6 Best Free Golf Games for Windows PC

free golf games for pc

If you have a PC, chances are you’ve already experienced your fair share of games on it. You might be a pro or avid gamer in intense first-player shooter games, or even a genius at puzzles or strategy games. However, you might just be someone who wants to play something laid back to relax and chill out. This article is targeted toward those who are avid sports fans, specifically golf fans. In this list, we’ll be tallying up the 6 best free golf games that you can play on your Windows PC. These games are lightweight and not too performance-heavy, making it easy to run no matter what If you’re bored at home and don’t know what to do, consider downloading at least one of these games to entertain yourself.

List of 6 Best Free Golf Games for Windows PC

1. Mini Golf Stars 2

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To kick off our list is a game called Mini Golf Stars 2: one of the most popular golf games available on Windows PC right now. Both casual golf players and online golf lovers can get entertainment value off of this game, because it can improve how you play real golf. Mini Golf Stars 2 features five different courses that you can play and over 200+ kinds of unique and challenging holes to customize your course with.

Mini Golf  Stars 2 supports multiplayer, so you can choose to play with your friends and family in a virtual golf course. The game also updates consistently, so you can check in with new additions to the game that you can play!

Download: Mini Golf Stars 2: Putt Putt Golfing

2. Super Golf Land

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Super Golf Land is one of the top-rated golf games that you can install on your PC today. This game follows different real-life golf mechanics to reflect how the sport works professionally. In Super Golf Land, you get to adjust different aspects like the velocity of your swing to hit the perfect shot. You will also have to adjust the aim of your shot to put the golf ball in one go. Finally, the game requires you to also choose the direction and power of your shot. These are all aspects of golf that need to be thought of in real life, making the game accurate to the sport in that regard.

By default, you have to play at Eagle Highlands course provided by the game. However, after completing missions, it will unlock more places for you to play in.

Download: Super Golf Land

3. Golf Clash

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Golf Clash is a game that mirrors the mini-golf sport. Unlike some other golf games, Golf Clash has more extreme features that make it more creative and difficult for players. It has all kinds of holes for the golf course, as well as ramps, jumps, and other similar add-ons. Golf Clash also has a multiplayer feature where you can connect with people all over the world to compete against each other. By winning games against other players, you can boost your score on the leaderboard. You can even share your game stats on social media sites like Facebook.

If you want to get used to Golf Clash first before competing against other players, you can practice by yourself in solo mode. The more you play the game, the more features you can get to unlock, such as new golf balls and visual themes, to make your game experience even more fun.

Download: Golf Clash

4. Professional Golf Play 3D

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The fourth game on our list is called Golf Play 3D. This game features semi-realistic visuals where you can play a 3D version of yourself. The golf courses in the game are also modeled to be somewhat accurate in real life so that you can get a feel of playing real golf through your PC.

To play the game, you simply have to swipe and click to hit the golf ball. You can also adjust your controller settings depending on how you want to play. Finally, there are different visual effects and settings that you can pick from to further enhance your game experience. One of these is adjusting the weather of the game to a rainy or sunny day.

Download: Professional Golf Play 3D

5. Golf Star

free computer golf game

Golf Star is published by gamigo AG. It is an interesting free game that has a multiplayer feature. So if you want to challenge your friends to play golf, you can challenge them through this game.

Golf Star is another multiplayer golf game where you can challenge your friends and family to a golf game. In Golf Star, you can earn and use points, as well as in-game currency to upgrade different aspects of the game. If you have enough skill points from playing golf, you can upgrade your character to improve its skill level and even change their clothes.

Download: Golf Star

6. World Golf Tour

free golf pc game, golf game for windows 10The final game on our list is called World Golf Tour (WGT). This is completely free to play, and you don’t even need to download it on your PC. Simply open up your browser and play it directly from the internet. WGT is a game that has immersive and realistic visuals. You can gain different skills to help you master the golf courses you play.

Download: World Golf Tour – Free Online Golf Game