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6 Best Free Face Editing Apps for Android & iOS

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If you love to take your photos from your smartphone then you need the best face editing application. There are multiple apps available in the market which can help you change your ordinary pictures into fascinating and more attractive versions. We all want our social media profiles to have our best photos. It may be expensive to have a professional edit your photos, but you can do it yourself using free face editing apps. We have listed down the best face editing apps for Android and iOS. You must read the complete article so that you can choose the best app according to your needs.

List of Best Free Face Editing Apps for Android & iOS

1. Visage Lab

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Visage is a retouch and beauty free face editing application. For females, there is a feature to apply makeup to beautify their images more. If you are having rough skin, then you can make your skin smooth. It can remove oil from your face and make your face clearer. You can also make your teeth cleaner.

If you do not have a good background, you can set different attractive backgrounds. Also, you can use different effects available in Visage. This app is very easy to use, so you do not need to read any guidance online.

As this application is free to use for Android and iOS, your images will have their watermarks. Also, you must face ads while using this application.

Visage: airbrush photo & fac‪e | Android | iOS

2. Adobe Photoshop Fi‪x

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If you have some professional skills in using Photoshop and Lightroom then you can go for Photoshop Fix. This app is best for those who have intermediate photo editing skills. Because it is not easy to use as compared to other applications listed here.

Photoshop Fix is developed for both Android and iOS devices. In this application, you will find a variety of retouching and editing tools. Some of them are lightened, smooth tools, healing brush, and liquify. Among all the features, liquify is the best. Liquify lets you adjust your photos to enhance your facial features.

The advantages of Photoshop fix are that it is free to use. Also, you can save the file in the PSD extension with all the layers. So, in the future, if you want to edit a specific layer, you can easily do it.

Adobe Photoshop Fix | Android | iOS

3. TouchRetouch

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TouchRetouch is a great app for removing objects from your images. Most of the time you take pictures, and it becomes difficult to crop unnecessary objects. For this purpose, the TouchRetouch app will help you a lot. You can also cut and remove other people in your photo if you need to.

TouchRetouch application is not only used for removing objects from pictures but also helps you to improve your images by removing imperfections like blemish, pimple, or wrinkle from your face. This app also works for portrait images and can make your images perfect so that you can easily get more likes on social media platforms.

This app is easy to use, but only has limited features. If you need free face editing app for Android and iOS that offers more than basic editing and cropping, then you should consider our other app recommendations.

TouchRetouch | Android | iOS

4. Fotor

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Another amazing application is Fotor for Android and iOS. It can be used for retouching your portrait images. The best thing about Fotor is that it can edit your images, and it also provides you a collage maker. Through collage maker, you can add multiple pictures in a frame.

The other features of Fotor include filters, effects, frames, and other graphic enhancements. You can share your images with your friends and relative via social media or email. It is an easy-to-use application that also provides graphic designing features.

However, the disadvantage of this application is that it has limited features which are available for free. So, if you want to use more features then you have to buy the premium version.

Fotor Photo Editor | Android | iOS

5. Pixelmator

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Pixelmator is one of the best free face editing apps for iOS. Its features include filters, color adjustments, and cropping. These were just basic tools, there are a separate set of retouching tools for your portrait pictures. It has sharpened tools to make eyes sharper for better quality. Also, if you want to remove objects from your pictures then you can use the Clone tool. It has a Soften tool that helps you make your skin clear and fresh. It also has its collage maker, so you do not need to post your multiple pictures one by one.

Pixelmator is a premium app which means it is ad-free. It will cost you around $4.99.

Pixelmato‪r‬ | iOS

6. FaceTune 2

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FaceTune 2 is a retouching application through which you can adjust the shape of your face. Using this application, you can make someone smile more in the photo. There are different retouching options available like wrinkle removing, reshape faces and more. However, its Relight tool is great of all. Relight will let you change the direction of the light where you like. Due to this feature, you do not need to worry about the lighting in your pictures. It will help you improve the lighting in your photos.

If you want to use its complete features, you need to buy a subscription. You can download this app in your Android and iOS devices.

Facetune2 – Makeup Editor & Magical Photo Tools | Android | iOS