9 Best Android Apps Like ES File Explorer

Best ES File Explorer Alternatives

Are you here looking for the best Apps like ES File Explorer? The ES File Explorer was a comprehensive file manager with so many functionalities. It has capabilities including a root browser, file transfers from Android to Windows through FTP or LAN, and connection with cloud storage. Since the ES File Explorer, one of the most widely used file managers, was removed from the Google Play Store for carrying malware, so many users have searched here and wide for a better alternative.

In this article, we’ve listed the best android apps that work similarly with ES File Explorer

List of Best ES File Explorer Alternatives for Android

1. Solid Explorer

es file explorer replacement

The closest rival to ES File Explorer is Solid Explorer. Due to its close resemblance to ES File Explorer in terms of features, it is frequently regarded as the finest substitute. It contains a logical fast access panel with links to various files and storage locations. The program can access numerous system files and is completely customizable if your device is rooted.

It also features additional functions such as Support for Chromecast and the ability to create password-protected archives. This program also features index search for fast access to files and folders. In addition it can do the ability to upload files to the cloud, and support for FTP, SFTP, WebDav, and SMB clients.

You can upgrade to a premium package after the app’s 14-day trial period if you want to keep using the service.

2. MiXplorer File Manager

es file explorer alternative

Another fantastic file manager that could replace the ES File Explorer is MiXplorer File Manager. Even more, features are available than in the ES File Explorer. It is fantastic since it has a contemporary user interface with a bottom panel. This file manager tool runs ePUB files, zips and unzips files, handles password-protected PDFs, and supports a wide variety of file formats.

It includes a dual-panel, just like the ES File Explorer, so you can seamlessly transition between jobs. It also permits access to the root directory, file encryption, and cloud integration services. Last but not least, it supports FTP and SMB protocols, making it simple to access PC data on a smartphone and vice versa.

3. Files by Google

alternative to es file explorer

Files by Google is another file explorer that functions like ES File Explorer but works simpler. While it initially just had a few capabilities, Google eventually added more, turning it into one of the most functional file managers for Android.

With Files by Google, you can easily clear out storage from unused files, exactly like the ES File Explorer. Additionally, it offers a share feature that makes it simple to move files and folders from one device to another. All of your downloads, including images, videos, and documents, are automatically categorized into several categories. This makes it simple and stress-free to locate your files.

4. ASTRO File Manager

app like es file explorer

An outstanding file explorer application with lots of customization is ASTRO File Manager. Files can be viewed in full file details or as an image thumbnail. Files may be easily copied, moved, and compressed into ZIP and RAR formats. You may stress-free organize your files by a variety of criteria and back up individual files to the cloud or external storage. Unexpectedly, this software is free and has no advertisements.

5. Amaze File Manager

alternative to es file explorer

Amaze File Manager is a free app with no adverts and one of the best Android Apps like ES File Explorer. Basic operations like copying, pasting, and deleting files are available, and you can select to view files in grid or list format. Additionally, it includes the ability to extract and compress files.

Other capabilities include a root explorer, SMB (Windows) file sharing, an app manager for backing up and uninstalling apps, and multiple tab support for swiftly navigating between various storage media and folders. This application is open-source, and if you’d like, you can contribute to its development on GitHub.

6. Total Commander File Manager

app like es file explorer

Another fantastic file manager application is Total Commander File Manager. It has been considered one of the best file managers because it is unrestricted, bloatware-free, and most of all, ad-free. It functions effectively amidst its outdated user interface. With this app, you can drag and drop files, modify the read-write permissions of folders, compress files using the ZIP and RAR formats, and more.

Additionally, it features two panels that function similarly to ES File Explorer’s dual-pane. In addition, Total Commander has support for SMB and FTP. Plugins can be used to integrate cloud files as well.

7. File Commander

es file explorer replacement

One of the most well-liked and functional file managers available is File Commander. Classification, data encryption, cloud sync integration, network file sharing, and more great features are included in the free edition. The commercial edition, however, offers more sophisticated features like file bookmarking, a recycling bin, a storage analyzer, the ability to conceal and encrypt files, etc.

8. X-plore File Manager

app to use instead of ES File Explorer

All of your Android folders can be explored with the help of the file management app X-plore File Manager. All of the files on your phone or tablet’s memory can be copied, pasted, moved, and managed in general. Users can explore not only any folder or file with X-plore File Manager, even those that are compressed (ZIP, 7Zip, RAR) but also any file in APK format, just as with ZIP content.

Additionally, you may manage shared folders on a local network, interact with cloud folders, access FPT or FTPS servers, and exchange files over WiFi using X-plore File Manager. All of this is available directly from the app.

This program is a superior file management application. X-plore File Manager provides many more capabilities than the majority of other apps of the same kind. Naturally, this also adds a layer of complexity to it.

9. MK Explorer

alternative to es file explorer

Compared to the other products on the list, MK Explorer is fairly distinctive. First, rather than utilizing the photo app, you can see images in the built-in gallery. Additionally, it displays a file’s or folder’s comprehensive properties. On the same screen, you can view the complete path, size, last modified date, and file permissions, which you may also modify. Finally, it supports several keyboard shortcuts for Android users that utilize a physical keyboard.

MK Explorer is another simple file manager that is one of the best Android Apps like ES File Explorer.



A highly well-known file manager in the file management category is ES File Explorer. It is marketed as a “free, featured all-in-one file manager, program manager, task killer, WebDAV client & FTP client for your Android phone.” While it is considered to be one of the best file managers there are, there are also other alternatives that work similarly with it.