7 Best Apps for Android TV Box

best apps for android tv box

With the wide variety of streaming services available today, choosing the one that is the best for us can become a daunting task. And just because it’s not easy does not mean that having many options from which to choose has to be any less fun. Android TV is one of our best choices to manage the ever-growing amount of TV channels, streaming services, and entertainment apps we can enjoy. But wait, what is an Android TV Box? You can picture it like some sort of Cable TV box that you plug into your TV and allows you to interact with it just like you’d do with any other Android device. It also lets you use the Google Play Store, thus allowing you to download even more services, utility apps, or even games. Another cool feature of an Android TV Box is that you can use Voice Search. This way, you can operate it without lifting a finger. Now, let’s take a look at some of the best apps available so that you can get the most out of your Android TV Box.

1. Netflix

app for android tv box

Easily one of the Top Five apps in any Android TV Box user’s list of must-have apps. Netflix is the leading service in media streaming. One thing that has made Netflix rise above its competition is the broad offer of entertainment content and original productions. This, and the fact that Netflix, while a Premium service, still has pretty affordable subscription fees explain why it comes pre-installed on almost every Android device.

Download the Netflix app for Android TV Box from the Google Play Store.

2. Spotify

free app for android tv box

Any music enthusiast worth his salt would describe Spotify as -the Netflix of music- and this would be a pretty accurate description. With its broad selection of artists, genres, and songs (more than 70 million tracks available), you can always rely on Spotify to satisfy each and everyone music preference. It also comes with a clean, user-friendly interface that gives you the possibility to sync your Spotify account with as many Android devices as you have at home. Subscription fees are not so expensive but, if you still don’t want to subscribe, there is an Ad-supported free version of Spotify you can use.

Click here to download and install the Spotify app for Android TV Box.

3. Crackle

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Among the plethora of free apps for Android TV Box, Crackle certainly is one of the most popular due to its solid offer in movie genres and classic TV shows. Aside from Crackle’s popularity, their developers still have much work to do on the streaming quality. But even so, the future of Crackle looks promising. Another good thing about Crackle is its implementation of Nielson tracking software. This improves its accuracy when measuring its popularity stats.

Go to the Google Play Store to download the Crackle app for Android TV Box.

4. Plex

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Plex is another excellent app for Android TV Box. Its main feature is it lets you manage your video files and apps more efficiently across different devices. The main difference between Plex and other streaming apps is that it focuses more on streaming movies and other media files from any device to your TV. To this end, you have to install the Plex Media Server app in your Android TV Box and the official Plex app on any other Android device. Once this is done, connect your mobile device to the Android TV Box via a WiFi connection and let Plex work its magic. Also, once you subscribe to the full paid version of the Plex app, you will gain access to Cloud Syncing and automatic file conversion services.

To download and learn more about Plex, you can click here.

5. Pluto TV

free app for Android TV box

Pluto TV is among the most popular free video streaming apps for Android TV Box, offering hundreds of TV channels and thousands of TV shows and movies on demand. And sure, Free means that it’s Ad-supported but, aside from the ads being much less annoying than most, you also get rewarded with video content for watching them. In addition, Pluto TV includes 17 movie stations classified by genres -Horror, Romance, Comedy, etc. This makes Pluto TV one of the better options overall on our list.

Install Pluto TV on your device directly from the Google Play Store.

6. Solid Explorer

free app for android tv box

Ok, but not all apps for Android TV Box have to be dedicated to streaming media consumption. Eventually, we all have to manage our files, clean and categorize everything. This is where Solid Explorer becomes your best ally. It lets you navigate, organize, move, rename, share, and delete any of the files in your media collection. It also comes with a responsive interface that allows you to manage various files simultaneously by displaying them in a two-panel layout. One of its more useful features is the ability to sync with many Cloud Storage providers, allowing you to manage files from multiple services on the same app.

Learn more about Solid Explorer and download, click here.

7. Haystack News

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Here we have an app that focuses on providing its users with a 24-hour portal to news channels from around the world. Haystack News uses ads and the offering of in-app purchases to keep its services completely free. It also has inbuilt social media apps and its own internet browser.

Haystack News gives you a daily newscast it compiles by learning from the news topics and sources you mark as your favorite. In other words, as you check more topics and categories, the app will get smarter. This way, you can rest assured that Haystack News will bring you the latest new content that matches your mood and interests.

Download Haystack News for Android TV Box by clicking here.


It is a fact that media consumption nowadays has drastically evolved from its beginnings. And Android TV Box is by far one of the best inventions to have come ever since. So go browsing and downloading the apps for Android TV Box that suit you best, and start enjoying the full potential of your device, Cheers!