Emoji Apps for Instagram and WhatsApp

best Emoji app for WhatsApp & Instagram

By themselves, Instagram and WhatsApp are pretty fun apps to keep tabs with friends, colleagues, and of course, followers. Keeping things fresh and interesting is very important, especially on Instagram, to keep those followers and gain more. There’s also plenty of fab points to be gained whenever something new and cheerful such as customized emojis popping up in their feeds. The problem is, there are tons of apps to choose from. Let’s narrow down the choices with the best emoji apps for Instagram and WhatsApp in 2021.

List of 6 Best Emoji Apps for Instagram and WhatsApp

Thanks to advancements in technology, we find new and better ways to express ourselves visually, not just through text. We’ve really come a long way from simple 🙂 emoticons. Emojis are the new thing; an almost unlimited well of ways to graphically show your moods, feelings about a subject, or simply greeting and wishing someone well. Show everyone your more flamboyant, expressive side with cute emojis and tons of other features that will significantly enhance your social media presence.

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1. Bitmoji

emoji app for whatsapp, instagram

Let’s start with Bitmoji. It’s a truly personal emoji app where from the start, you’re requested to create your own emoji character or avatar based on your likeness. Once the avatar is created, you can use it with various social media apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The avatar you made will then be rendered as emojis with various poses and expressions depending on the occasion or situation. And it can be later changed any time, and the rendered custom emojis will follow suit. It’s one of several apps that lets creativity fly.

Aside from choosing among hundreds of rendered expressions, any message typed on the keyboard can be made into an emoji. That can be copied and pasted onto Instagram Stories, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Messenger messages.

Download: Bitmoji | Android | iOS

2. Facemoji

emoji app for instagram

Facemoji is somewhat similar to Bitmoji as it also offers the creation and use of a personal avatar. In addition, the avatar also comes with some pre-created expressions. But unlike Bitmoji, Facemoji provides more options such as old-school text art and pre-created emoji art for greetings and other messages along with over 3500 emojis, stickers, GIFs, and keyboard fonts.

Facemoji allows the keyboard to become highly customizable, adding custom backgrounds, custom keycaps, and key fonts. The keyboard customization makes using the phone itself more enjoyable. The keyboard also allows the translation of words into different languages. However, it requires signing up for a paid subscription. Facemoji is highly flexible with plenty of downloadable features, but it isn’t enjoyable, as some unlockable features are randomly placed. Nevertheless, if free users can withstand random prompts for payment and make do with the plethora of features available, Facemoji is a must-see.

Download: Facemoji Keyboard: Fonts & Emoji | Android | iOS

3. GO Keyboard

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Whatever social media app is in use, the ability to type in words, emojis, and other content quickly and enjoy the experience is essential. Having fun using the phone, in general, is even more so. That’s the purpose of the GO Keyboard.

GO Keyboard is the keyboard of choice if you don’t need personal avatars. It contains hundreds of emojis, GIFs, stickers, and emoticons. There is also a lot of free content from the community. But, of course, you’ll need to subscribe to enjoy plenty more themes, stickers, emojis, avatars, and other content. Premium features will cost you but can surely boost your social media presence.

Anyway, the GO Keyboard is one of the best keyboard apps available in the Google PlayStore. Shame there’s no iOS version! The GO Keyboard has over 10,000 downloadable themes, as mentioned, some of which are not free but are guaranteed to soup up any Android device. It’s also one of the easiest keyboards to use. For example, Swype works quite smoothly with GO.

Download: GO Keyboard – Cute Emojis, Themes, and GIFs | Android

4. GBoard

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GBoard, aka The Google Keyboard, is another fun romp in the world of keyboard customization and emojis. GBoard comes pre-installed on some Android phones, and users may not even realize it. Like the GO Keyboard, it has plenty of customization options. It’s somewhat limited in the built-in emoji department, but there’s plenty to choose from in the stickers and GIFs section.

GBoard can even interface with Bitmoji. So, if you’re more comfortable with GBoard as a keyboard, you can still use Bitmoji to send specialized emojis instead of installing Bitmoji separately. Installing Bitmoji and other plug-ins should take care of the limited emoji issue when using apps like Instagram and WhatsApp. And unlike GO Keyboard, GBoard is also available on iOS.

Download: Gboard – the Google Keyboard | Android | iOS

5. Emoji Keyboard

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Emoji Keyboard from AZ Mobile still stands as one of the best custom emoji keyboards available for use on Instagram and WhatsApp. Unfortunately for iPhone users, there’s no iOS equivalent. Android users, though, can enjoy using over 3,000 emojis, GIFs, stickers, and keyboard themes.

There’s plenty more downloadable content, but ads can be incessant whenever users customize their keyboards. Customization includes additional languages, photo backgrounds, themes, and being able to download thousands of stickers from their sticker store, which unfortunately involves seeing an ad for every download. But once ready, it’s pretty easy to use, such as changing languages, accessing GIFs from Giphy, and sending stickers. Despite the name, however, there’s not a lot of emojis built-in. Instead, users can compensate by downloading emoji stickers from the sticker store.

Download: Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emojis, GIFs, Themes | Android

6. Mirror Avatar Maker

Emoji app for WhatsApp

This one is an excellent boost for content creators as they can create animated representations of themselves that are not too cartoony as our previous entries. But of course, Mirror Avatar Maker also includes hundreds of emojis, animojis, GIFs, and stickers for boosting content. There are new stickers added weekly, and the app also allows for the creation of custom stickers. In addition, your avatar can be fully animated with the GIF maker. Mirror Avatar Maker is compatible with Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Download: Mirror: My Emoji Sticker Maker | Android | iOS

So whatever app you choose, they’re sure to improve your social media presence. You could choose one or two or install all of them as it’s pretty easy to switch between them. Enjoy!