7 Best Free Email Clients

best free email clients

Email is one of the essential sources of conversation on the internet. It’s not only a means of communication but highly important for businesses and professional purposes. However, to access email, you need an email client to view, read, send and receive your email powered by your email provider in a humanly understood GUI. There’re thousands of free email clients on the internet, so how will you choose the one best for you? That’s why in this article, we’ve hand-picked and reviewed the 7 best free email clients for you. Continue reading the article:

What is an Email Client?

Before jumping into details, it’s essential to know what an email client is? An email client is a program or application that lets you access your email service via the web or installed application in a human language interface. The most significant benefit of using email clients is their offline support. All email clients allow you to access your past email activities offline without the internet, even in the web version.

List of Best Free Email Clients

1. G Suite (Gmail For Business)

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While there are thousands of email clients out there, but there’s no wonder that Gmail is the No #1 email client in the world. It’s not only the most used email client, but according to Forbes, Gmail is the 6th most downloaded application on Play Store.

We all know, Google owns Gmail and is maintained by Google itself. For those who use Google’s email service (@gmail.com), Gmail will work best for them. However, it lacks some features, such as the old version POP3, which sometimes causes failed synchronization.

But still, if you want fundamental features from your email service and, ironically, you’re not a tech master, then G Suite is best for you! The best thing is that Google owns it. Therefore, you’ll get excellent optimization with Google’s email service in G Suite.

2. Outlook

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In the competition of Gmail, there’s another email client: Outlook. Outlook is the most used email client in Windows OS. The tower is owned and managed by Microsoft.

For those, who have Office 365 or use Microsoft’s email service for business purposes, Outlook will work best for them! Most businesses use Outlook in their companies. First of all, it offers all the advanced and up-to-date securities, such as the 2021 version POP3 infrastructure, so that the service will never fail during the synchronization of your emails. Secondly, it’s from Microsoft, the only tech giant that has never been accused of data leaks, compromised securities, etc.

The most highlighted pro of this email client is its AI algorithm that distinguishes which email is important and which is a general un-important email. It automatically sorts them in a dedicated column for your ease! Overall, if you use Microsofts’ email service, Outlook is the ideal email client for you! But it works great with any other email service as well!

3. AOL Mail

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AOL isn’t the best for tech guys but is perfect for casual people. We know, most of our readers haven’t ever heard about AOL before. However, AOL was the first-ever company that offered email service and an email client. Moreover, it was the most used search engine in the 1990s as well.

There’s no doubt that AOL Mail is one of the most secure email clients on the internet to date. It offers all the essential encryptions, such as 64-bit encryption, while many other services use only 16 or 32-bit encryptions. Moreover, AOL is fully optimized with IMAP services. Its latest IMAP technology lets you view all your emails without downloading or creating any cache in your system’s internal storage and using your device’s CPU resources. If your email provider supports IMAP, all the processing will be done on the provider’s server.

Besides AOL’s great email client, they also offer their email service (@aol.com). Therefore, if you’re using AOL’s email, it’ll give you the best optimization. However, it’s still a recommended email client even if you use any other email service.

4. Thunderbird

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Thunderbird email client is managed and owned by Mozilla, the same company behind the world’s 2nd most used web browser: Mozilla Firefox. It works as the best alternative to G suite or Outlook if you’re looking for an open-source email client.

Thunderbird is entirely free to download, and the installation is straightforward. Once the set-up is complete, you’ll notice that it offers you all the functions and features you can expect from paid email clients. However, one thing which is outdated in this client is its UI. Ironically, it looks like a 2010 Gmail, which was based on pure HTML. But still, the style of UI doesn’t matter in email clients.

However, what makes Thunderbird unique is its customizations. For example, you can install additional 3rd party add-ons to make your email handling easier and convenient. Moreover, Thunderbird also offers a different theme pack, including dark, light, jet black, etc. Talking about its primary services, it provides all the latest servers for IMAP and POP3 and is optimized for SMTP email services.

5. Spike

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Spike is an all-in-one email client and has cross-platform support. It offers its installable application on Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux. Spike also provides a web version from where you can access the client anytime and from any device.

What makes the Spike highly useful is its advanced POP3 standard. Unlike G Suite, Outlook, or Thunderbird, their POP3 standard never fails during synchronization. Moreover, Spikes offers both IMAP and POP3 means. Therefore, the MTA-based emails will land up to 40% faster in Spike than any other email client.

Talking about its UI, it’s much closer to an IM application. Spike presents you the emails in bubbles that look like an IM, such as Messenger. This concept works best when you use your email for short conversations. However, you can change the theme to the regular UI. Moreover, Spike is 100% free, and there’s no in-service purchase. You can even create a group of up to 10 people, which works best when you need to send an email to your employees.

6. Mail (by Windows)

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It all started from Windows 7 when Microsoft noticed that 50% of Windows 7 OS is used in offices and professional places. But, the operating system lacks an essential office feature that is important in almost every professional and business work: email client. Microsoft didn’t offer any stock email client in Windows 7.

That’s why in Windows 10, they offered a stock email client to users: Mail. It comes pre-installed in all Windows 10 versions and is operated and managed by Microsoft. It’s not Outlook; it’s an email client in which you can use any email service you want.

However, unlike the Outlook business, it lacks some features, making it non-recommended for companies and professional needs. However, still, it’s best if you want a simple casual email client in your Windows 10 operating system for everyday and personal use.

7. eM Client

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eM Client has been in the market for over 12 years. It offers a vast range of customizations and all the essential email client features you can expect from a free email client. It supports all the latest MTA-based email systems and the latest standard of IMAP and POP3, so the program will not create a cache on your system.

Talking about email services, eM offers a dedicated optimization with Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo email servers. Therefore, you’re going to get the same service as you get in the pre-installed clients of these services.

What makes the em Client unique is its extra features such as backup copy and editing features. The backup copy will let you create an offline copy of all your emails, and you can restore it later anytime you want from that backup file. The editing tool enables you to edit the image in the eM client, such as crop, rotate, mirror, filters, doodle, etc. Believe us; it saves a lot of time compared to using any other 3rd party image editing tool. eM also offers a paid version, but don’t worry; you’ll get all the above features in the free version as well!


Today, email clients are more than just a service that lets you read and send emails. Technology is evolving, so how can email clients be left behind with this evolution? Today’s latest email client offers all the essential and additional features that can make your emailing life more accessible than ever before.

There are thousands of email clients in the market waiting for you to use them. Of course, you can’t install and register on all the clients manually. That’s why for your ease, we’ve shortlisted and reviewed the seven best free email clients for you!