Best Fake Text Message Generator Apps for Android

Best fake message app Android

Who hasn’t wanted to prank their friends or family? Who has never wanted to create a false message to deceive someone? But, do you know how to do it? Well, we bring you the best fake text message apps for Android; you can prank anyone with any of these apps. These apps will help you make fake text messages from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or any other messaging app. They will look so authentic that even the most astute person won’t know the difference!

Best Fake Text Message Apps for Android

1. Fake Message Free

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It is a fake texting app design to generate a message that you want, mainly to play a joke on someone you know. This app allows you to fake even entire conversations with a genuine tone; no one would think it is a fake chat! Fool your friends into believing that this person has been writing you those compromising messages all this time. Watch how amazed they are that you have a conversation with that well-known person they never thought you could have.

You can send or receive different types of fake messages such as text messages or multimedia messages. All this in an effortless way! You have to create any message you want to send or receive. Then, tap on the top bar, place the name of the person from whom you get or receive the message, and that’s it!

Download Fake Message Free

2. TextingStory

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It is a fake text message generator app for Android for those who want to unleash their creativity, imagining and capturing conversations that never happened but could have happened. This app allows you to create conversations by interacting on the side of the interlocutor you want to be. You can create a video from your story and share it with your family and friends. The possibilities of this app are unique.

Download TextingStory – Chat Story Maker

3. Fake Chat Conversation

fake message app Android

People use this fake message app for Android to make stories or jokes by creating a fake chat. You can create funny situations as if they were genuine conversations. It has similar features ranging from its unlimited and free use.

It is simple to use and allows you to edit every detail. You can include photos that will give a touch of realism to the chats. You can use emojis or stickers like a genuine conversation. And with a single click, you can save a screenshot and send it to whomever you want.

Like other apps of its kind, this app is only for simulation and does not replace an actual chat application.

Download Fake Chat Conversation – prank

4. Fake Chat Conversations

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This app will let you create fake chats or conversations to prank your friends! This fake text app is free with unlimited use. You can include fake voice notes, edit every conversation detail, change the person in the conversation, and even place fake missed calls in the chat. You have a wide range of options to edit and configure the chat as you wish without limitations. Take screenshots of the fake conversations to share them as jokes among your friends.

Download Fake Chat Conversations – WhatsMessage

5. Fake Messenger, Fake Text and Video Chat

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This app simulates the Facebook Messenger application to look as authentic as possible. You can create a fake chat, enter your contacts like a real conversation, and share it to prank your family and friends. It has a wide option variety, among which are:

☛ All the details of a real chat can be editable here.
☛ It has a user-friendly interface.
☛ You can take a screenshot with just one click.
☛ Use photos to make the conversation more realistic.
☛ You can simulate an incoming call with a contact photo and screen showing the activated buttons in a phone conversation.
☛ You can include emojis and contact information for a more realistic feel.

Download Fake Messenger, Video Call

6. Fake SMS – Fake Text Message

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It is a fake text message app that allows you to simulate everything in text messages and works with the latest form of messaging on Android. The interface is identical to a conversation on Android devices. The person who receives a screenshot with the chat never notices the difference in a real conversation.

It has drafts, inbox and outbox, received messages, and sent messages. Everything is manageable with this app. You will make your friends think that something is wrong with their phones by believing that their messages are either arriving wrong or just not getting to your inbox.

Download Fake SMS – Fake Text Message

7. Fake SMS – Text Message (Prank Creator)

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It is a prank app to simulate conversation where you can control both sides of the chat. For example, you can make your friends believe that you are talking with that girl you liked so much, or you got that great job with that highly important company. Simulate crazy discussions or funny situations through a fake chat and have a lot of fun with your friends.

Download Fake SMS – Text Message (Prank Creator)


Creating fake messages has never been so easy! Making practical jokes is something that will make anyone laugh. Now you have a great tool to make your pranks. Don’t wait any longer and download any of the best fake text Message apps for Android.