10 Best File Compressor Apps For Android

file compression apps android

Most of the time, files downloaded from the internet are compressed in zip, rar, and other file formats, and you may be wondering how to open these compressed files on Android phones. You will need a tool to open and extract these files after downloading them. Furthermore, if you want to save some space on your Android smartphone by compressing files, you can use these extraction and compression apps in Android that can open zip, rar, 7 zip, and other formats, create and mail files, open and create password generated files, and also use a file browser to quickly access files on your internal storage or SD card.

So, in this article, I am going to tell you about the Best file compressor apps for Android. I am sure it will be helpful for you when you read them one by one.

List of Best File Compressor Apps for Android

Here is a list of 10 best file compressor apps for Android.

1. WinZip

file compressor for android

Most people might be familiar with the WinZip software, which was developed for PCs. However, this application is now also available for Android. WinZip is yet another excellent and widely used compression app for Android. The Android WinZip tool makes it simple to pack, unpack, and view archive files. It also supports the file compression formats
of Zipx, Zip, 7z, RAR, and LHA.

One of the most notable features that distinguish this app is its support for Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing users to interact directly to cloud storage. It also includes password protection and encryption options with 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption. It also involves an image viewer, allowing you to navigate your image and choose the image you want to extract without having to extract the entire file. With the best compression ratio, you can compress your large scattered data into a single file.

Download: WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool

2. 7Zipper

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7Zipper is more than just a compression app. Along with compression functionality, this app has a slew of other features. This app can compress and extract files in a variety of formats, including rar, jar, 7z, zip, alz, egg, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, gz, lzh, and bz2. Other tools include a task cleaner, text editor, and file transfer through the use of WLAN.

Document and image viewer, a gif viewer, an FTP client, and a flash viewer are all available. This is a multi-functional app, it also has an image format converter, comic viewer, text viewer, media scanner, photo calendar, image resizer, LAN Network, File share, Unit Converter, SD Card Optimizer, Cache Cleaner, and many other smart tools. 7Zipper is closely related to a Swiss knife tool. You can easily manage your files with this tool’s own file manager. This is one of the best file compression apps for Android, and it is completely free to download from the Google Play Store.

Download: 7Zipper – File Explorer (zip, 7zip, rar)

3. B1 Archiver

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B1 Archiver is a well-known Android app for file compression and extraction. It is the most effective and free application for zipping and unzipping files. This app is capable of opening zip, rar, and 35 other compression formats. Users can open and create password-protected files, which safeguard them from unauthorized access. B1 Archiver can compress large amounts of data into a single file with the finest compression ratio, making it simple to send the file to someone else. Users could also generate a multi archive that compresses large amounts of data and stores it on your mobile phone. Users can also perform limited extraction, which means you can extract only specific files without decompressing the entire archive file.

It has a simple and easy-to-use interface. There are many multiple other options available that execute various operations. B1 Archiver is faster and more unique than other applications, making it one of the best choices for file compression for Android smartphones. B1 Archiver is easily available on the Google Play store.

Download: B1 Archiver – zip rar unzip

4. iZip

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iZip is the latest Android app available on the Google Play Store that can perform a variety of file compression tasks. The app can zip photos, videos, apps, and other files. This app also includes a capable file viewer which can open GIF, PNG, PDF, TXT, JPG, and RTF files. Aside from that, iZip enables users to insert data from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and other famous cloud services.

Download: iZip – Zip Unzip Tool

5. ALZip

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ALZip is one of the excellent applications for compressing and decompressing large amounts of data or files. This really is the best combo of a file manager and zip or unzip functionality available in a single application. You can perform all file manager functions such as copy, paste, cut, and change the name of a file, which are common to all file managers. You can compress and decompress files up to 4GB in size.

AlZip can quickly pack and unpack files of multiple formats. It can extract rar, zip, egg, alz, 7z, and many other formats, as well as compress a split file of rar, egg, zip, and alz file formats. You can also view data files and delete or insert documents into archives without extracting them. Users can copy or move files by using the amazing drag and drop feature. You can see your recent file manager history by swiping to the right. You can adjust the background of your file manager to a plain color or a photo.

Download: ALZip – File Manager & Unzip

6. RAR

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RAR is one of the most well-known apps created by RARLAB. It is primarily used for Windows operating systems. RAR supports so many different file extraction formats such as XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, and many other formats. However, it only supports RAR and Zip formats for compression. The unzip function supports ZIPX and ZIP files with PPMd, BZIP2, XZ, and LZMA compression. It also has encryption and password protection options. The greatest thing about this app is that it supports the benchmark function, that uses multiple CPU cores to evaluate compression.

This app’s user interface is pretty convenient, smooth, and simple to use. Dark and light theme displays are available in RAR. You can also sort by view. It is without a doubt one of the most advanced file compressor apps for Android.

Download: RAR

7. PowerGrasp file manager

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PowerGrasp file manager is an excellent file manager app for Android that includes several file compression options. PowerGrasp’s file manager allows you to create and edit tar.gz, 7z, tar, and zip files. Furthermore, the PowerGrasp file manager can also perform root operations and supports the drag-and-drop feature.

Download: PowerGrasp file manager

8. XZip

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XZip is yet another file compression app that should be included in the top ten list. This app also offers the same functionality as other compression software. The app allows you to pack and unpack files as well as view them. This app includes a file browser that allows users to easily navigate their files. You can also set a password in your achieve. If you want to keep your folder private, you can use this app to hide your files. This app also allows you to split files into multiple segments. If you want to extract a single file from an archive file, you can use it to do partial extraction. All famous compression formats are supported by XZip.

Your standard file can be easily compressed into zip or rar format. However, in the free version, users could only complete 5 successful unpackings. The ability to unpack more than 5 files will eventually be available if you purchase their premium version.

Download: XZip – zip unzip unrar utility

9. Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip

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Easy Unrar is yet another excellent file compression app for Android. It is a straightforward and easy-to-use app. Easy Unrar makes it simple to extract zip and RAR files. This app only supports the most famous and frequently used compression formats. The archive files can be compressed, decompressed, and viewed. It also allows users for partial extraction. It will provide you with the highest compression rate. Easy Unrar can also compress all multiple files into a single file, making it easier to send that file to another person. It also provides support for multi-part compression and AES encryption. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Download: Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip

10. Zarchiver

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Zarchiver is a simple and effective compression application for Android smartphones. Zdevs is the creator of this application. You can easily compress your data using this app. Once you install Zarchiver and open it for the first time, a pop-up window will appear asking you if you want to change your interface language, theme, Zip character encoding, and icon style. There are also a number of other options and features available.

Also, there is the standard feature, which allows users to create login credentials or various split archives. The compression ratio is greater and more consistent as compared to other applications. It is also possible to perform slight decompression. Users might archive files in various formats such as gzip, XZ, lz4, tar, 7z, zip, bzip2, etc. Multithreading is also supported by ZArchiver. The interface of this app is simple and easy to use.

Download: ZArchiver