10 Best Free DLL Fixer or Repair Tool for Windows 10

best free dll fixer windows 10

You may have seen the “DLL file is missing error” at one point or another as a Windows user. Software called DLL Fixer enables you to get rid of DLL issues, which frequently lead to system or software malfunctions on Windows PCs. DLL faults are serious problems that, if not fixed, can result in crashes and freezing. When software does not receive its corresponding DLL file, DLL errors frequently result. You won’t be able to use the application or game until and unless you install the missing DLL. Windows users often download the DLL file from the internet to fix the error. With the help of DLL files fixer apps, you can swiftly check for lacking or corrupted DLL files, download them, and solve the issue as a whole.


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List of Best Free DLL Fixer Tools for Windows 10

The top free DLL Fixer programs for Windows are listed below. When your computer is underperforming and you are unable to determine why these DLL files fixer programs can be quite helpful. To cure all issues for free, scan your computer for corrupted DLLs and DLL errors.

① CCleaner

free dll fixer

Since Windows XP, CCleaner has been a popular cleaning program. In addition to routine cleanup, CCleaner is a superb DLL repair for Windows 10.

By selecting “Missing Shared DLLs” under the “Registry tab,” the function can be located. The “Scan for Issues” button displays a list of missing or broken DLL files. The DLL files Fixer will immediately correct the problem if you click the “Fix Selected Issues” button.

This application provides a single interface that can handle basic to advanced-level optimizations, making it one of the best tools for fixing DLL issues in Windows 10.

DLL Suite

dll repair software

A fantastic DLL fixer for Windows 10 is DLL Suite. It may cure SYS BSODs, DLL issues, and missing DLLs, and restore corrupted EXE files from your PC to prevent them from causing more errors.

On both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems, DLL Suite is a free DLL fixer for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1.

The DLL Suite examines your computer and enables you to locate and fix broken, corrupted, and missing DLL files, which boosts computer performance.

Advanced PC Cleanup

dll files fixer

One of the best tools for fixing registry-related issues on your computer is Advanced PC Cleanup. Since the DLL files repair program works by deleting faulty registry entries, it might just save your life. Your system will be promptly searched for invalid Windows registry entries by the Advanced PC Cleanup, which will then delete them.

A garbage cleaner, start-up manager, uninstaller, and virus protection are some of the additional PC cleaning utilities included. You get precise performance from Advanced PC Cleanup, which fixes the DLL issue on your device.

④ Advanced System Optimizer

free dll repair

A Windows software called Advanced System Optimizer can boost your device’s performance. System crashes can be avoided by using them to correct DLL file faults brought on by registry entries. There are many nice features on it.

It continuously assists the system in maintaining a secure condition by lowering CPU use with the help of extra resources like a cleaner and a game optimizer. This program functions effectively as a DLL repair tool for Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP.

⑤ Free DLL Fixer

free dll fixer windows 10

Among the few applications that can repair DLL issues on your PC sans charging you for registration is Free DLL Fixer. Any missing or damaged DLLs are simply found by the utility, which also fixes them.

Since Free DLL Fixer is open-source software, it runs on practically all versions of Windows. Despite not having a spectacular layout, Free DLL Fixer does a fantastic job of what it is meant to do.

⑥ Smart DLL Missing Fixer

free dll file fixer

A specific DLL fixer for Windows 10 called Smart DLL Missing Fixer looks for defective or missing DLL files and replaces them. This DLL fixer program offers alternative plans for your Registry, System Favorites, and Folders in addition to repairing DLL issues and optimizing your PC. There is a pro edition of Smart DLL that costs money but offers more features and advantages than the free version.

⑦ SS Registry Fixer

dll repair tool windows 10

Registry Fixer from Ss-Tools is a freeware program that can check your Windows registry for various issues. It is a tiny utility with a straightforward UI. Consequently, it is quite simple to analyze your Windows registry. With Registry Fixer, you can check your Windows registry for any missing shared DLL files that can prevent some applications from functioning properly. Registry Fixer can address these kinds of issues. It can discover inactive file extensions that are listed in your Windows registry but are no longer used by any programs. As a result, Registry Fixer makes it simple to remove them.

⑧ DLL Care

.dll fixer

DLL Care is an application that works as a professional fixer for DLL problems. It works by Cleaning up, optimizing, and defragmenting the Windows registry. This app fixes DLL errors and downloads DLL files for free. It also boosts PC speed and system performance.

The user-friendly interface is practical and guarantees that your PC will perform at a higher level than ever. Along with DLL fixes, it speeds up your computer and works with Windows 10, Windows 7, and previous versions of Windows.

⑨ Glarysoft Registry Repair

free dll repair tool windows 10


Glarysoft is renowned for its outstanding abilities to fix DLL issues and enhance system efficiency. You can locate and fix damaged or missing DLLs with the tool’s help. It swiftly scans the Windows Registry with extensive analysis thanks to a quick, thorough, and safe scanning engine. A quick scan only requires a short amount of time to complete.

Glarysoft makes sure that any potential future hidden DLL issues are located and fixed. The program does not conflict with any other programs on your PC and is available for Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

⑩ SpeedyPC Pro

dll repair tool free

Another top-notch free DLL fixer for Windows 10, Windows 7, and other Windows versions is SpeedyPC Pro. The tool’s capacity to optimize is well known.

SpeedyPC Pro checks its internal DLL database while optimizing to find any missing DLLs on your computer. The utility immediately installs the DLL when the missing DLL is indicated. The tool is free, but after the trial period, it requires a paid subscription to continue to function.


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To identify the finest free DLL repair programs, look through our list which has been carefully compiled. You will learn How to Fix DLL with the aid of this shareware in addition to the description of these DLL repair tools. All of the aforementioned DLL file repair programs can be used for free.


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