9 Best Free Food Tracking Apps for iPhone

Food is life, they say. However, moderation is the key to well-being. Nowadays, it is important to track food intake especially when there is a recurring illness that needs to be taken care of.

It is good to know that because of technological advancement, we can track daily consumption to meet dietary requirements. With the help of food tracking apps, we get to count our calorie intake day by day.


List of 9 Best Food Tracking Apps for iPhone

➀ MyFitnessPal

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MyFitnessPal tops the list of best food-tracking apps because it is affordable and very convenient to use. It has been recognized by top magazine names as the number 1 diet and nutrition app.

This app features a Meal Scan database that permits the user to use the iPhone camera as a barcode scanner for quick recording of food with barcodes. It contains over 14 million food items and brands which makes tracking easy and accurate. The app also features an online community of millions of members that can interact with one another through active forums.

With My Fitness Pal, users can set fitness goals, log meals and activities, track progress and learn from trusted fitness experts.

➁ MyNetDiary

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Another free food tracking app for iPhone that has been graded the best calorie counter by Forbes Health is MyNetDiary. It is one of the most trusted apps because all contents of this food tracking app have been certified by health experts.

Among the attributes of MyNetDiary are tracking water intake, meal weigh-in, daily tips, and coaching, tracking exercise through Apple Watch, and providing healthier grocery options.

The app comes with a responsive interface. The free version provides functionalities that are limited but satisfactory to weight loss activities. Most of the features are available for a cost.


➂ Lifesum

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Lifesum is one of the best food tracking apps recognized by the Apple Store. It has a free version that offers calorie counting, exercise monitoring, weight tracking, food recognition, and diet recommendations. It can also import data from Apple Health.

The paid version, on the other hand, offers food recommendations for several dietary approaches like Paleo and Keto; provides detailed nutritional information like sodium, potassium, and fiber; and tracks BMI and body proportion. It can also integrate data with other fitness apps such as Runkeeper and Fitbit.

➃ Lose It!

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Lose It!

This all-inclusive food tracking app for iPhone is also among the most-used apps for Health and Fitness. Lose It! Contains features that focus on assisting users on their fitness journey and delivering positive results.

It has a database of numerous workout guides, meal plans, and fitness challenges. Users can customize the interface making it more friendly and special. The app is free but premium features are available when you upgrade to annual fees.

➄ ControlMyWeight

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ControlMyWeight is another food tracking app for iPhone. It contains all the essential features of a health fitness app including calorie counting, exercise tracking, food recognition through barcode scanning, and motivational charts.

It is free to download but is supported by advertisements. However, if you are not a fan of ads, you can upgrade through a subscription fee.


➅ Cronometer

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The Cronometer food tracking app is also worth checking. It has a knowledgeably curated food database that contains almost all food items. Its tracking ability does not only limit to calories but up to 82 micronutrients as well.

The free version offers all the essential features of a health and fitness app. The gold subscription offers additional premium features like a fasting timer, food suggestions, dietary timestamps, custom charts, and a whole lot more.

➆ Fitbit

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You have probably heard about Fitbit. It is one of the most talked about fitness and food tracking app for iPhone. Alongside tracking your diet, this app also monitors your heart rate, workouts, and sleeping pattern. It counts calories, proteins, fat, and carbs.

It comes in a free basic version and a comprehensive premium subscription.

➇ Fooducate

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Fooducate is a food tracking app that goes way back. It has basic but essential features sufficient for those looking for the best food tracking apps for iPhone.

The app provides detailed information about food and everything related to it. It allows users to track food and exercise, check calorie quality, analyze sugar intake, track sleep and mood and provide health tips. Fooducate is an app you should try to check out if you want serious results with your diet goals. It works best with those that do not like workout and other challenging activities.


➈ MyPlate

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This may be the last on the list but is not the least when it comes to being the best food tracking app. MyPlate is ideal for amateurs and novices. It provides an 8-week meal plan suitable for all dietary strategies.

It has a very large database of food items making it easier and quicker to track food and calorie intake. There is also a hydration tracker, meal reminder, and workout guide.

The free version is loaded with vital features but comes with ads. If you want an extra, ad-free experience, the premium version is available for a monthly and annual price.


It’s a good thing that we can monitor our health without the need to see medical experts now and then. These free food tracking apps for iPhone are the best companion to set fitness goals, enjoy the wellness journey and get that healthy results.