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7 Best Medical Dictionary Apps for Android & iOS

7 Best Medical Dictionary Apps for Android & iOS

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We are in the technological era, where each one of us can get anything with just a click or push of a button. And as technology advances and we rely on it, there are also continual developments and advancements in the modern medicine area. Nowadays, medical students, doctors, and even patients must know everything about the latest terminology of diseases, treatments, disorders, and medical implements. In short, everything related to medicine. This is where downloading the best medical dictionary apps for medical students comes in handy. You won’t have to carry heavy dictionaries and bulky books anymore. You can access all the information you need in just a few taps on your phone.

List of Best Medical Dictionary Apps for Android & iOS

1. Complete Medicine Dictionary

medical dictionary app

This application offers its users access to more than 11,000 medical terms. You will find the definitions of diseases, treatments, and more in a simple language that you can easily understand. It is one of the applications that anyone can use to understand better everything about disorders and diseases that humankind has known and treated by modern medicine.

This free medical dictionary app offers the possibility of offline search, which will make it easier for students, doctors, or patients to keep up to date with medical information. Also, within the application, you can read the material you are looking for in night mode, enlarge the font size, search history, and pronounce medical terminology. You can also share the information you want from the app.

Download: Complete Medicine Dictionary | Android

2. Medical Dictionary

free medical dictionary app

It is an application available for Android where medical students and almost anyone can access the description and details about diseases and their respective treatments. You can access all this medical information in offline mode. All the information you will get here is in a specialized medical language, which will help you to become familiar with the terminology. There are more than 400000 medical terms within the dictionary, with the possibility of searching by voice or writing.

Download: Medical Dictionary | Android

3. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary

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Stedman’s Medical Dictionary is ideal for those who need quick and accurate information. Here you can get at least over 100,000 medical terms, including drug names and medical protocols with audio pronunciations.

You can navigate the app using different indexes. The index includes 42,000 audio pronunciations of current medical terminology. You can also find the latest information within your search history, bookmarks, etc. This 28th edition of the dictionary is a very up-to-date medical terminology app.

It is one of the most complete in the field and includes terms from different areas of medicine including geriatrics, endocrinology, rheumatology, oncology, general medicine, etc. The application offers you 10% of the information for free. However, you can also unlock the blocked terms through an in-app purchase.

Download: Stedman’s Medical Dictionary | Android | iOS

4. Dorland’s Medical Dictionary

medical terminology pronunciation app

This app offers more than 40,000 definitions of terms from different health areas such as physiology, anatomy, surgical procedures, diseases, treatments, and much more. It is one of the most complex medical dictionary apps on the market. It also offers over 300 illustrations for medical students, audio search input, and tips for pronunciation of terms.
Its interface is pretty easy to use and allows health and non-health experts alike to get the definitions they are looking for. It has an auto-complete system in the search line, keyword search, search history, favorites menu, etc. And you can even share the definitions you want with your friends and colleagues!

The information you will get in the app is from the famous Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary. You can enjoy a 30-day trial and have the possibility to make in-app purchases. By purchasing the full version, you will unlock special features, offline use, and premium support for users.

Download: Dorland’s Medical Dictionary | Android | iOS

5. Medical Dictionary in English

medical terminology app

It is a bilingual English-Spanish application that provides terminology and definitions in medicine. Its developers have been carefully selected to assist specialists and active personnel in the field who require accurate and adequate information on definitions and interpretations.

You’ll also have access to international medical terminologies in this medical terminology app. It will provide the user with all the technical information in areas like anatomy, biology, chemistry, etc. The application has a voice option that allows the user to know the actual pronunciation of each definition consulted. You can use it offline unless you want to check the spelling or upload an image of some definition.

Download: Medical Dictionary in English | iOS

6. Medical Terminology Dictionary

medicine dictionary app

This application is a compendium of more than 40,000 articles. You can access it offline through your device. It contains phrases, terms, and medical concepts in English, in addition to being able to access complex medical terminology.

