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Best free flight tracker apps

Technology has made it possible to access and track flights live through your smartphone. This facility is essential who are keen on knowing the details of the ongoing flights. Live flight tracking helps you to know the current status of the flight. It also facilitates you by displaying the arrival and departure times of the flight. The information that the tracking apps display about the flights is accurate and reliable. The status is not displayed only when the flight is on air. The flight tracker apps also notify about the cancellation of the flight, the delay, and other necessary details.

Many possibilities can lead to flight cancellation or certain delays such as weather conditions, security, or any other unexpected incident. With the probability of them happening, it is essential to be aware of the details to avoid reaching the airport only for a canceled flight. That is why the tracking apps notify you beforehand to avoid any problems.

Since there is no contact with the person in the air, live flight tracker apps make it easy to access flight information directly. Not just them, people looking forward to the arrival or departure of their loved ones also find the details convenient.

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Best Free Live Flight Tracker Apps

Your smartphone is now one source for everything. There are applications available in the app store that are excellent for tracking flights for free. These applications allow you to gain deep insight into aviation, flight details, travel tips, aircraft information, and so much more. The flight-tracking apps are a must-have for people traveling, have someone traveling, or are just generally interested in aviation and flight information. Some of the best free live flight tracker apps are listed down below. They take the live flight tracking experience to a new level.

1. FlightStats

flight tracker app

FlightStats is an excellent app for tracking flights live. It is extremely professional in tracking and has a reliable timeline for display. FlightStats has a built-in map in the application. The map lets you see the exact position and location of the flight of interest. The overall design of the FlightStats app is very well organized and put together. So, it is very easy to track flights in real-time through FlightStats.

Along with tracking, FlightStats also shares the estimated arrival, departure, weather probability, and delay possibility about the flight. These information factors are also available to scan for the passenger’s convenience. All the relevant information and important details regarding any flight globally are available on FlightStats, which users can access right away without facing any complications or having to pay a fee.

Download: FlightStats | Android | iOS

2. ADSB Flight Tracker Lite

free flight tracker app

Next on our list of the best free live flight tracking apps is the ADSB Flight Tracker Lite. The app replicated the exact style of how flights are displayed in the air traffic controllers. The design is based on the radar screen view and is an excellent display for having deep insight into the flight in the air. It also has the built-in ADSB and GPS for an even better experience in flight tracking. You can check all the details about the flight in your area, such as their speed, time, altitude, and direction. The user may need to download and access additional applications for better working of this app.

Download: ADSB Flight Tracker Lite

3. App in the Air

app to check flight status

Another great application for people who are flying is the App in the Air. App in the Air goes beyond just determining the estimated time of the flight but has many more amazing facilities for the user. Along with tracking, the application also shares airport tips and guides for the user. This feature is distinctive and is not present in other apps. The app also shares the map of the airport that is your initial destination. Displaying the map is very facilitating, especially with people who are unfamiliar with the location. Airports can be a hectic place, and for people who are flying for the first time, the confusion may make them anxious. Users can also book flights, access boarding passes, and have a travel planner through one app on their smartphone.

The app is also very efficient in notifying you about any altered news right away. The most outstanding feature of App in the Air is that it works offline as well. Users can receive flight notifications in text messages from App in the Air, which is highly facilitating for the passenger. The application prerequisites do not end here as there are many other amazing features that you can access by downloading the app for free now.

Download: App in the Air | Android | iOS

4. FlightAware Flight Tracker

flight tracking app

FlightAware Flight Tracker is another free live flight tracker app. It is a good application to know the current location of the monitored flight. You can also track private flights. All you have to do is insert the flight details like the aircraft’s registration number, flight number, airline details, route that the flight is taking, airport code, or insert the city pair. Inserting the details displays the flight through the map using NEXRAD radar. FlightAware Flight Tracker has all the other necessary information regarding flight delays, cancellations, and weather conditions. You can also share the trip status with the contacts. You can share flight alerts with others to keep them updated on your flight status.

Download: FlightAware Flight Tracker | Android | iOS

5. Plane Finder

Live flight tracker

Last on our list of the best free live flight tracker apps is the Plane Finder application. Plane Finder is known for being extremely user-friendly and simple to use. It lets you display all the planes flying globally on the map and has data about each aircraft. Tapping on the plane takes you to the details of the specific aircraft. Plane Finder displays the time, speed, pictures, and necessary data of the selected plane. The advanced ADSB used by the app makes it very fast and smooth.

The application also allows you to upload a photo on the app to identify the aircraft and receive data about it. The application immediately notifies you about any changes in the flight schedule, the weather condition, or ongoing status so that you acknowledge all the relevant data about the flight. Download the Plane Finder app to know more about the planes flying over you for free.

Download: Plane Finder ⁃ Flight Tracker | Android | iOS


Tracking a flight has become so easy. It is similar to viewing a flight radar at home through the screen of your smartphone. They can gain access to the map, time, data, probability, and navigator at the pace of their hand. Download the flight tracking application for free if you have an upcoming flight or your loved one is flying. The aviation geeks and people interested in knowing the status of the aircraft should also download the extraordinary apps listed above for a remarkable flight tracking experience.