ES File Explorer Alternatives for Android

Best ES File Explorer Alternatives

Ever since one of the most popular file managers, the ES File Explorer got banned from the Google Play Store for containing malware. “Which other file manager apps could best fill its position?” is the question I get a lot lately. Well, out of the millions of file explorers available on the Play Store, we’ve narrowed your search to a list of file explorers that are similar or work closely like the ES File Explorer app. So, if you are one of those fans of the ES File Explorer, read on to find out.

List of Best ES File Explorer Alternatives for Android

The following is a well-curated list of file explorers you can be rest assured are totally free of malware and delivers the best user experience – the same way as the ES File Explorer for Android.

1. Solid Explorer

es file explorer alternative

Solid Explorer is the closest competitor to the ES File Explorer. It is often time considered the best alternative, as it has almost all the features found in the ES File Explorer. The app comes with a 14 day trial period, which you can upgrade to a premium package to continue enjoying the service. It has an organized quick access panel to different folders and storage devices. The app is fully customizable, and if you have a rooted device, it allows for access to various system files.

Other features include; support for Chromecast, allow creating password-protected archives, index search for quick access to files and folders, upload files to the cloud, support for FTP, SFTP, WebDav, and SMB clients.

2. MiXplorer File Manager

es file explorer replacement

MiXplorer File Manager is a feature-loaded file manager, it even has more features than the ES File Explorer. It has a modern user interface with a bottom panel, which makes it great. You can multi-task with new files and folders with ease. Just like the ES File Explorer, it has a dual-panel to enable you to switch between tasks seamlessly. This file manager app supports a large number of file formats, runs ePUB files, can zip and unzip files, handle password-protected PDFs, and more.

Further, it allows for cloud integration services, access to the root directory, file encryption, etc. Lastly, it has support for FTP and SMB protocols, meaning you can easily access computer files on your smartphone or vice versa.

3. Files by Google

es file explorer alternative

If you want a simple file explorer that could go as an alternative for ES File Explorer, Files by Google is my recommendation. Though it started as a lightweight file explorer, Google later added new features, making it one of the most feature-rich file managers for Android. Just like the ES File Explorer, you can clean up storage from unnecessary files with just a click. It also has a share feature that allows you to seamlessly transfer files and folders to another device with ease. Files by Google categorizes all your downloads, images, videos, and documents into separate sections automatically. This makes it easy to find your files without going through much stress.

4. ASTRO File Manager

replacement for es file explorer

ASTRO File Manager is an excellent file explorer app that gives plenty of flexibility in how it operates. You can choose to view files as an image thumbnail or full file details. You can copy, move, and compress files to ZIP and RAR formats with ease. It allows you to back up individual files to the cloud or external storage and sort out your files by all kinds of variables without stress. Surprisingly, this app is free, and it doesn’t show ads.

5. Amaze File Manager

alternative to es file explorer

Amaze File Manager was designed with ease of use at the back of the mind of the developers. It’s a completely free app with no ads, just like Astro. You can choose to view files in grid or list view, and it allows you to perform basic functions like copying, pasting, and deleting files. It also has the functionality of compressing and extracting files.

Other features include root explorer, SMB (Windows) file sharing, an app manager that allows you to back up or uninstall apps, and multiple tab support that allows you to quickly navigate through different storage media and folders. This app is open-source; you can make contributions to its development on GitHub if you wish.

6. Total Commander File Manager

app like es file explorer

Total Commander has been around for a while, it’s completely free and comes with no ads or bloatware. Though its user interface is slightly outdated, you have a file manager app that functions perfectly. You can compress files to ZIP and RAR formats, change read-write permissions of folders, drag-and-drop files, and more. It also has two panels that work similarly to the dual-pane on ES File Explorer. Aside from that, Total Commander comes with SMB and FTP support. You can also integrate cloud files by using plugins.

7. File Commander

es file explorer replacement

File Commander is one of the most popular and feature-rich file managers out there. The free version comes with features such as categorization, file compression, cloud sync support, network file sharing, and other cool features. While the premium version comes with advanced features such as file bookmarking, recycle bin, storage analyzer, hide & encryption of files, etc.

8. X-plore File Manager

es explorer alternative

X-plore File Manager has dual support, which means you can manage two windows at the same time. To move files around, you need to open both folders in a dual-pane and use its drag-and-drop feature to move or copy files. Though the user interface looks outdated, the file manager is pretty easy to use and contains some cool advanced features.

9. MK Explorer

alternative to es file explorer

MK Explorer is quite unique from the rest mentioned on the list. First, it has a built-in gallery you can use to view images instead of using the photo app. It also shows the detailed properties of a file or folder. You can see the full path, size, last changed date, and file permissions which you can also make changes to, from the same screen. Lastly, it supports several keyboard shortcuts for those who use a physical keyboard for their Android device.