10 Best Cycling Apps and Biking Apps for Android

Nowadays, the smartphone has become a tool to monitor your body’s mental and physical status. With the help of cycling apps that help you plan the ride, you can easily track your regular cycle routes and monitor your training programs. You can use a wide variety of bike riding apps and get a better track for sports enthusiasts. These bike apps allow the user to set their goals and monitor the progress of their bikes on the go.

Here are a few of the cycling apps that come with a variety of features that can easily fit your requirements and your demands.

1.  Starva

best cycling app android

Starva is very popular because of its mental and physical fitness features. There is no greater or more excellent app than this Cycling App to keep tracking results. Serving as a great tool to get feedback about your riding style, the app is also useful for finding popular routes.

Track your section as well as compare your stats with other experienced leaderboard riders. Calculate your time, distance, and average speed when tracking your routes in real-time. You can use this bike riding app to know when you’re doing faster and quickly achieve your target.

2. Zwift

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With an internet connection, a turbo trainer, and an app-compatible smartphone, riders around the world can ride or compete in the world of Zwift.

As well as being a useful fitness tool, Zwift encourages social engagement and is a perfect way to break up the tedium of indoor riding, thanks to built-in exercises and training plans.

3. Rouvy

best indoor cycling apps, top virtual cycling apps

Rouvy is an indoor cycling app that provides an increasing variety of real-life routes and virtual reality courses for you to try.

Unlike Zwift, which simulates virtual worlds and roads, Rouvy uses video recordings of real roads and combines them with elevation data to provide an immersive ride experience. The app can also create animated 3D riders on some courses. There are almost 2,036,020km travel videos to ‘ride,’ which should keep you entertained for many lifetimes.

4. Komoot

best biking app

Komoot can be used both on the desktop and via an app. There are more than 10 million users worldwide, and this user-fed system allows cyclists to log rides that can help potential riders plan their own.

The app will show riders which routes are ideal for road vs. mountain bikes, the fitness level needed to complete them, and more. To plan a path, simply choose your riding style, select your starting and finishing points, and let Komoot do the rest.

Additional features include coffee stop tips in the ‘Highlights’ section, and additional photos and information provided by other users.

The use of the app or website is free. Users may opt to pay for premium features, including voice navigation, offline maps, free map updates, and export to your GPS device. Payment is by country, with a single region at $3.99 and the entire world at $29.99.

5. Wahoo Fitness

best cycling app android

Wahoo Fitness is a tracker for biking, cycling, and all forms of fitness activities. The app is there to track your speed and distance and inspire you and keep you safe. You can connect this app to Bluetooth devices and upload your records or email your address to fitness apps like Strava, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Nike+, TrainingPeaks, GarminConnect, Magellan Active, etc. You can use multiple sensors in this app at the same time and collect customized information about your heart rate, calorie burn counts, and more.

6. Move! Bike Computer

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The Move! Bike Computer is an advanced GPS tracker, logger, and speedometer. It has a few advanced features, but it comes with a clean, simple interface and is easy to use. The app provides ten continuous customizable gauges, tracks your speed, and displays information within miles, kilometers, or knots. You can keep track of your speed, total trip time, active trip time, idle time, and even altitude. Save your track data for later review if you need it, send it via Gmail, or save it to Dropbox or Google Drive.

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7. Runtastic Road Bike

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Road bike lovers Runtastic has an app for you as well. Use Runtastic Road Bike to log distances, calories burned, time, speed, and altitude. It supports mapping your routes using Google Maps, and you can even check your current climb rate with the ratio of altitude gain or loss in meters per minute. The app features an automatic pause detection if you need to stop and take a bit of a break, then continue riding and the app will start back when you do.

8. Garmin Connect

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Access Garmin Connect for more than just a stop to all your health and fitness results. The Cycling App is available to you when you need motivation and information when planning to meet your previous goal. Easily compatible with other apps like Apple Fitness, Google Fit, and Starva, and so on – the app packs some great features.

Create personalized workouts and win badges for your achievements. Join millions of others who walk, drive, bike, and try hard to beat yesterday’s target. Compatible with any Garmin system, it’s perfect for making your body fit and relaxed for your everyday activities.

9. Cyclemeter

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Cyclemeter turns your phone into a great bike computer system – if you’re down to putting your phone on your handlebars, that’s right. It’s close to Wahoo Fitness in its variety of flexible options when biking, but you’re still getting a smorgasbord of post-ride analysis. Plus, you don’t need to log in to any of the sites; the data remains on your device. Cyclemeter also works nicely with Strava, Facebook, Twitter, and more, while importing and exporting routes is too simple.

10. Sleep Cycle

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There is no doubt that having enough sleep is a vital part of every budding cyclist’s life. The Sleep Cycle app is a surprisingly clever thing that monitors your sleep cycles during the night and wakes you up at an appropriate time to reduce your drowsiness throughout the morning training session.