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10 Best Do Not Disturb (DND) Android Apps

10 Best Do Not Disturb (DND) Android Apps

best do not disturb apps

You may have experienced a situation where your smartphone began to ring at maximum volume during an important event. And you felt the need to switch your device to Do Not Disturb mode. DND is one of the most important features that anyone can use.

Many Android users believe the DND mode turns the phone into a silent mode. However, this is not entirely accurate. It does more than switch your smartphone to silent mode.

Unlike silent mode, which mutes all sounds on your smartphone, auto Do Not Disturb mode gives you more control over how you silence your device. For example, you can easily activate the ‘DND’ mode for a specific app or contact. Not only that, but DND mode can also be scheduled. However, the Do Not Disturb feature is unavailable on every Android device. As a result, users must rely on third-party DND apps in this situation.

Best Do Not Disturb Apps For Android

On the Google Play Store, numerous Do Not Disturb apps for Android in 2023 allow users to silence messages, phone calls, app notifications, and other activities. Below is a list of the best DND applications for Android.

1. Do Not Disturb

do not disturb app

This Do Not Disturb on Android app is for people who don’t want to be interrupted during meetings, appointments, or other important events. It’s close to silent mode in that it mutes all sounds, including notification sounds, alarm sounds, calendar events, etc.

Users can, however, build profiles and add contacts to a whitelist. Once you have set up the accounts, the app will block all calls except those in the whitelist profile.

Download: Do Not Disturb – Call Blocker

2. Easy DND

do not disturb app android

XDA developers created easy DND and brought the best features of native Android DND to a vibrant, open, and user-friendly layout. That means the app has almost all the features in Android’s native Do Not Disturb mode. You can use Easy DND to toggle between Full Do Not Disturb, Priority Only, Starred Contacts, Repeat Callers, and other options.

Download: Easy DND – Do Not Disturb

3. Game Mode

do not disturb app

While it is not a conventional Do Not Disturb app, it is useful and special. When you are playing a game, the app blocks sounds and notifications. As a result, the app is designed for serious gamers and Youtube streamers. It disables all app and calls notifications when playing any game on your Android device.

Download: Game Mode – Block Notifications during Game Play

4. Nights Keeper

dnd app android

Nights Keeper is not quite a Do Not Disturb app. It can assist you in getting rid of annoying phone calls. It is a straightforward call blocker that ignores all calls except those from your whitelisted contacts.

The ability to create multiple profiles and add different contacts makes the app even more useful. Also, you can set a time to when you want to apply do not disturb mode. You can also program the application to unlock your phone’s settings profiles at a certain time and date.

Download: Nights Keeper – do not disturb

5. Polite

do not disturb app for android

Polite is not exactly a Do Not Disturb application, but it does the job and lets you set definitive times to block calls and alarms. It blocks all sounds rather than adding contacts to the whitelist or blacklist. It can integrate with the native calendar app to apply rules and enables users to select particular times and dates for entering silent mode.

Download: Polite – Automatically Silence Your Phone

6. Call Blocker

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As the name suggests, Call Blocker is an app designed to block incoming calls. Call Blocker is quite similar to the Nights Keeper app mentioned previously.

Call Blocker can also block SMS alerts in addition to incoming calls. In this app, you have the ability to add and create custom profiles. It also has a profile that allows you to block all incoming calls and SMS for a limited time.

Download: Call Blocker – block incoming and outgoing calls

7. AppBlock

do not disturb android app

AppBlock – Stay Focused is one of Google Play Store’s most common Do Not Disturb apps. You can quickly use the app in its Do Not Disturb mode – block notifications, websites, and alerts with this app.

It also helps you to build profiles with rules for groups of specific applications. A timer can also activate profiles within a specific time frame.

Download: AppBlock – Stay Focused (Block Websites & Apps)

8. Gaming Mode

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Gaming Mode could be the best choice if you are using Android and would like to use do not disturb app to help boost your gaming experience.

When a game is started, this app automatically refuses all incoming calls. Not only that, but it also silences the ringtone volume and removes all alerts, allowing you to focus on your gaming.

Download: Gaming Mode – The Ultimate Game Experience Booster

9. Mute.

do not disturb app android

You can use Mute if your phone does not have a Do Not Disturb mode. When you turn it on, it mutes all applications for you.

Mute, on the other hand, helps you to build Do Not Interrupt lists. For example, you can list specific apps or games, and when you turn it on, it will muffle all notifications and ringtones from those apps.

Download: Mute.

