Eye Exercise Apps for iPhone & Android

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Digital devices have become part of our lives. We use them almost everywhere. Among them, the most common is our mobile phone, we became so much addicted to our smartphones. That is the reason for which most of us wear spectacles or eye lenses. Also, most people work through their laptops, and they almost forget to rest their eyes. Eyes are an important part of your body, and you need to take care of them. There are applications available that can help you in exercising your eyes. We have gathered the best eye exercise apps for iPhone & Android. So, install these applications and make your eyes feel better!

Best Eye Exercise Apps for Android & iOS

There are so many such apps now, so we have collected the best eye exercise apps for you, which are free to use.

1. Eye Workout: Eyesight Exercise

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It becomes difficult to rest our eyes when we do work on our computers. If you are doing a job that is related to software development or other computer-related jobs, then this application is for you. Eye Workout app gives the best features, that is why it is on top of our list. If you want to improve your eye vision, then you have to perform different exercises available in this application. Eye exercise is good for eyes that make your eyes relax and help them to recover degradation of vision.

Eye Workout helps you to refresh your eyes, relax, and improve them. If you use this application on daily basis, it will help you to increase the sharpness of your eyes as well as improves blood circulation. This app can give instructions over voice. It will also remind you of your daily workout. You can also buy its subscription to use its pro features.

Download: Eye Workout: Eyesight Exercise | iPhone

2. Eyes + Vision

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Eyes are precious for everyone, so we must take care of them. The Eyes + Vision app is totally based on eye care and eye treatment. This application helps you in fighting different problems and diseases of eyes like lazy eye syndrome, amblyopia, myopia, and many more. It really removes the stress from your eyes and helps them to perform better.

You will find the widest range of eye exercises, that you have to perform on daily basis. These exercises will help your eyes to improve gradually. You can also select your own workout plan according to your needs. If any exercise is not good enough for your eyes, you can disable them. The best thing about this application is that it is very user-friendly. They provided different animations that help users to understand the exercises better. It also gives you hints through voice, text, and video.

Download: Eyes + Vision: eyesight training, exercises, care | Android

3. Eyes Recovery Workout

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If you want to improve your eye vision, then the Eyes Recovery Workout is the right application for you. We have seen the reviews of their users and they find out this application very useful to sharpen their eyes’ vision. This application is easy to use, there are different exercises available in this app. You just need to perform those exercises once or twice a day.

If you are using this application, then you don’t need to worry about any extra equipment for eye exercise. You can easily make your eye feel better by following exercises available in this app, rather than going to the eye specialist. It will help you to make your eye muscle relax and improve your eyesight. You just have to use this application regularly.

Download: Eyes Recovery Workout | Android

4. Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans

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Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans is a great application for people having eyesight problems. When you first install, the app will take your complete data. After gathering the data, it will give you an exercise plan, suitable for you. This application is recommended for those people who are working from home because of this pandemic. Similarly, for students and teachers as they are taking classes online through laptops or mobile phones.

This application can help you in improving your peripheral vision as well as your eye speed focus. You will feel your eyes relaxed after performing the exercises. This app can give you better eye vision without paying any fees. This application also gives information about your eye health. You can also have a question-and-answer session with certified ophthalmologists.

Download: Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans – Eye Care Plus | Android

5. Eye Exerciser Free – Eye Training

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We understand that the excessive use of mobile phones and laptop damage eyesight. Because of this, ophthalmologists have created this application called Eye Exerciser Free. Make sure that you keep your mobile or tab at a specific distance, as mentioned in the app description. This application contains many healthy exercises for your eyes, that can be performed at any time and anywhere. If you include this app in your daily routine then you can remove the dryness from your eyes, fight lazy eyes, also make your vision more sharpen. Just you have to exercise on daily basis to make your eyes better while staying at home.

Download: Eye Exerciser Free – Eye Training | iPhone


The eyes are part of our body that plays one of the most important roles in our daily life. We must take care of them and give them relaxation from time to time. If you keep working on your laptop without having spectacles on your eyes, then you must install one of these applications and start your daily eye workouts.