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FileZilla Alternatives for Windows 10

FileZilla Alternatives for Windows 10

FileZilla is the faster and reliable source of FTP (File Transfer Protocol) customers out there, incorporated with many exotic features and an innate graphical interface for its users. Sourceforge gained its fame and it’s where it’s being facilitated. It bundles bloatware with the applications.

That’s not even worth it at all! Now, many web developers are finding the best possible FileZilla alternatives for Windows 10 to avail FTP connected with website servers or remote servers. This article summarizes the 5 extravagant Filezilla alternatives to Windows 10, which are enlisted below.

5 Best FileZilla Alternatives for Windows 10

1. Cyberduck

Cyberduck is the most reliable FileZilla alternative for Windows 10. It has a clean interface and runs smoothly. That’s why developers prefer using this app. The app is free to download, and you can make donations if you enjoy using it.

Cyberduck is associated with a variety of protocols like SFTP, Google cloud, S3, WebDAV, and a lot more aside from being the main provider of FTP. Also, the app offers the following features for web developers:

  • Open up any file in a specified third-party editor over FTP such as Sublime Text, Text Wrangler, etc.
  • You can select the editor of your requirements for file editing.
  • Lets you organize your sheets with bookmarks.
  • Has the ability to look at different files in Quick Look. Cyberduck will have access to the remote files on your computer without the need to download it.
  • Features various types of character encoding and lets you display texts in Japanese, Chinese, and Umlaute.
  • Features caching to support file transfer to provide the best performance.

Cyberduck is a mini-file sharing application integrated with multiple exotic features that have been mentioned above. It’s the reason a lot of developers pave their way to this app.

Available Platforms: Windows and Mac as a GUI client, Linux distros as a CLI utility
Installation: Free

2. WinSCP

Another renowned FileZilla alternative for Windows 10 is WinSCP, having a variety of beneficial features. It is a prime supporter of FTP but also links with other protocols such as SCP, SFTP, and WebDAV. Apart from it, WinSCP has the pack of multiple features, which are:

  • Live editing, which means it can easily edit the files on its server.
  • Built-in text editor that lets you edit files live on the server.
  • It’s not capable of saving copies of remote files temporarily on your computer. When you restore the file, it will automatically upload on the server and keep you out from the drag and drop tussle of the file on the remote server.
  • Keep your information protected in WinSCP by setting up a master password in the app.
  • Portable mode.

Available Platforms: Windows
Installation: Free

3. CuteFTP Pro

CuteFTP Pro is an expensive one of all FileZilla alternatives for Windows 10. It works with Windows, and is not available for download for Mac. It’s associated with other protocols such as WebDAV, S3, and SFTP despite being a famous FTP client. CuteFTP offers the following features:

  • Scripting feature, which allows making scripts. This helps to reduce the manual operation and can easily automate the tasks, such as local file system checking or automated server files backup.
  • Add a feature of one-time password along with the password manager inside it.
  • Become a safe and secure connection with multiple remote sites at the same time.

Available Platforms: Windows, macOS
Installation: 30-day free trial, costs $59.99

4. CrossFTP Pro

CrossFTP Pro entails the cross-platform of FileZilla alternative for Windows 10, Mac, and Linux distros. The interface is quite complicated and has many features for supporting the protocols like FTPS, STFPS, S3, and WebDAV. Moreover, it features live editing. Users can edit the files on their choices and automatically upload the updated file to the connected FTP server.

CrossFTP also has tabbed mode support for connecting the different servers at a time. Furthermore, it offers the users the service of character encoding like CJK, Unicode, etc. It allows users to extract, compress, and archive files and is also associated with a feature that will enable you to transfer file slots with preview, favorites, and history in the app.

Available Platforms: Mac, Windows, and Linux distros
Installation: Free trial, costs $24.99

5. Bitkinex

Bitkinex is an entirely free Filezilla alternative for Windows. It does not only support FTP but is also connected with WebDAV, Telnet, and SFTP. Unfortunately, its support is officially connected to Windows 7. The execution of Bitkinex is easily understandable, especially like FileZilla clients. Bitkinex benefits from the linked data sources and transfers the files between the computer and remote server. Following are the features that Bitkinex is catering to their clients:

  • User requests controller means Bitkinex keeps an eye on every user request and can continue it via an app like deleting files, moving files, building directories, etc.
  • Ability to transfer the files from one server to another without even knowing the operating protocols.
  • BitKinex gets featured with multi-part transfers, parallel request processing, requests scheduler, and much more.

Available Platforms: Windows
Installation: Free

Final Thoughts

FTP gives leverage to the users managing the files on the remote server efficiently and is a quick and simple method. Therefore, feel free to utilize a valuable application, Filezilla, notwithstanding, in the condition that users are worried about bloatware, and assuming you get tied up with the cases made against the security in FileZilla, you should evaluate one of the previously mentioned FTP customers. Go ahead and share your ponderings with the customers that have already tuned with it.