7 Best Free Dating Apps without Payment

Free dating apps without payment

Online dating can be daunting and difficult and having paywalls that prevent you from making possible matches doesn’t make it easier. Don’t fret, however: you don’t have to struggle much longer. Finding love can be free, and the only thing you’ll have to spend is your time and effort. 

In this article, we’ll be talking about the best free dating apps–because finding love shouldn’t require a credit card. Whether you’re looking for a fling or a marriage in the works, these dating apps might be the right avenue for you.

Best Free Dating Apps without Payment

1. Tinder

Tinder is arguably the “standard” when it comes to the dating apps we all know and love. Tinder is a globally popular dating app that you can use for free. 

It allows you to connect with other Tinder users through a system where you can swipe left on a person’s profile if you don’t like them, or swipe right if you do. If the person you swiped right on also likes you back, you’ve made a match! 

You can then chat with them on the Tinder app. Tinder makes online dating seem easy because you simply have to swipe right on someone you find attractive. The “swipe left, swipe right” format has been added to other famous dating apps as well, making Tinder one of the game changers in the online dating realm

If you want to make more matches, you can purchase a Tinder subscription. But, you can still make use of Tinder’s features without cashing in your money.

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Download: Tinder – Dating & Meet People | Android | iOS

2. OkCupid

OkCupid also makes use of features that are similar to Tinder’s, and just like it, it’s free to use! OkCupid allows users to connect and chat with other singles in their nearby areas. It also allows them to see who’s online. 

Unlike Tinder, you can flesh out your dating profile on OkCupid, and even include what kind of relationship you want out of the app, as well as your preferred age for your partner. You can also choose to include other information like your religion, sexuality, or other personal values.

OkCupid is quite an old platform, which makes it a bit more intimidating to use compared to the likes of Tinder. However, don’t be too sure to count it out. If you want to be more specific and personal with the people you match with, definitely consider using OkCupid to find your perfect match.

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Download: OkCupid – Online Dating App | Android | iOS

3. Plenty of Fish

Plenty Of Fish is another old, tried, and tested dating app. Despite its age, it remains a good app for both beginners and experienced searchers. Just like Tinder and OkCupid, Plenty of Fish is a free application that connects singles with each other based on their location and preferred age preferences.

To use Plenty of Fish, you’ll need to create your dating profile. This should consist of some photos, personal details and hobbies, and other things that you’re looking for in a partner and relationship. You can choose to chat with a lot of potential matches without needing to swipe left or right. You can juggle any number of conversations and discover if you have a connection with any of them.

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Download: Plenty of Fish – Free Dating App | Android | iOS

4. Bumble

Bumble takes a more modern and updated approach when it comes to dating. Like Tinder, more people look forward to using Bumble because of its sleek and modern design and features. And one of the best parts? It’s free to download and use.

Bumble prides itself on being designed as an app for women, by women. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that women are given more control to determine what kind of people they want to interact with. This prevents unwanted or predatory connections to happen on the platform.

However, this shouldn’t be seen as a con for guys. Guys can still definitely meet and choose the matches they want to make after a woman shows interest in their profile. 

To use Bumble, simply build your profile by adding your photos and whatever personal details you want people to see.

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Download: Bumble – Dating & Make Friends | Android | iOS

5. Happn

Happn is another unique dating that you can download and use for free! Happn makes maximum use of the common feature in dating apps, which is location. Happn connects you with other users of the app that you may have come across in real life. If you frequent a certain area, or like going to this one coffee shop, chances are, you have another single in the area that is looking for a potential partner.

This application shows you how many other Happn users are near you, and how close they are to you. It’s possible to be matched with people that may seem like familiar faces, but whom you have never talked to.

Happn makes meet-cutes easier and more realistic. To use Happn, simply make your profile and connect with other people close to your location. Chances are, you’ll connect with a familiar face, making it easier for you to connect and converse with them.

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Download: happn – Dating app | Android | iOS

6. Blendr

Similar to Happn, Blendr is another dating app that emphasizes the feature of location. Blendr users will be able to see not only how many people, but also who, are around in your neighborhood at that moment. You can check out their profiles and photos, and if you’re interested in them, you can choose to chat with them for free!

Blendr allows you to feel grounded again with the world because you are able to see the faces and names behind those around you. And if you’re skeptical about the impact of location when it comes to online dating, try out Blendr for yourself!

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Download: Blendr – Chat, Flirt & Meet | Android | iOS

7. Badoo

The final entry into our list of the best free dating apps to use is Badoo. Badoo is a dating app that also makes use of geographical location as one of its main features to connect singles together. However, Badoo is unique in the sense that it extends beyond being a dating app. Badoo can be used to network with different people near you.

With this feature, you don’t need to use Badoo solely for dating. It can also be used to spark new friendships, or find colleagues that are passionate about the same profession. You can think about Badoo as the LinkedIn of the dating world: it’s an all-in-one alternative to creating connections.

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Download: Badoo – Dating & Meet People | Android | iOS


That rounds up our list of the best dating apps to use for free. Whether you’re looking for a casual relationship or something more long-term, you can expand your circles and chances by finding love online!