Best Forum for Software Developers

Every great software developer has to start somewhere. For aspiring software developers, most of their energy might be dedicated to looking for the best tutorial and education services to teach them how to program or trying and testing out different programs for them to practice on. However, one important aspect of growing as a software developer is engaging with a much bigger community of developers.

This is where forums come in. Forums are essentially a platform where a certain community can discuss different topics and ask questions concerning things in common between them. Forums are often the best place to learn new information that can’t easily be found on search platforms like Google. It’s also a way to establish connections and friendships with fellow developers. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about the best forum for software developers, and what you can expect from using them. 

Best forum for software developers

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is the platform made by developers, for developers. It is a public platform that is visited by over 100 million users to ask questions, provide answers, or share knowledge about anything and everything concerning software development, programming and information technology (IT). 

How to source developers from Stack Overflow - DevSkillerAs of November 2022, Stack Overflow has over 23 million questions that you can read and filter through. By creating an account and joining the Stack community, you can participate in these different discussions by posting questions or topics, and replying to other users’ posts. There is even an option to search for different companies in the software and IT industry, such as Novo Nordisk, JPMorgan, and even Google, to learn what it’s like to work at these different organizations from either current or former employees. 

Stack Overflow - Where Developers Learn, Share, & Build Careers

Stack Overflow also has a private option for development teams or organizations. This feature of Stack allows you to communicate with your team members with ease with the help of the platform’s database of answers to important questions. 



Reddit is the all-in-one social networking platform for discussion forums and threads. There are all kinds of topics that people can explore on Reddit, including forums for software developers. On Reddit, you can also choose to post other kinds of informational content besides posts for question and answers. You can share personal experiences about coding or software development, and even funny memes to get some laughs out of your fellow web developers. 

More improvements for Reddit search and a few small bug fixes : r/blog

There are different kinds of subreddits, which are topic threads consisting of posts and questions, that are dedicated for everything about software development, computer science, and even advice for pursuing a career in the IT field. You can check out r/AskComputerScience, r/learnprogramming, r/java, r/softwaredevelopment, and more!



The final best forum for software developers is GitHub. Over 94 million developers make use of GitHub for all kinds of purposes. It acts as an all-in-one programming platform with different tools that can be used by developers, such as Codespaces wherein users can code to practice running different programs. GitHub also provides a collaborative space where you can coordinate with other members of a team for certain projects to make your plans as productive as possible. 

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Finally, GitHub houses a community forum where software developers can talk about everything concerning software development, programming, computer science, and others just like those topics. This feature is called GitHub Discussions, and you can either initiate or participate in different topics. 

GitHub Discussions Documentation - GitHub Docs

Where do coders hang out online?

Coders and developers generally enjoy using other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and even 9gag for entertainment. These platforms allow them to experience some time away from programming whenever it can get too stressful or tiring. 

Coder and developer communities are good for not only learning about different information, but for also finding mutual friends that you can bond with. Being friends with other fellow coders or developers doesnt mean that you have to talk about programming 24/7. You can talk about other interests in relation to your career and passion for IT.   


How do I find a developer community?

Finding a developer community can be different depending on where you’ve learned software development from. If you’re studying information technology or computer science at school, you can find peers and friends who study the same subjects or courses as you. If you’re learning how to program on your own, you can find community forums on the platforms you get tutorials from. There are a lot of available social platforms where you can interact with both amateur and experienced developers like you. 


There are also different communities that are dedicated to specific groups of people. As an example, Women Who Code is an organization and an online community that focuses on empowering young girls and women who are interested in programming. 


Where can I discuss programming?

Once you find a developer community online, you can generally talk about anything and everything concerning programming on those platforms. You can discuss programming in the two forums we covered in our article, which are Stack Overflow and Reddit, but you can also find other forums like Github or Hackernoon.


What are the biggest fears for a software developer?

Being a software developer is a dream for many, but it is also a career that puts a lot of pressure on the individual. As program and software developers, you will be tasked with creating platforms for people, businesses, and big advocacies that are meant to provide information to large audiences. 


Generally, the biggest fear for software developers is messing up by not accomplishing what they are tasked with doing. This can include disappointing a client, or designing a faulty program. Beyond this, software developers can also fear getting bored or burnt out by their job. It’s important to keep a developer’s fire burning in order to create high-quality outputs. It can be draining to keep up with the demands of being a software developer, which is why it’s important to stay connected with people from the same community to support you through your work.