7 Best Free Proxy Sites for Anonymous Web Browsing

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Proxy, as its name implies, means replacement. Your IP address is registered when you visit some website. You may opt to display a replacement IP address by using a proxy server to bypass or mask the IP address.

Proxy Servers work between you and the internet as an intermediate Phase. They are used to provide various modes of security, functions, and privacy. Depending on the needs of the individual or the policy of the organization, one may choose a proxy server. There are many best proxy servers out there, to choose the best one, we have here a list of best proxy websites.

If you want to protect your online privacy, using a proxy server is one of the best ways to do it. Effectively, it acts as a portal between you and the internet, so the specifics of the websites you visit and other online history are saved to that server instead of your device by using a proxy server.

With the caveat that proxy servers will always save at least some data, this allows for a degree of anonymous surfing. This means that it could be possible to distinguish you during a full investigation of the server records.

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Best Free Web Proxy Sites or Servers

On the internet, there are a number of available servers. For various purposes, a proxy server may be used. It is used by students & workers to access sites that may be blocked at their school, college, or workplace. As you can reach places from your home country that may be blocked in the country you are visiting, proxy servers are also helpful when traveling.

Let’s look at the numerous best proxy servers that are available and understand their functionality.

1. Whoer.net – Web Proxy Free

whoer proxy, free proxy server list

Voted into power by users as one of the best web proxy servers in the world today, Whoer is more than your normal free web proxy. In addition to the normal web proxy protection features, Whoer enables users to change their IP addresses easily, in contrast to other free proxy services, at least.

The Whoer Proxy Network allows users to monitor their internet speeds in addition to offering fast proxy speed. In order to calculate server response times, it also helps you to monitor details on specific websites and run ping tests. Users are permitted to select from nine proxy servers that are located in both the United States and European countries.

Whoer is not a free online web-based proxy but is available as a browser extension instead; it needs to be added to your respective browser. It is available on browsers that include Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Yandex.

Link: Whoer – Web Proxy Free.

2. Hidester – Fast & Free Anonymous Web Proxy

hidester proxy, best free proxy

To use this site, there is no need to install software or applications, and it can be accessed on several platforms, including your mobile phone. This proxy’s servers are scattered across the US and Europe, which allows you to select from a number of countries available.

Go to hidester.com/proxy to access Hidester, and enter the website link you want to open. The best thing about this proxy server is that no sign-in information forms are needed for you to fill in.

Link: Hidester Proxy – Fast & Free Anonymous Web Proxy.

3. Proxysite.com – Free Web Proxy Site

proxy site list, fresh unblocked proxy sites

Proxysite is the best proxy server for you if you are trying to access social media websites. It also supports sites such as YouTube & Facebook. To access the website of your choosing, you no longer need to wait to be out of your office or to be in a specific country.

With Stable Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, it guarantees browsing protection. You link to a safe site, regardless of whether or not the destination site is secure.

This proxy server also provides you with the ability to block advertising and have a smooth experience, which makes it so popular. It also allows you to switch between several proxies to allow multiple countries to be accessed at a time.

Link: ProxySite.com – Free Web Proxy Site.

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4. 24Proxy.com – Free Web-based Anonymous Proxy

This web-based proxy service allows users in incognito mode to perform their online activities. 24Proxy assures hackers and spies that your protection and privacy are unbreakable. Using its sophisticated IP hiding technology, the proxy does all that.

The layout is user-friendly. What users are expected to do when using 24Proxy is to paste the URL and get ready to access the blocked website.

Link: 24Proxy.com – Free web-based anonymous proxy service.

5. Hide.me – The Fastest Free Proxy

hide.me proxy, best proxy sites

On the Hide.me proxy site, the utmost privacy is kept as it does not store any logs of your online activity. Even in the free kit, it also permits an ad-free operation. The Chrome Web Store also has a hide.me extension available.

For a truly private web browsing experience, Hide.me also provides a VPN for privacy protection, wi-fi security, and encryption.

Link:  hide.me – The Fastest Free Proxy.

6. Kproxy – Free Anonymous Web Proxy

kproxy proxy, fresh unblocked proxy sites,

To suit the consumer, the Kproxy server has numerous subscription plans available. Unlimited downloads, no ads, and connections to premium servers are included in some of the paid plans. Its Firefox & Chrome plugins are also available.

You can cover the top menu from the Kproxy server, an option that is not available on any other proxy servers. There is a drawback to the Kproxy server, which sometimes allows you to wait 30 minutes or prompts you to purchase the Pro edition for a certain amount of time after using the extension.

Although this is always a break in the user’s browsing flow, we still recommend Kproxy for the other advantages it provides.

Link: KPROXY – Free Anonymous Web Proxy.

7. Hide My Ass – Best Free Proxy in the World

hidemyass proxy, best proxy server free

Hide My Ass proxy server caters for both Free and Pro versions to be provided depending on different user requirements. For easy private browsing, the free version is preferred, and the Pro version works on a number of devices and for games and applications as well.

It also helps one to enter restricted websites and with good link speed to do stable online banking.

Link: HideMyAss – Best Free Proxy in the World.

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