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5 Best Fishing Knot Apps for Android

best fishing knot app

Ask a number of people randomly about their hobbies, and you’ll discover that fishing will come in as hobbies for most of them. Just like you, most people see it as a classic hobby, and they enjoy fishing when they are free.

Considering the global health crisis that is upon us, fishing is an activity that you can do on your own while staying away from people. So, if fishing happens to be your thing, and you are allowed to leave your home at these challenging times, these apps will help you become a better fisherman.

So, are you thinking about topping up your knot-tying skills? Well, I have tested out 5 of the best apps to provide you with a fast overview of what knots will make you a master at knots in no distant time at all.

Fishing Knot App

There have been so many techs involved with the sport of fishing, and as things develop this technology is changing. It’s not just about having the best rods and fishing reels as mobile technology can give something different for anglers all over the world.

If you are planning to fish over the next few months, you need to have a working vocabulary of at least a half-dozen knots. The perfect way to learn is through your android phone.

List of Best Fishing Knot Apps

We have come a long way from the days of books, with hard-to-follow illustrations. Since fishing knot is an important part of any fisherman’s weaponry, the new apps use 3D animations and high definition videos to show you how to tie the toughest entries. Some knots being easier to tie while others are great for a stronghold. Remembering knots can be difficult. Here are some fishing knots apps for Android that you can use to brush up your knot-tying skills.

1. Animated Knots by Grog

fishing knot app

This app was created by the U.S based Grogono family. It has the best combination of multimedia and well-researched background that I found in any app. With over 110 knots, you will learn how to make a quick-and-dirty emergency harness out of webbing, and you will love the expert perspective on the advantages and disadvantages of each knot.

This app is a package of all the knots you will ever need. It does not have a fishing knot section only but also scouting, climbing, search and rescue, and more. With all the knots illustrated in simple animations, you can also view them frame by frame in your own space.

It allows left-handers to understand the knot tying process easily, and this is an important thing not found on other apps. This app is not free, but it’s worth the price.

Download: Animated Knots by Grog

2. Knots 3D

fishing knot app

Knots 3D is one of the most user-friendly apps I have reviewed here. The designers have put a genuine effort into modeling each knot in 3D. You can run your fingers across the screen to scrub forward and backward on animations and well-written descriptions of each entry. The illustrations are highly interactive. Each section describes the reliability of each knot and even gives an account of its history.

With up to 87 knots, you can also find boating knots that are missing from the other apps. You can change the background and knot color, making it handy for someone who is color blind.

Download: Knots 3D by NyNix

3. Knots Guide

fishing knot app

Created by a polyglot in Finland, this app gives lively history and well-researched data on each knot, such as their efficacy and difficulty of undoing them. Because of this app, you can now name different kinds of knots designed to move. Though quite unusual and frustrating that all the instructions in Knot Guide are text-based. But, I found something charming about the level of detail in this app that you will love.

It has about 92 knots, this app is different from the ‘Knots Guide Free’ as this one is also free. Though both apps have similar features, this one is simpler to use. It’s just basically what you would find in a book, no animations or other fancy information.

Download: Knots Guide by SusaSoftX

4. Fishing Knots

fishing knot app

Fishing Knots is an app for tying knots that is completely dedicated to fishing knots! It provides useful information such as which knots work well depending on how thick your fishing line is for different hooks. This is a more polished app than the previous one, both in terms of content and UI. You will find several knots for binding two fishing lines and many more. All the instructions are in an image slide form. You can also tap on the presentation mode, which automatically scrolls the images step by step.

What’s more exciting about this app is that it has a YouTube tutorial option as well. So whenever you are lost, just tap on the knot type and watch the video to learn.

Download: Fishing Knots by MP Fish

5. Useful Knots

fishing knot app

Are you looking for a basic app with information on knots in a concise form? If yes, then I think you should check this out. Useful knots provide a quick reference for so many knots out there such as hook, line to line, and loop on the home page.

It shows how they are used with simple and easy-to-understand terms. You can further browse through the different sections by just tapping on the knot types. All the knots are well categorized by type of picture instructions so you can simply swipe through and learn them quickly. Besides that, information like the use of the knot, other names, description, and tying process are also given in brief.

Download: Useful Knots Neptuns Apps

Fishing Knot Apps: Which One to Choose?

If you ask me, I highly recommend Animated knots by Grogs. It’s available on both iOS and Android. With over 110 knots, this app is a package of all the knots you will ever need. It does not have a fishing knot section only but also scouting, climbing, search and rescue. With all the knots illustrated in simple animations, you can also view them frame by frame in your own space. I told you, it’s a win-win situation for all. I hope you tie the knots perfectly now that you have so many apps to learn from.