5 Best Dungeon Crawler PC Games on Steam

best dungeon crawlers on steam

A dungeon crawl is a type of scenario in fantasy role-playing games in which heroes navigate a labyrinth environment (a “dungeon”), battling various monsters, avoiding traps, solving puzzles, and looting any treasure they may find. We are fans of dungeon crawlers! Adventure, action, fun, these have it. Although we have our favorite, as any gamer would, we are always interested in knowing more games, because hey, it never hurts! Anyway, we explored the best dungeon crawler games on Steam, and boy did we find some real gems for dungeon crawlers. We won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s start with our top dungeon crawler games that you can find on Steam.

1. Eclipse

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This game is set in an immense warlike conflict. So huge that it comes to occupy outer space. So in this game, you are part of one of the races that seek its participation, supremacy, and power over all others. Your faction could become the best if you take your character and your race to success!

Like many dungeon crawler games for PC, Eclipse proposes to put you in command to strengthen your group. And you must compete in impressive dungeons to achieve it. If you are interested in stellar conflicts, you will love this game. It has a world of different civilizations with fabulous development. As soon as you put a first look at the game, you will not be able to detach from it. So prepare your race and take part in the cruel war. Every event will leave you breathless!

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2. Skeletal Avenger

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Skeletal Avenger has a lot of action and is one of our most recommended dungeon crawler games for PC. What we like most about this game are its incredible arsenal and attack possibilities. In this game, your motivation is revenge. You will fight against enemy skeletons in dungeons, sewers, dark caverns, and the wizard’s castle. The attacks of the characters in this game will attack you with excitement as well. Your character will have a great variety of movement options. This is something that we love and appreciate in this type of game that tends to make monotonous movements for all characters. It also has a lot of strategy requirements. You must think to attack your enemy and have an advantage because it will be so helpful to advance in the game.

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3. The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians

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This Dungeon Master-inspired game allows you to explore a vast territory with your character. The Fall of the Dungeon Guardians has all the best that a dungeon game can offer. The game begins with the escape of half of the prisoners from a large prison. You are one of the guards, and being your first day, it couldn’t get any weirder. As everything happens right on your turn, the Mayor entrusts you with the mission of searching for the prisoners. You will be part of a group of four kinds of guards. Each of them with their own spells and abilities, which will increase throughout the game. From there, you can only wait for the adventure that is just beginning.

We recommend this game, especially to players who have a lot of experience in role-playing games. It is full of mysteries, exciting dungeons, and a deep sense of intrigue that develops as you progress through the game. In every corner of the game, you will find any kind of challenging dangers, as well as plenty of secrets and fights against powerful enemies. If you are a fan of classics or mystery, this game is screaming your name! Even though it’s a relatively simple game, you still have to watch out for the not-so-simple traps and powerful level fights. It’s what you need when you’re looking for an absorbing game on a nostalgic day.

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4. Dungeons of Voidria

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Dungeons of Voidria is one of the newest dungeon crawler games for PC and is worth a look! In the game, you will find a lot of enemies in your way with a pretty bold aesthetic. One of the things we can highlight about this game is its combat system. The interactions with the enemies are very detailed, with spells, attacks, and abilities that remind us of classic role-playing games. There are several ways to attack your enemy, and it’s pretty easy to play, so it’s ideal for beginners.

The game gives you multiple tools to make your gameplay very interesting. You will have specifical challenge rooms with an enemy in the center, and each defeat offers you valuable rewards. Each game is unique, and you will be able to unlock new abilities as you progress.
Currently, you can play it in its early access game version because it is in development. From what we can see, this game will be really addictive as you play it. So, if you like to try new things, give this game a try.

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5. Mighty Dungeons

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Now, if all you want is a game where the main focus is simply dungeons, you have to try this game. Mighty Dungeons is one of the best-selling dungeon crawler games on Steam. And we recommend it to you because it is simply spectacular and no wonder it is so popular. In this game, you are a big powerful hero who hunts his enemies dungeon after dungeon. This game has many adventures, and of course, you will have to overcome to defeat your enemies, which are nothing more than numerous repulsive-looking monsters.

The most significant thing about this game is that it is a kind of crossover between classic board games. Several of its features will remind you of HeroQuest or Warhammer Quest. You can also find similarities or inspiration coming from video games like Diablo and Dungeon Master. However, it is very addictive, especially for those who are passionate about exploring worlds. The game has several levels to overcome, and each of them has a high level of entertainment. If you are looking for a dungeon game that pleasantly satisfies your need to kill monsters and live adventures in dungeons from the comfort of your PC, this is the ideal one.

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