Free Golf Games for PC

free golf games for pc

Everyone likes to play games on their PC. And if they are free to play, it becomes more exciting. If you have a PC at your home, then you love to spend time playing different games. Every gamer has a different taste in games; some like to play war games, and others want to play adventure games. If you love to play sports games, specifically golf, then this article is for you. There are thousands of golf games, but not all are the best and free. However, we have gathered the best free golf games for Windows 10 PC. You can download the full version of these games on your PC and have fun while staying at home.

Free PC Golf Games for Windows 10

Here’s a list of some engaging, fun, and exciting free Golf games for PC. These are the top 6 golf games for Windows PC available for free on the Microsoft Store. Of course, these are lightweight games, not taxing on your Graphics Card or RAM, so go on!

1. Mini Golf Stars 2

free pc golf game, windows 10 golf game

Not every game has its sequel; only the best one has a sequel. Mini Golf Stars has its sequel named Mini Golf Stars 2. This game is the most popular golf game; almost every golf lover enjoys playing this game.

Playing this game can enhance your tactics of real golf. You will find exciting golf courses. There are five courses, which have 200+ unique and challenging holes. The holes are challenging; you can not easily put the ball in the hole. This game also keeps bringing new holes from time to time. You must practice this game to become a master.

You can also play with your friends or family, as this game has a multiplayer mode. They will join you through the internet. This game includes impressive sights. You can select the sight according to your needs. You will not quickly get bored with this game.

Download: Mini Golf Stars 2: Putt Putt Golfing

2. Super Golf Land

pc golf game for windows 10, free pc golf game

If you are looking to play on some exciting and challenging turfs that are not easy to play, you must play Super Golf Land. It is one of the top-rated games and is free for Windows users. In addition, this game has real-life golf mechanics, which makes it better than other golf games.

Super Golf Land makes sure that you must get the feeling that you are playing real golf. You have to set the correct velocity to hit the perfect shot. Also, you must select the proper aim to put the ball in the hole in one go. To hit the shot, you need to choose the direction and then choose the power of your shot. Its controls are pretty much accurate and smooth.

By default, you have to play at Eagle Highlands. However, after completing missions, it will unlock more places. Its courses varied from each other so that you do not get bored.

Download: Super Golf Land

3. Golf Clash

free pc golf game for windows 10, free golf game for pc

Golf Clash is a fascinating mini-golf game with challenging obstacles like daunting holes, ramps, jumps, and many more. Because of these, it has won the game of the year award at the TIGA Games Industry Awards. Of course, you must try this game on your PC.

If you love to play games with people worldwide, then this game is for you. Golf Clash has a multiplayer feature that connects you with different competitors from all over the world. It has a leaderboard that shows your position. As you win more games, your role becomes more potent on the leaderboard. You can also share those stats with your friends on Facebook.

You can quickly improve your golf skills by playing this game and winning different tournaments or practicing with your friends. If you need to practice solo, you can also do that. There are many holes available in a single map where you can practice. As you start playing and winning different challenges, it will unlock new balls and lasers for you. You can play on five different themes – Western, Forest, Asia, Space, and Beach.

Download: Golf Clash

4. Professional Golf Play 3D

golf game for pc free download full version

Some golf games have graphics that give you vibes of playing golf for real; Professional Golf Play 3D is one of them. This game has not only realistic graphics but also has accurate movements. The golf courses are such realistic that at some point, you will surely start to think that you are playing golf in a real-world environment. Everything in this game is based on the international rules of golf.

The controls of this game are easy to learn; you have to swipe and click to hit a shot. You can also set settings according to your requirements. There are different accessories which you can choose for playing. If you want to play golf on a rainy day, then you can select rainy weather. If you love to play on a sunny day, then there is sunny weather also. The fantastic thing about this game is that you have a choice for selecting players.

Download: Professional Golf Play 3D

5. Golf Star

free computer golf game

Golf Star is published by gamigo AG. It is an interesting free game that has a multiplayer feature. So if you want to challenge your friends to play golf, you can challenge them through this game.

Wining in Golf Star gives you points and in-game currency. When you have earned enough skills points, your character will be upgraded to the next level. As your character gets upgrade, it becomes more skillful, and you can purchase new clothes for your character. Skill points also let you gain access to special skills shot that helps you in winning the game.

To gain a higher level, you have to pass a qualifying test. If you passed the test, only then are you allowed to move on to a higher level.

Download: Golf Star

6. World Golf Tour

free golf pc game, golf game for windows 10

The last on our list is World Golf Tour (WGT), another free golf game for your pc. The best thing about this game is that you do not need to download it. You just need an internet connection to play this fantastic game.

You can have different golf courses on which you can easily play. This game is designed in such a way that you have to gain some skills and master its holes if you want to win. After some practice, you will surely master this game.

Download: World Golf Tour – Free Online Golf Game