4 Best Auction Bid Sniper for eBay

best eBay bid sniper

eBay is arguably one of the biggest e-commerce platforms where you can easily buy a lot of great things at very reasonable prices. When it comes to buying things affordably, tools like eBay Snipers come in handy because they save a lot of time, and you can potentially buy things at the price you like. So, if you are interested in using eBay Sniper and looking for the best ones, we can help. In this guide, we will share the best eBay snipers in 2022. Let’s get started.

Which eBay Sniper is the Best?

Honestly, there are so many good eBay Snipers out there that it’s difficult to pick one. However, if you want eBay Sniper with good accuracy and a lot of features, you can consider the following ones.

  • BidSlammer
  • Gixen
  • EZSniper
  • Myibidder

1. BidSlammer

Free eBay Sniper

Let’s start with BidSlammer, which is one of the most popular and best eBay Snipers you can find in 2022. The main highlight of the BidSlammer is that it offers a very generous free plan which works well for most people, but if you want more features, you can always go for premium features. When it comes to features, BidSlammer offers tons of them, which you can use to outbid others and get the items you want successfully. For starters, you get the best-in-class 99.5% accuracy for free plans and 100% accuracy for premium plans which is very rare when it comes to eBay Sniper.

In addition, it also comes with a very comprehensive Bidding Manager module where you can find all of your current bids and manage them effectively. Also, it offers the state-of-the-art “Bidding Analytics” section, where you will find a variety of data visualization tools that you can use to increase your sniping win rate.

Additionally, if you get the premium version of BidSlammer, you will get access to advanced features, which will make the sniping experience more accurate and less stressful. For starters, you get the option to place multiple snipes from different locations, which can increase your chance of getting a win. Also, it comes with Auction Tribune, which is basically a scouting service, and it will let you know of the daily bids.

In the previous paragraphs, we discussed the various features of BidSlammer. Let’s get to the User Interface. User Interface is surely very important because an intuitive user interface makes it easier to interact with the software. BidSlammer comes with a well-organized and intuitive UI which makes it easier to interact, and you can use the software without any problems.

Overall, if you are looking for an eBay Sniper with a very comprehensive free plan and a variety of advanced features, BidSlammer is a solid option for you.


  • Offers a generous free plan
  • It comes with a lot of features
  • Easy to use
  • Offers 99.5% accuracy for free plans and 100% accuracy for premium plans
  • Good value for money
  • Intuitive User Interface


  • You will need a premium plan to access advanced features.

2. Gixen

eBay Sniper

Gixen is another very well-known software that you can use for eBay Sniping in 2022. The software is mainly known for its accuracy, and it offers many advanced features which make it an ideal option. For starters, it’s completely automatic software, and once you set your bids, the software will successfully place your bids even if your computer is not on. On top of that, it sends your bids twice from two different servers, which increases your chances of successful bids.

Another nifty feature of Gixen is the Group bidding, where you can place bids for the same products, and if the software manages to snipe your bid successfully, it will cancel the rest of the bids for you. Also, if you want, you can use a multi-win group bidding feature where you can define how many bids you want to win in a group before the software cancel the other bids.

Now let’s discuss the User Interface, which is the only problem with the software. The overall UI is not bad, but it’s very basic, and it’s not very refined. However, it’s well organized, which makes it easier to use. The free plan of Gixen is good, but if you want advanced features such as 100% reliability, zero Ads, and others, you will need the premium subscription, which will cost you $6 per year.


  • It comes with a lot of features, including group bidding and multi-win group bidding
  • 99.5% reliability for free users and 100% reliability for premium users
  • Good value for money
  • Easy to use


  • The free version has ads
  • UI is not as polished as the competitors

3. EZSniper

free ebay auction sniper

EZSniper is one of the most popular bidding software which works well for over 40 auction sites, including eBay. So, if you are someone who regularly bids on auction sites and want reliable software that covers the majority of them, EZSniper is surely a great choice.

If we look at the features, it offers some good features which make it easier to place bids and win them. One of the defining features of EZSniper is that it allows you to find the popular at each auction. On top of that, it also allows you to check what other people are looking for, and if you are also interested in them, you can place your bids. It also comes with the group bidding feature, which you can use to place a bid for one item on multiple auctions, and if you successfully snipe the bid, the software will cancel the rest of the bids. Also, the program is very accurate, and it rarely fails, which makes it a great choice.

If we look at the user interface of EZSniper, it’s also really good, and we don’t have any complaints about it. However, we do have complaints about the pricing, which is the biggest downside of the software. It charges a 1% service charge on every successful bid, which goes up to $10 per successful bid. The software also offers a subscription service which will cost you $79.99 per year.


  • Very accurate
  • It comes with useful features such as group bidding
  • Easy to use software


  • Charge 1% service charge on successful snipe
  • Expensive

4. Myibidder

auction bid sniper for eBay

Myibidder is one of the best eBay snipers in 2022. The main highlight of the software is that it’s very accurate, and it’s available on all major platforms, including Android, iPhone, Desktop, Mozilla and Google Chrome extension, and more. Also, it comes with a web-based application that allows you to access the software from anywhere around the world.

Another thing that we liked the most about Myibidder is that it doesn’t require you to enter your eBay credentials, so the security of your eBay credentials won’t be an issue. The software also comes with a group bidding option which allows you to bid for a single item at multiple auctions. And you can also adjust the time of bid, which is not available in many eBay Snipers out there.

If we look at the user interface of Myibidder across all the supported platforms, we notice that all of them are very intuitive and well-organized, which makes them easier to use. On top of that, the developers regularly make the changes and show them on the website, which shows that the software is improving. The only downside of Myibidder is the basic website which doesn’t provide a lot of information related to the software, and it’s the one area where developers can work. Overall, if you want a comprehensive eBay Sniper with clients for major platforms, Myibidder is surely a solid option.


  • It comes with an intuitive UI
  • Easy to use
  • Available for all major platforms, including PC, Android, iPhone, web application
  • Have extensions for major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge
  • Free to use


  • Basic website


That’s all, folks! These are the 4 best eBay Snipers you can use in 2022. All of them offer great accuracy and offer features such as Group bidding, which make it easier to get the item you want. We hope that you found the guide useful, and if you liked it, don’t forget to share it within your circle.


Is eBay Sniping still allowed in 2022?

Yes, eBay allows users to use the sniping software to win an auction. However, if you want to win the auctions, it’s important that you choose sniping software with good accuracy.

Is BidSlammer free to use?

Yes, BidSlammer comes with a free plan which allows you to do the basic eBay Sniping for free. However, if you want access to advanced features, you will need premium plans.

Is Gixen free to use?

Like most eBay Snipers, Gixen also offers a good free plan which you can use to place bids on eBay. However, the biggest problem with Gixen is that the free version comes with ads which may be a deal-breaker for some people.

Does Myibidder have a smartphone app?

Yes, Myibidder comes with dedicated Android and iPhone apps, which you can install on your smartphones and manage your bids directly from the smartphone.