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9 Best Free Apps for Creating Social Media Posts

Apps for creating social media posts is becoming a need. Creating Social Media Posts is essential nowadays because social media platforms have been the ultimate come-and-go of netizens. Social media has become the most valuable tool for communicating with everyone else around the world.

Commercial-wise, social media has become the most prevalent place where businesses can advertise and market their products. That is why creating social media posts that endear audiences is a must.

Nowadays, likes, shares, and followers are the basis of popularity. Creating social media posts that will attract target markets is easy with the help of these fantastic free apps. Check the list below for fantastic apps that will help you with your social media posts.


List of Best Apps for Creating Social Media Posts

  • Canva
  • Desygner
  • Pixlr
  • BeFunky
  • Meme Generator
  • Bitmoji
  • 3D Avatar Creator
  • Camera 360

1. Canva

Social media post Maker app

Canva is a popular graphic design application that caters to creating beautiful graphical illustrations including social media posts. It is an easy-to-use app which is why it is preferred by so many users.

Canva features a wide array of templates and elements that is great for creating outstanding social media posts. It is best for branding images, Pinterest graphics, Instagram stories, and Facebook posts. This app is smooth to navigate with its drag-and-drop functionality.

2. Desygner

free app to create graphics

Desygner is another graphic design best for creating social media posts. It can create stunning posts for Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Facebook. The app contains thousands of attractive layouts, shapes, objects, and themes. It features a responsive easy to handle user interface.

Desygner does not only create social media posts but can also produce infographics, logos, flyers, ads, posters and so much more. So many trusted brands depend on Desygner for a well-done graphical illustration.

3. Pixlr

Free app to create graphics

Pixlr is a top-rated image editing and design tool. It can edit photos with thousands of filters and templates. Images are one of the most sought-after social media posts which is why it is great to have photos with an amazing quality perfect for social media posting. It can create remarkable collages and enrich images with its numerous editing tools. Users can also add text and stickers through its variety of accessories.

It features a clean and familiar user interface that is easy to use. It is one of the best free apps for creating social media posts anywhere you like, browser, phone, or desktop.

4. BeFunky

app to create images

Another all-inclusive image and design editor. BeFunky can create collages and other photo templates great for social media posts and other purposes. The editing feature of this app has functions that can remove blemishes and red eyes, add stickers and text, and create countless effects. It contains numerous templates, vector graphics, and stock images.

BeFunky has an attractive user interface that is accustomed to many. It features direct integration into social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr so that users can share and upload their creations directly from the app.

BeFunky is free to use and ranks the best free apps for creating social media posts.

5. Meme Generator

content creation app

Memes are also a popular idea for social media posts. Attractive and amusing memes trends a lot. Meme Generator is a good source for creating memes for social media posts.

This free app lets users create new memes or custom pre-templated memes. It features enhancing tools that can level up creations into memes worthy of posting on social media platforms. Another great option for this app is the GIF creator. And the best thing about it is it doesn’t come with watermarks.


Social media content creator app

If you are an anime fanatic that loves to post anything anime on your social media accounts, then REALITY is the best option for you. REALITY is a graphic editor to create anime avatars. Users can also compose videos and do live streams of their anime avatars through this platform. It is an amazing place to practice and be involved in vlogging craze.

REALITY features so many templates and other options both in free and in-app purchases. It has an efficient user interface and good camera functionality. It works best in creating amazing content, especially for YouTube. REALITY, in general, is one of the best free apps for creating social media posts.

7. Bitmoji

app for creating social media posts

Bitmoji works as a personal customized emoji. Users can create numerous bitmoji and share these with friends on any social media platform. The app is very attractive to users because it allows them to make any expressive cartoon avatar, including someone who resembles their selves. It is a fun way to get creative and share this creativity with everyone through social media posts.

8. 3D Avatar Creator

app for creating social media posts

The 3D Avatar Creator is similar to REALITY in many ways. However, it does not focus on anime features alone. The app incorporates the use of a keyboard so that the avatar can be used as emoji. The amazing thing about this app is that all created avatars and emojis can be shared on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

The app has so many amazing features that users will love. As of this date, it has amassed millions of users already. It is free to use but comes with adverts and in-app purchases.

9. Camera 360

Social media content creator app

Camera 360 is a classic photo editor app that has come a long way ever since it was launched. Even with so many apps released, it is still one of the most trusted and best free apps for creating social media posts. It is available for both Android and iOS, that’s why it has many users worldwide.

Camera360 works as an alternate camera for smartphones. It can work miracles on any image like putting on makeup, removing blemishes, creating extraordinary layouts, and adding accessories. Camera360 also works for videos.

This app is the most renowned photo filter application for smartphones and the best free app for creating social media posts.



Social media platforms are fun and easy places to express creativity and communicate with the world. That’s why creating social media posts should be enjoyable and stress-free as well. With these best free apps for creating social media posts, you can surely get the attention you want with happiness and hassle-free.