their essential information like birth dates, reminders, and many more. Contacts optimizer helps you to manage your WhatsApp contacts directly through the phone book. It doesn’t have any ads or pop-ups that irritate you.

Android address book app

Download: Contacts Optimizer


So, here you have great options for a contact app for Android in 2021. All the contact apps have an easy-to-use interface and a variety of features. So, choose the app according to your requirement as it helps you manage the contacts with more feasibility. You will feel the difference in your contact management after having reliable contact apps. We hope this guide helped you to pick a dedicated contact app for your needs.