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Best DJ Software for Mac

Best DJ Software for MacMusic has come a long way since the olden times. In the past, music was defined as creating music from scratch using original instruments that cost musicians a great amount of money. Though these concepts still exist in the current age, our idea of music has greatly evolved due to technology. Now, popular musicians aren’t only singers and instruments. The musical celebrities now include DJs: and musical technicians who are able to remix together both existing music and create their own works using technology. 


Famous and popular DJs don’t reach success from the get-go. Though you can see celebrity DJs flaunting their equipment like MIDIs and beat pads, don’t get the wrong idea and think that in order to be a good DJ, you’ll need these tools. In this article, we’ll be listing down the four best DJ software for Mac. 

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Best DJ Software for Mac

1. VirtualDJ

Best DJ Software for Mac - Virtual DJ

VirtualDJ is the first platform on our list because of its reliability and accessibility. VirtualDJ is a free platform and can be downloaded and used on different systems, including Mac. The free version of VirtualDJ includes you to control two decks at the same time to mix together different tracks and songs. You can customize the way the music sounds with VirtualDJ’s built-in editing components to adjust the vocals or instrumentals of any track you add to your workstation.  

VirtualDJ also includes plug-and-play support if you want to connect any external equipment to the platform. You can choose to use from over 300 different controllers that range from easy to use, to highly advanced depending on what kind of effects you need. The features of VirtualDJ also make it extremely easy to make transitions between different songs or tracks.

Whether you’re a beginner who’s looking to learn about the practical basics of DJing and mixing or a pro who needs a free software, VirtualDJ is a great place to start. You can download VirtualDJ for free on your device, but you can also choose to subscribe to the premium version to make use of all f its features. 

2. Mixxx

Best DJ Software for Mac - Mixxx

Mixxx is a completely free DJ software because it is an open-source platform. Mixxx is a platform that aims to provide both beginner and professional DJs with software that will allow them to create live mixes with whatever music they have on their devices. 

Mixxx includes different features such as BPM detection and key synching to ensure that your music fits together well. It also has an extensive number of effects that you can add to your music. You can choose to mix and match these effects in your live tracks to make your musicality shine. Mixxx also supports MIDI and HID devices. Finally, Mixxx makes use of vinyl records that allow you to immersively control the playback of your tracks.


If you want straightforward and free DJ software for Mac, Mixxx is a good choice for you. 

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3. Traktor DJ 2

The Traktor brand is a highly popular DJ software and equipment brand among professional DJs. Despite their premium background, Traktor has a free software for both desktop and mobile called Traktor DJ 2.

Traktor DJ 2 allows you to go to certain parts of a track by using the Hotcues feature, or to loop certain sections you want to repeat. You can also edit the sound of your tracks by mixing them with different EQs and filters to shape the kind of music you want. There are also other visual tools to help you edit your tracks like the freeze tool. This setting allows you to freeze the waveform of the track you’re playing while it’s continuing. This helps you edit different sections of your track if you ever want to cut or loop them. 

Besides these features, there are also other tools that you can use on Traktor. There are different layouts that you can use to optimize your activity as a DJ.

4. Serato

Serato is another highly renowned and used DJ platform, and it claims to be the world’s best DJ platform. Serato DJ has two different versions: the Pro and the Lite. The Lite version is free, which means anyone can download it to their device and use all of its features. The Pro version is a premium version of the Lite because it has much more extensive features. It can be bought for $9.99/month.

Serato DJ Lite includes all of the essential features of a DJ software. It has a package of different kinds of filters, echoes, and delays to fully enhance the different tracks that you want to work on in the software. If you want a more extensive amount of features, you can also choose to download the FX expansion pack for more creative and advanced synths to add to your music.

Beat matching and synching also won’t be a problem with Serato because it does it for you. Overall, Serato is greatly reliable because it also has the lowest latency song the DJ software market.


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