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Fake Notification Maker Apps for Android & iPhone

Fake Notification Maker Apps for Android & iPhone

fake notification maker apps

Wouldn’t it be awesome to trick your friends into believing that you’re friends with a celebrity? For example, receiving a text or Instagram message from one or two members of BTS is sure to drive them wild. Or how about a text from mom saying you need to get home immediately, because your friends want to take you somewhere and you can’t say no. Another good use for most of these apps is for simple reminders, maybe even quotes for a day, or putting your boss’ name on the message to get something done. That’s what fake notifications are for, and this time we’ll discuss the best fake notification maker apps for Android & iPhone.

List of 5 Best Fake Notification Maker Apps

First, a disclaimer. These apps are for entertainment purposes only or to get out of awkward situations. These apps should not be used for purposes that can lead to harm to any individual, nor to spread fake news. So, without further ado, here is our list of best fake notification maker apps for Android & iPhone.

1. Fake All

fake notification maker iphone

Fake All from Nanomag allows users to create fake notifications for SMS, Messenger, or Instagram, as well as fake chat screens for what’s been mentioned. It can also be set up to create fake calls. It’s so amusing, especially the fake calls function in case the fake messages don’t cut it. It’s also quite easy to use, so it easily makes it on this list of best fake notification generator apps for Android & iPhone.

However, the ads that pop up every step of the way of creation can take away some of the fun unless you’re a career prankster and are willing to purchase the premium version to get rid of the ads and get more features.

2. Fake Notifications

fake notification maker android

Fake Notifications (aka Notifier) is an easy-to-use fake notification maker by Argon Dev for Android. However, the resulting notifications might look a bit generic and quite different from what the original notifications would look like. Then again, in the Android ecosystem, everything can look different, and the person being pranked is none the wiser.

Making fake notifications is pretty easy as the user just enters the title, the text, the description, and the schedule, which can be made to repeat. Then the user can choose which service icon (practically all apps installed on the phone) will appear in the notification. The free version allows only three entries, and users can go premium for just a dollar and access other features.

As mentioned, the app will simply display a generic-looking notification with the service icon to the right compared to what the actual notification might look like. The notifications appear roughly as scheduled. Notifier simply works and could even be used as a reminder.

3. Fake Notify

fake notification maker

Fake Notify app takes a bit of a different approach to fake notifications. Unlike the previous entries, this app does not schedule fake notifications to appear. Instead, the user ‘paints’ fake notifications on a chosen background, which looks like an iPhone Lock Screen. However, the notifications do look convincing and cover services like Messages, Messenger, Instagram, Line, Tinder, and WeChat. The user just needs to enter the sender’s name, choose the service, enter the message, and choose the time the notification allegedly appeared.

The app is fairly simple and easy to use, except the problem with Fake Notify is that ads appear during every step of creating the notification. There is no option of shutting down the ads as the app is completely free. Plus, it does make your Android phone seem like an iPhone.

4. Notifications Simulator

fake notification maker

Notifications Simulator app is basically what it says. It’s a more palatable name than the fake notification generator. It’s another easy-to-use Android app to make and schedule fake notifications. The app is very simple to use. The user needs to choose the messaging service, enter the title and message, select an image, and set the schedule. Users can immediately preview what the notification would look like. The notifications can be saved by adding them to favorites and created notifications.

However, the notifications appear on the generic side, no matter the messaging service chosen. Except for the Incoming Call, wherein the notification box gives the user choices to decline or answer. Other notification choices include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Telegram, LinkedIn, Gmail, LINE, and Tinder. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a Messages service which is a missed opportunity. But unlike many other wonky fake notification apps in the Play Store, this one works well.

5. Funny Notification

fake notification maker

Funny Notification from Diagon Alley can be considered as one of the best fake notification maker apps for Android, thanks to its simplicity, ease of use, and lack of intrusive ads. The ads appear as banners or appear at the end of the creation process. Therefore, the ads do not interfere with the creation of the notifications.

To create a notification, the user can select from a predefined list of messaging services and apps. In case the users use other products, the app allows users to select icons from the phone’s installed apps. The user then enters the title and the message. They can then choose to deliver the notification immediately, after a specified amount of time, or at a specific time.