10. Do Not Disturb Toggle

do not disturb on android

Even if your Android device has a Do Not Disturb mode, you’ll have difficulty locating it. It’s because, on Android, Airplane mode is favored over the Do Not Disturb mode.

If your Android device has a Do Not Disturb Mode but wants a simple way to turn it on and off, you can try ‘Do Not Disturb Toggle.’ It’s a simple widget that allows you to activate or disable Do Not Disturb Mode directly from your home screen.

Download: Do Not Disturb Toggle

How to schedule Do Not Disturb

To schedule Do Not Disturb, you can use an app to set specific times when your phone won’t send you notifications. The app can run in the background and automatically activate at the designated time on your smartphone. This app also allows you to set a duration for the Do Not Disturb mode, allowing you to focus without interruptions.

The app requires you to create a schedule and allows you to add exceptions for important calls or messages. It provides access to many customization options for a seamless user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is the Do Not Disturb mode?

Do Not Disturb mode or DND mode, is a feature on Android devices that allows you to silence or mute notifications and incoming calls. It is designed to prevent interruptions and help users focus on important tasks or events. Do Not Disturb mode is a feature in many smartphones and devices that temporarily silence notifications and alerts. It is particularly useful when you don’t want to be disturbed by incoming messages or calls.

While another app or third-party apps are available for this purpose, many devices also have a built-in do not disturb mode to activate to achieve the same effect. It is a good app to use when you need to create uninterrupted focus or want quiet.

How do I enable Do Not Disturb mode on my Android phone?

To enable Do Not Disturb mode on your Android phone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Sound,” “Sound & vibration,” or “Sound & notification,” depending on your device.
  3. Tap on “Do Not Disturb” or “Do not disturb access”.
  4. Toggle the switch to turn on Do Not Disturb mode. To enable Do Not Disturb mode on your Android phone, go to the settings and look for the option called “DND Mode.” Once there, you can configure custom profiles to customize the mode according to your preferences. You can also set the mode to override specific conditions like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. Do Not Disturb mode blocks notifications, but you can add exceptions for certain contacts or apps. Additionally, you can access the mode quickly through the quick settings panel and even schedule specific periods for Do Not Disturb to be applied.

Can I customize the settings for the Do Not Disturb mode?

Yes, you can customize the settings for the Do Not Disturb mode. You can specify which notifications or calls are allowed in Do Not Disturb mode, set specific times when it should be automatically enabled, and more. These options can usually be found in your Android device’s Do Not Disturb settings. You can customize the settings for Do Not Disturb mode on Android.

By using the DND mode on Android, you can block apps that may disturb your phone or tablet. Samsung devices also have the disturb tile on the phone screen for easy access. You can easily customize your DND settings if you want to silence notifications from a telemarketer or a particular app on this list. Consider installing a great DND app from the Play Store for more control over your notifications.

Are any apps available for managing the Do Not Disturb mode on Android?

Several apps on Google Play can help you manage the Do Not Disturb mode on your Android device. Some popular options include Disturb App, Best DND Apps for Android, and Call Blocker. These apps provide additional features and customization options for your Do Not Disturb mode settings.

Several apps are available for managing the Do Not Disturb mode on Android. One of the best Android apps for Do Not Disturb is AppBlock – Stay Focused. This app allows you to customize and block notifications for specific apps or during specific times. It is a useful tool for situations where your Android phone has a DND mode, but the built-in app doesn’t provide enough flexibility or options.

How do I turn off Do Not Disturb mode?

To turn off Do Not Disturb mode on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Swipe down from the top of your screen to open the notification panel.
  2. Tap on the “Do Not Disturb” or “DND” icon to disable it. If you’re looking for a simple way to turn off Do Not Disturb mode on your smartphone, here’s what you can do: put your phone on the home screen and swipe down to access the notification shade. Look for the Do Not Disturb icon and tap on it to open the settings. You can manually toggle off the Do Not Disturb mode using the “Turn On Now” button. Alternatively, you can schedule Do Not Disturb to automatically turn on and off at a specific time using your phone’s settings. Additionally, apps allow you to customize the Do Not Disturb mode further, such as setting exceptions for certain calls or messages.

What happens when I receive a call or notification in Do Not Disturb mode?

When you receive a call or notification in Do Not Disturb mode, your Android device will stay silent and not vibrate. The call will go straight to voicemail, and the notification will not appear on your screen. However, certain contacts or apps you have allowed on your DND whitelist will still be able to get through.

To enable this feature, you can use the built-in “Do Not Disturb” setting on your Android or use third-party apps like AppBlock – Stay Focused or Flip DND. Let us know in the comments if you have any other suggestions for the best DND apps to use on Android.