5 Best Free Eye Exercise Apps for Android& iPhone in 2023

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Caring for our eyes is very important especially now that we rely on gadgets a lot. The blue light emitted by these electronic mechanisms can bring harmful damage to our eyes. It is not enough that there are contact lenses and spectacles to save the day. It is downright proper that we take extra good care of our optics.

Some of the basic ways to take care of our eyes are refraining from exposure to too much radiation, resting, and exercising our eyes. The first two ways are comprehensible. For the third one, we provide you with a list of apps that could help you exercise your eyes on the road to a healthier one.

Best Eye Exercise Apps for Android & iOS

There are so many such apps now, so we have collected the best eye exercise apps for you, which are free to use.

1. Eye Workout: Eyesight Exercise

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The Eye Workout App is one fantastic tool that aids in improving eyesight. It features easy-to-follow and efficient exercises without the need for equipment. The exercises usually take 5 minutes so it is not bothersome and time-consuming. This app enables users to track their progress for more specific results.

With Eye Workout, users can arrange which time is convenient to take the exercises. They can set the alarm for a good eye workout reminder.

While it is advised to take medical advice before trying any exercises, Eye Workout has been highly recommended by most professionals because it provides results that span from relieving eye strain to restoring eyesight.

Download: Eye Workout: Eyesight Exercise | iPhone

2. Eyes + Vision

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Eyes + Vision is an eye exercise app completely dedicated to general eye wellness. Its primary function is to help users protect their eyes from disorders and diseases. The app features 10 workouts for improving eyesight and another 100 exercises for eye activities.

The 10 pre-arranged daily eye workouts will help users in preventing further eye damage and assist in the treatment of existing eye disorders. The other eye exercises are great for relaxing ocular muscles, relieving stress and tension, and boosting blood circulation.

Eyes + Vision features animated exercises that are easy to do and fun to watch. It also features friendly voice, text, and video tutorials. Users can customize these exercises by disabling ones that are not relevant.

Eyes + Vision is one of the best free eye exercise apps for Android and iOS.

Download: Eyes + Vision: eyesight training, exercises, care | Android

3. Eyes Recovery Workout

eye exercise app, eye tracking exercises app

The Eyes Recovery Workout is another free eyes exercise app that is available for both Android and iOS. It is a wellness app that is suitable for everyday use. This app provides a workout that can be done every day for a couple of minutes to help restore eye vision and let the eyes relax.

The exercises featured in this app are simple and do not need any props. Users can do these eye activities even at work, in school, or just anywhere else.

Eyes Recovery Workout is a relatively small app with a basic and straightforward user interface.

Download: Eyes Recovery Workout | Android

4. Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans

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Another app that provides proper and effective exercises good for the eyes is Eye Exercises and Eye Training Plans. This app is created especially for people who have been exposed to gadgets and are suffering from eye strain and eye fatigue.

This app is all-inclusive and features eye training workouts to relax tired eyes, improve peripheral vision, combat double vision, enhance eye focus speed, and fight farsightedness and nearsightedness.

Eye Exercises has received so much positive feedback from among users making it a genuine best free eye exercise app for Android and iOS.

Download: Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans – Eye Care Plus | Android

5. Eye Exerciser Free – Eye Training

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This Android and iOS app is an eye training app that focuses on improving the eyesight of users. It features various eye exercises that will help stimulate the muscles within and around the eyes so that the optics can relax. There are also numerous scientific and specialized programs to guide users in improving their eyesight.

Eye Exerciser – Eye Training contains basic and advanced eye muscle exercises. It also features saccade exercises, infinity exercises, spiral exercises, and more. These exercises are easy to follow because they are presented simply, in a clean and responsive user interface. Users can choose from among a wide assortment of programs, and specific activities they want to do any time of the day.

Download: Eye Exerciser Free – Eye Training | iPhone


It is not good to take our eyes for granted. Like all the other parts of our body, we need to take care of them. A well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are among the basic needs for our body to function well. When it comes to our eyes, we should see to it that they get the rest they deserve and not be exposed to harmful elements. In addition, the best free eye exercise app can do well. It’s not too late to action, download one of these apps now, and together let’s protect the windows of our soul.