5 Best Email Extractors for Chrome

An email extractor can be very helpful for your business end email marketing strategies. In this article, we are going through details about this theme: what is an email extractor, why you need one, and what are the best email extractors for Chrome.

What is an Email Extractor?

An email extractor is a software tool that searches the Internet and provides you with email addresses. Email addresses are collected from many sources around the web: search engines, websites, and more.

An email extractor however is also more advanced than this. It can create email lists based on client personas. For example, it can create a list of people who work in the digital marketing area, or people in the age range from 14 to 19. How can an email extractor categorize email addresses like this? Because, other than addresses, it collects other information from social media or LinkedIn so that to any addresses there are tons of information associated: age, job, interests, and more…

Why Should You Use an Email Extractor for Your Business?

Emails may even be the oldest method for digital communication but they are still one of the most efficient and effective, especially when it comes to digital marketing. You may not know but there are tons of people who don’t have social media, or who have them but don’t regularly use them; there are people who don’t watch YouTube videos or TikTok, and there are people who don’t browse the Internet daily, but almost everyone has an email address. You need to have one if you have a job if you are a student if you have a loyalty card for your town’s supermarket – almost everyone has an email address, and people pay more attention to email than ads displayed anywhere else on the web: this is why email marketing is one of the most effective strategies when it comes to digital marketing.

Of course for email marketing, you need email addresses to send marketing emails to. An email extractor can help you find a new address and potential new clients with a little effort. Furthermore, because it can categorize email addresses based on people’s characteristics, you can also target your email marketing campaign effectively.

What Makes a Good Email Extractor?

best email extractors

If you have some coding skills, you could create your own email extractor with all the features you like, but if you are not an expert your only choice is to choose an email extractor from the ones available on the market and use it. But what makes a good email extractor?

• Filters

The best email extractors are the ones that allow you to filter the email that you want to get. There is no point in searching all over the Internet for every possible email. Your marketing campaign is targeted to a specific segment of the audience. So, pick an email extractor that can provide email addresses associated with people that fall into your audience segment.

• Ease of use

Some email extractors are impossible to use unless you are an expert developer. Make sure to pick a tool that is user-friendly. Chrome extensions are the best because you can install a simple software tool directly on your browser and use it quickly any time you need.

Quality of provided information

The information associated with any address should be accurate and also provided in a tidy and well-arranged way so that you have no difficulties searching for what you need. It is also useful to have features that allow you to sort the provided information even further through filters or similar.

5 Best Email Extractors for Chrome

Email extractors for Chrome are mostly Chrome extensions. You can find them in the Chrome Web Store, and you can install them with a couple of clicks. Using Chrome extensions can be very helpful: these software tools are extremely light and can, therefore, be used on any computer even on those that don’t have great resources.

1. Email Extractor

email extractor

Email Extractor is one of the most known email extractors for Chrome. It’s a very popular extension and you can download and install it on your Chrome browser for free.

With this tool, you can extract email IDs from any web page. Once the tool has extracted the list of emails, you can extract the entire list in a CSV file or copy only the ones you are interested in. Other than extracting from a web page, you can extract emails from domain names.

What makes the difference with this extractor is its additional features and in particular:

  • Automation, allows you to build a queue of up to 1000 URLs to extract emails from.
  • Autosave, that will store all the email IDs found in a cloud.

2. Email Extract (email-extract.xyz)

email extract

With Email Extract by email-extract.xyz, you can extract email addresses from the web page you are visiting. These are its main features:

  • It can extract emails from the page you are in.
  • It can bypass some obfuscation techniques so it can extract even more addresses.
  • It has an Auto Search feature that searches through major search engines like Google or Bing.
  • It allows you to export results in XLSX (Excel) format.

3. Email Hunter

extract emails from content

Email Hunter is another extension for Chrome that is extremely easy to use. The interface may not be pretty, but it is extremely easy to use. While you are visiting a web page just click on the extension icon and it’ll work automatically providing a list of emails. Once done, you can click the export button to export the entire list but you can also copy and paste only selected email addresses.

4. Email Finder (Get Prospect)

email extractor from website

This is ideal if you need email addresses and IDs from LinkedIn because
Email Finder – Get Prospect is focused on this. It is a LinkedIn email finder that helps you get business email addresses.

5. Email Extractor (braingainsoft)

email extractor software free

Email Extractor by braingainsoft is very simple and very basic. To search for email addresses on the web page you are visiting you can right-click on the extension icon and select the execution mode.

You can choose between:

  • Once Mode: the extractor would collect all emails from the active tab.
  • Background Mode: the extractor collects emails from every website you visit.

Bonus Tip: Chrome Extensions on Microsoft Edge

If you still didn’t know, Windows’ official browser, Edge, is based on Chrome, and, for some time now, the two browsers are so compatible that Chrome extensions can be installed on Edge. If you are browsing the Chrome Web Store on Edge, you can find your favorite email extractor and simply click Add. You’ll be able to use that software tool directly from Edge!