Health professionals, medical students, nurses, medical researchers, and anyone else who wants to know in-depth terminology uses this free medical dictionary app. Also, this application gives us access to free downloadable medical books and thousands of medical terms used today. This dictionary comprehensively covers many terminology and abbreviations used in medicine and an extensive database that you can access offline.

Download: Medical Terminology Dictionary | Android

7. Medical Dictionary and Terminology

medical terminology app for iphone

This application contains more than 38,000 entries with information and definitions of medical terminology perfect for students, medical professionals, or anyone who needs to know in depth any medical term or definition. Its search interface allows you to access the catalog of information without having to type the word entirely. You can use the app online and offline, as well as share your favorite definitions by email. Although it is a paid application, the cost is quite affordable. And it will allow you to update yourself in the health knowledge area.

Download: Medical Dictionary and Terminology (AKA MedWords) | iOS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is a medical dictionary?

A medical dictionary is a reference book or digital resource that contains definitions, explanations, and descriptions of medical terms, terminologies, and concepts used in the field of healthcare. A medical dictionary is a valuable resource that provides definitions and explanations of medical terms in a user-friendly format. It can be accessed online or through a plain-language medical dictionary app.

This tool helps individuals understand complex medical terminology and aids in communication with healthcare professionals. Medical dictionaries also provide information on prefixes and suffixes, enabling users to decipher and learn more about medical terms and their meanings. It is an essential tool for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of medical terminology.

2. What is a medical term?

A medical term is a word or phrase used to describe a specific medical condition, procedure, treatment, or any other aspect related to the medical field. A medical term refers to a specific word or phrase used in the field of medicine to describe a particular condition, symptom, treatment, or procedure. It is a specialized vocabulary that enables healthcare professionals to communicate effectively and accurately.

To enhance their knowledge, medical professionals often use various resources such as medical textbooks, online encyclopedias, and apps such as the McGraw-Hill Medical Encyclopedia available on the iPod touch. These resources provide up-to-date information, allow individuals to compare customer ratings, and learn about what’s new in medical science.

3. What is a dictionary?

A dictionary is a reference book or online resource that provides definitions, spellings, pronunciations, and other information about words and expressions in a specific language or field of study.

4. How can a medical student benefit from a medical app?

A medical student can benefit from using a medical app as it can provide quick access to medical information, definitions, terminology, and references, helping them in their studies and understanding of medical concepts. A medical term refers to a word or phrase that is commonly used in the field of medicine. Medical education students often come across complex medical terms that they need to understand and memorize.

To simplify this process, authoritative dictionary apps are available for learners to search for definitions of these terms. These apps also provide flashcards that help students memorize the common medical prefixes and suffixes. By incorporating these apps into their daily lives, learners can enhance their medical knowledge and improve their communication in the healthcare setting.

5. What is an abbreviation in the medical field?

An abbreviation in the medical field is a shortened form of a word or phrase used to represent a specific medical term, condition, procedure, or medication.

6. Can a medical dictionary app be used offline?

Yes, most medical dictionary apps offer offline functionality, allowing users to access medical information and definitions even without an internet connection.

7. Who develops medical apps?

Developers from various companies and organizations, including healthcare professionals and IT experts, develop medical apps to provide accurate and reliable medical information to users.

8. How can healthcare professionals benefit from a medical app?

Healthcare professionals can benefit from using a medical app as it provides them with quick access to medical references, drug information, calculators, guidelines, and other valuable tools to aid in their practice and decision-making.

9. Where can I find a medical dictionary app?

You can find a medical dictionary app on popular platforms such as the App Store or Google Play. Some popular medical dictionary apps include the <


With the best medical dictionary apps for medical students, you can learn about the most updated medical equipment, new therapies, and the newest pharmaceutical treatments for many diseases, medical abbreviations, and information about the freshest advances in medicine. Being a doctor and saving a life is a vocation but being constantly informed about the latest medicine terminology is a decision!