However, like some of the entries here, the notifications generated are also on the generic side. Nothing is different with the notifications except for the small service icon and maybe a chosen image to differentiate. Though users can immediately see what their notification would look like on top of the screen as they create it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a fake notification?

A fake notification is an artificial message or alert that mimics a real notification but is not generated by a genuine source. A fake notification refers to a fabricated alert that may mimic the appearance of a genuine notification. It can be created using a screenshot or a photo editing tool. These notifications are often used to deceive or trick individuals into taking certain actions, such as downloading a malicious file or sharing personal information.

Fake notifications can also be used to generate engagement on social media platforms by urging users to like, comment, or share a post or photo. As a user, it is important to remain vigilant and verify the authenticity of notifications before taking any actions that could compromise your privacy or security.

2. How can I create fake notifications?

To create fake notifications, you can use various apps and tools that allow you to simulate different types of notifications on your device. Creating fake notifications can be done by using various methods. For instance, one can create fake notifications on Snapchat or iMessage by hacking into the system and manipulating the messages.

Additionally, subscribing to a fake comment faker or ➤faker can also generate fake notifications on social networks. Another way is by creating a fake TikTok account and posting videos that receive comments and likes. Furthermore, developers can create fake notifications for important moments in apps or games. There are even Instagram filter tutorials available for creating fake notifications on the platform. However, it’s important to note that creating fake notifications is unethical and can have legal consequences.

3. Can I fake notifications on Snapchat?

No, it is not possible to create fake notifications on Snapchat as the platform does not provide such functionality. No, you cannot fake notifications on Snapchat. While there are fake Snapchat apps available on Google Play Store, they are not useful for faking notifications. If you receive a notification saying “Hi” or “Google alle ansehen,” it is most likely from a friend or a genuine Snapchat notification.

Fake notifications or false requests that ask you to “please like” or “also like” are not real and should be ignored. It is best to be cautious and not fall for secret video requests or green screens. Remember to care less about such requests and use caution when responding to them. Tip: Always read the description and comments before downloading any app claiming to fake Snapchat notifications.

4. Is there an app for fake notifications on iOS?

Yes, there are several apps available on the App Store that allow you to generate fake notifications on your iOS device. Looking for an app that can generate fake notifications on iOS? While there may not be an app specifically designed for this purpose, there are various ways to achieve it. Developers have created apps that allow you to schedule important moments or reminders, which could ultimately appear as notifications.

Social networks like Instagram may have filter tutorials that can be used to create fake notifications. Furthermore, popular social media platforms often have interfaces that display notifications, offering an escape for those seeking a simulated notification experience. Alternatively, if you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest can provide ideas on how to create your own fake notifications.

5. What can I use fake notifications for?

Fake notifications can be used for various purposes such as pranks, entertainment, or creating realistic scenarios for testing or demonstration. These fake notifications can come in handy in a variety of scenarios. They can be used to send helpful reminders or alerts to oneself or others.

For example, one can create fake notifications to remind themselves to review an important document or complete a pending task. They can also let others know about updates or improvements in a particular channel or platform. Additionally, fake notifications can be customized to simulate real-time interactions and engage users in a more personalized manner. Overall, fake notifications offer a versatile tool that can be utilized for various purposes.

6. Are there any apps for fake text messages?

Yes, there are apps available for both Android and iOS that enable you to create fake text messages.

7. Can I fake notifications on Instagram?

No, you cannot fake notifications on Instagram as the platform does not provide the option to generate artificial notifications.

8. How can I fake a video?

To fake a video, you can use video editing tools or apps that allow you to create manipulated videos or add special effects.

9. Is there a way to create fake YouTube videos?

No, creating fake YouTube videos goes against the platform’s terms of service and can result in penalties or removal of your content.

10. How can I create and edit fake content on social media?

To create and edit fake content on social media, you can use image and video editing tools to manipulate screenshots or create mock-ups of social media posts.


So here are all the best fake notification apps for Android & iPhone we could find. Unfortunately, there are not that many in the world of Apple, as apparently, they hardly tolerate apps of such a nature. As for Android, the ones listed here are the ones we thoroughly checked and tested. Many other apps we’ve looked up are chock full of ads, one-trick ponies, or plainly just don’t work. So, enjoy messing with your friends with these fun apps.