Free Dating Apps Similar to Tinder

best dating apps similar to tinder

It’s 2021, and finding a life partner is much easier, thanks to apps like Tinder. However, Tinder is not the only dating app, and there are tons of great dating apps available which allow you to find the right match near your location. If you are also interested in casual dating or serious relationships and looking for some good dating apps, this guide is for you. In this guide, we will share the top 10 free dating apps similar to Tinder. So, let’s get into it.

List of Top 10 dating apps similar to Tinder in 2021

On Internet, you will find tons of dating apps, but the reality is that most of them are not good enough, and only a few of them are the real deal. That’s why we have done our research and handpicked the best ones for you. So let’s have a look.

1. Bumble

app similar to tinder

Let’s start with Bumble, considered one of the best free dating apps similar to Tinder. The unique thing about Bumble is that it only allows women to initiate conversations, and the guy will have to reply within 24 hours to get a date. So, if you are a guy, all you will have to do is to make your profile on Bumble, put on all the details, and wait for a woman to approach you. Once she approaches you, you can start the conversation, impress her, and secure a date.

Download: Bumble – Dating & Make Friends | Android | iOS

2. OkCupid

app similar to tinder

OkCupid is one of the best free dating apps similar to Tinder. Like most dating apps, if you like someone, you can send them a message, but the message won’t show up in their inbox until they match with you. Overall, OkCupid is a great app to find your date, but the major problem is the annoying ads. So, if you can tolerate ads, you can use this app to find your next date.

Download: OkCupid – Online Dating App | Android | iOS

3. Hinge

similar app to tinder

Hinge app leans more towards serious relationships because it allows users to display their detailed information such as religion, interest in having kids, and other attributes that help the next party make the decision. Once you find a person with similar interests, you can approach them and set up a date. So, if you are looking for a serious relationship, Hinge is the option for you.

Download: Hinge – Dating & Relationships | Android | iOS

4. Match

dating app similar to tinder

Match is arguably one of the top dating apps similar to Tinder. This app is not entirely free, but it comes with 72 hours trial period. The best thing about Match is that all the profiles on the platform are robust and vetted, which means that the chances of finding your next partners are very high. It also comes with a great filtering tool that you can use to filter results and find profiles based on your interests.

Download: Match – Dating & Relationships | Android | iOS

5. Facebook Dating

tinder replacement

The best thing about Facebook Dating is that it comes with very rich profiles which provide detailed information about the person you want to date. Once you are connected, you can easily connect with them on Instagram and other Facebook services for communication and have fun. Also, Facebook Dating is completely free to use with no strings attached.

Download: Facebook Dating

6. Plenty of Fish

tinder similar app

Plenty of Fish is another top-rated free dating app that can help you find your next date. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t have messaging limits, and you can easily send messages to the people you are interested in. However, the thing with free messaging is that you will be receiving a lot of spam messages. But still, overall, it’s an excellent free service to find a date. So if you want a casual date, Plenty of Fish is a solid option.

Download: Plenty of Fish Free Dating App | Android | iOS

7. Badoo

other app like tinder

Badoo is one of the most popular dating apps, which also shares very similarities with Tinder. The best thing about Badoo is that it’s fairly popular and it works well in almost all major regions around the world. You can easily create your profiles and match your profile with singles near your location. Once you are matched, you can contact them and set up the date. The app also offers a premium version that comes with some additional benefits, such as more opportunities.

Download: Badoo – Dating & Meet People | Android | iOS

8. MeetMe

dating app like tinder

MeetMe comes with over 100 million users worldwide, which means that you can easily find tons of dates near your location. It comes with the dedicated nearby tab where you will find the profiles of the people near your location. You can easily chat with them and set up a date. You can use it for free, but it comes with optional in-app purchases.

Download: MeetMe – Chat & Meet New People | Android | iOS

9. Happn

dating app similar to tinder

Happn is another very popular dating app with over 100 million users worldwide. The unique thing about this app is that it allows you to connect with people who cross your path. It will show you the suggestions on the app, and if you are interested, you can contact the person and set up the date. The app also offers a premium version where you get some premium features such as seeing a list of people who liked your profile, Flash notes, and more.

Download: happn – Dating app | Android | iOS

10. Tagged

free dating app like tinder

Tagged is one of the best free dating apps similar to Tinder. On this app, you can start your own live stream or join others to make friends from nearby locations. You can also create your profiles, and the algorithm will match their profiles. Once you are matched, you can contact them and decide if you want a date or not. The app comes with ads and optional in-app purchases.

Download: Tagged – Meet, Chat & Dating | Android | iOS


That’s all, folks! These are the top 10 free dating apps similar to Tinder. Some of them are completely free, while the others offer optional in-app purchases, which you can use to get additional perks, and it will eventually help you match with the right people. Don’t forget to share this guide with your friends and visit our website for more helpful guides.