10 Best Developer Tools for macOS in 2022

Apple has set the standard for computers and other gadgets. Their premium product Mac is the best personal computer preferred by students and professionals alike. The sleek hardware and smooth software are the reason people are obsessed with Macbooks.


The main ground for these advantages is their operating system called macOS. It is exclusively made for Apple products making all these gadgets safe and private to use.

But did you know that while macOS is in the top rank, productivity can still improve? This is with the use of developer tools for macOS. These best developer tools aid the software tools in developing dynamic software applications.


What are the Best Developer Tools for Mac?

➀ XCode

We will start our list with XCode. It is among the considered best developer tools for macOS in 2022 by most experts. This is probably because it comes with various features and all beneficial options for Mac. It has a very responsive user interface that developers prefer over many.

XCode supports numerous programming languages such as C, Swift and so much more. It also has a collaborative function that allows users to interact with team members through team comments inline and quick reviews. The other features are the professional source code editor, efficient asset catalogue, reliable assistant editor, and integrated build system.

mac developer tool


➁ Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is another best developer tool for macOS in 2022. It features more comprehensive functionalities. It is supported by many programming languages like Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, C, PHP, and many more.

Visual Studio Code has an efficient user interface and works with amazing performance. It comes with themes that developers can personalize according to their tastes. It is designed to meet modern applications. This developer tool also contains several extensions for better functionality.

The best feature of this tool is the Intellisense Code which allows developers to create easy codes because it automatically completes familiar codes. It also comes with a built-in Git that experts are very keen about. The tool is also compatible with Microsoft Azure.

mac developer tool

Visual Studio Code

➂ Postman

If you are looking for a tool that works best with an Application Programming Interface, then Postman is the best developer tool for you. Postman is developed mainly for APIs, creating and using them effectively. It has functionalities that enable API processes to speed up and become more functional than ever.

Another fantastic feature of Postman is the API Repository which allows developers to gather, reprise, and collaborate APIs. It displays a fantastic workspace that enables developers to come together and collaborate.

With all these amazing features, Postman is no doubt one of the best developer tools for macOS in 2022.

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➃ Atom

Atom is a code source editor that is popular among software developers. This is because this developer tool has a clean and responsive user interface; lightweight in size and credible when it comes to performance. It comes with outstanding features like the built-in Package manager that permits developers to install new packages.

Atom also features amazing auto-completion functionality for faster decoding. For macOS, this developer tool is great.

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➄ Sequel Pro

This developer tool works best with macOS because it is quick and easy to use. It focuses on working with MySql databases.

Sequel Pro is the most trusted tool when it comes to database management. It provides flexible connectivity so developers can access their MySql databases directly on any server. It does not come with so many resources but it is among the best developer tools for macOS in 2022.

developer tool for mac

Sequel Pro

➅ Slack

Slack works as a developer tool focusing primarily on communication. This a tool used by most developers to interact with team members for an effective collaboration

Slack has features that enable users to create channels for several communication activities. It is like building a specific group chat for particular tasks.

If you need a developer tool that focuses on communication for macOS in 2022, be sure to check out Slack.


developer tool for mac


➆ Hazel

Another great developer tool for macOS in 2022 is Hazel. It is an interactive application that provides quality results. Hazel allows automation of any file organization by definition of rules set by developers. That is to say, when users are done with the setup and configuration, this developer tool will directly process and organize the files.

It will also enable users to manage trash sizes and discard them when they reach the limits. Hazel provides notification panels so users are updated with the processing of tasks.

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➇ Tower

One of the most all-inclusive developer tools for macOS is Tower by Github. Many designers and developers are using Tower because of its capability to offer productivity at high levels.

It features a responsive and efficient user interface that is easy to navigate. Tower has many amazing features that work well and are within developers’ needs. It has easy drag-drop functionality, a credible undo button, a distinct conflict wizard, vast file history, and amazing customer support service.

The tower is a pick when it comes to being the best developer tool for macOS in 2022 because it is perfect for both design and code work.

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➈ Dropbox

Another popular and relevant developer tool for macOS is Dropbox. It is a file hosting service like that of cloud storage. Dropbox allows users to save their code directly on the host. It also allows developers to interact with others.

Dropbox is the best option for developers in storing their code works because it is a safe platform and it can be accessed anytime. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS so code works are easily synced from one device to another.

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➉ SourceTree

SourceTree is also a developer tool from Github that works best for macOS. It is free to use and has a familiar user interface. Developers prefer this tool when it comes to decoding codes and tracking progress.

SourceTree has functionality that enables users to manage repositories from Git effectively. It also features other functions like merging, cloning, pushing, and pulling codes.

If you are looking for a simple but powerful developer tool for macOS in 2022, SourceTree might be the one for you.

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If you are looking for particular functions, find out which one is best for you from the list. Our top 3 best codes for macOS in 2022 are XCode, Visual Studio Code, and Atom. When it comes to organizing files, we prefer Hazel for its accurate and safe automation of file organization. And when it comes to API development, our favorite is Postman because it focuses primarily on APIs.

The above-listed developer tools are famous for their capabilities. You would never go wrong with each one of them